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Engagement and Energy Behaviour

Making energy fun through Awareness initiatives.

engagement and energy behaviour

Why is it a trending topic?

People spend more than 90% of their time in indoor buildings, specific actions of desired comfort (Opening windows, adjusting thermostats or requiring specific comfort conditions) have a direct impact on energy savings and cost. Overconsumption of energy due to the inefficient behaviour of its occupants could be avoided by means of a behaviour-based strategy for customer engagement to motivate energy savings and behavioural changes in buildings.

“European Environment Agency claims that behavioural change measures can deliver sustained savings between 5% and 20% on top of the technological measures”.


In Spacewell Energy by Dexma we help organisations so their buildings could save energy thanks to how their occupants behave

A behavioural change that lasts and triggers energy savings, should require 3 steps together with a strong communication.


Always in a positive way, the energy consumer will receive a personalised report that will show his /her “energy position” and how other buildings behave


Always in an innovative and fresh way, the energy consumer will receive a real and authentic “case study” in order to raise its motivation and improve patterns


Always in a non-intrusive way, a group of encouraging occupants will be chosen to “broadcast” the behavioural message & to foster a mimetic reaction throughout the organisation

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Human Factor In Energy