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Dexma Optimise

Automated, 24/7 energy management service powered by artificial Intelligence.

DEXMA Optimise

Automate your energy management process

Analyse your data, all time

Artificial intelligence (AI) always detects anomalies for you. No holidays, no work hours.

Focus on actions

AI analyses the data so your team can invest their time on decisions and solving problems.

Track each anomaly’s story

Add comments and get traceability from anomaly creation until it is fixed. Team work!

Get value from every single data reading you get from your sites

A single meter produces more than 100.000 readings per year. A multi site portfolio is generating above 10M readings per year. It is simply overwhelming for any energy management team.

Spacewell Energy – Dexma Optimise helps to detect where the anomalies are, automatically.

DEXMA Anomaly Detection Chart
DEXMA List of anomalies

A distilled list of anomalies every day

Every day your team will access the list of anomalies detected automatically by the AI.

They can filter and prioritise anomalies by energy and cost impact, assigned team member and status.

24/7 surveillance

All your data analysed. Always. Our artificial intelligence models continuously detect anomalies for you.

We do the hard job so your team can focus on decisions to solve your customers’ problems. The detailed anomaly visualisation will pinpoint where the problem is and how to fix it.

DEXMA Anomaly detail
DEXMA Track Anomaly comments

Track each anomaly’s story

Because the most important is not to discover anomalies but to fix them, Spacewell Energy – Dexma Optimise helps you track the status of each anomaly, assigning it to a team member and collaborate to get it fixed.

Artificial intelligence at your command

Spacewell Energy – Dexma Optimise builds default Artificial Intelligence models taking as inputs local holidays and weather data, specially heating and cooling degree days.

You can modify the model inputs at your consideration.

DEXMA Anomaly settings

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