At the end of 2018, we launched our annual survey and +300 energy professionals responded. The results can be found in a 14-page report that we have produced in pdf. And, if you take a look at this infographic with 6 outstanding statistics from the survey!!

If you find the information below interesting, you can always extend it by downloading the full report in PDF here.

One more year, the energy manager's priority is to close more energy efficiency management projects. But while they have the project in their hands, where do they find the greatest difficulties? What challenges do they face during the energy management process?

These are some of the questions from our annual survey on the state of energy management 2019, and this is what they answered...

You must have heard of our DEXCell Energy Manager software, and the chances are that you have also tried our demo. Would you like to know what energy managers like you say are their favourite apps? We’ve examined the data on how the system is used and today we will share the results with you. You might discover an energy saving technique that you’re not using in your projects… So read on!

Supermarkets are one of the retail sectors with the most energy consumption. It is distributed among the different installations and departments (refrigeration machines, ovens, household appliances on display, etc). You can easily assume high numbers when imagining these energy costs, right? Well, this does not mean that these types of establishments cannot be energy efficient or reduce their consumption. I'm going to show you with a real case, the SUPERSPAR success story.