Sustainability reporting and engagement

Engage with sustainable development: Make your company reduce its environmental impact.

Sustainability reporting and engagement
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Companies need to engage with sustainable development. Both understanding their current situation and improving it are key to reduce their environmental impact. Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse tracks the ecological footprint of your organisation and provides effortless, automatic, recurrent sustainability reports. It also helps to identify sites with the most room for improvement.

Engage the whole company: you can show temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2, or any other parameter in the dashboard.

Track your key parameters in a single platform that allows you to generate easy to understand charts and reports.


Being sustainable is now easy with the Spacewell Energy by Dexma Platform!

Detect and track key environmental, emissions and comfort parameters

Easily, automatically report achievements to different stakeholders

Plan and forecast sustainability projects


What’s in it for you


With its benchmarking capabilities, Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect tells you which buildings needs more your attention.

Carbon Emissions App

It allows you to keep track of your emissions, from different energetic sources.

Custom Reports

Use ratios to adapt the data to the reality of your company - occupancy ratio, production ratio, environmental ratios - customise it to your needs.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards and reports allow you to report your sustainability achievements to everyone within your company, regardless of their position.

Forecasting App

It allows you to create better informed sustainability projects.


Receive an alert any time you are getting close to infringe a threshold. Act before it’s too late.

Experience the power now!

Energy Conservation Measures
Energy Conservation Measures