Energy efficiency in Utilities

Discover, analyse, segment and personalise your customer service portfolio. Join the digital revolution through DEXMA’s end-to-end energy management platform.

Energy efficiency in utilities
Energy efficiency in utilities

Higher competition, energy transition and new customer expectations are some of the biggest challenges facing Utilities today. DEXMA suite is helping utilities to upgrade their customer engagement strategies through its end-to-end digital solution.

With DEXMA Detect, you will be able to target customer groups with the most appropriate energy transition recommendations, increasing their satisfaction and boosting their energy efficiency actions, we just need fiscal meter information.

For customers with smart meters, DEXMA Analyse will allow you to deliver the most engaging experience with connected insights, feedback mechanisms and data sharing.


Generate new business models with an end-to-end AI powered platform

Define your services: solar PV, batteries, demand response, etc.

Detect customer’s needs and generate segmented AI marketing campaigns

Execute retrofits and engage with your customers by analysing their savings

Control your customer’s facilities to get the most out of your energy


Your own custom unified platform

Data lake integration

Insert data from your Data lake or IoT platform using DEXMA’s insertion API. Historicals included.

With your own brand

Having a full branded platform is a must to provide a seamless user experience and engagement.

Dedicated project engineer

A dedicated engineer will assist you in each step of your project, performing training and on-boarding.

Automated commissioning from CRM

Creating accounts from CRM facilitates delivering energy services at scale. We can perform custom integrations.


AI powered algorithms will detect which sites make more sense to proactively offer energy services to, and which don’t.

Accurate recommendations

Define your services, and then let the AI powered algorithms calculate which customers would benefit from each.

NILM - Virtual disaggregation

By using Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) algorithms DEXMA virtually disaggregates how much energy is being consumed for HVAC, Lighting, Freezers, etc. without hardware.

Automatic anomaly detection

Automatically detect anomalies in your customer’s consumption and engage with them while being proactive and scaling your energy services.

Baselines and savings verification (M&V)

Generate baselines automatically and verify savings in real time according to IPMV protocol.


Threshold alerts, no data alert, penalties, just get alerted when something is going wrong.

Automatic reports

Share the project evolution with your customers by creating automatic reports based on your Word or Excel templates.

User roles

Not all users need access to all features, so simply configure which set of features need each one.

Experience the power now!

The Future Proof utility
The Future Proof utility