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Evaluate your buildings and discover your potential savings.

energy Benchmarking

What we care about

Find similar buildings

Find the most similar buildings to yours in Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s database.

Evaluate your sites

Compare how they perform and evaluate your room for improvement.

Improve your efficiency

Detect what you have to change in order to become more efficient and sustainable.

Evaluate how far you are from the best

A practical way to evaluate a building’s energy efficiency is to compare it with similar ones. The difference between your building’s energy consumption and your closest neighbour’s consumption will determine your room for improvement.

Find out what buildings you should compare to

Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s database contains energy data about thousands of sites around the world. Our benchmarking leverages it to compare your buildings against them and find the most similar based on multiple factors such as consumption pattern, building usage and building conditions.

Discover the best way to improve

Learn what options you have to reduce the energetic cost and what impact they will represent in your buildings. With the complete picture, you will be able to choose the most interesting measures for your needs and capabilities.


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