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Virtual Disaggregation

Discover how much your appliances consume energy without installing any hardware.

Virtual Disaggregation

What we care about

Powered disaggregation

Non Intrusive Load Monitoring and Building Energy Modeling identify the major
sub-consumptions in your buildings.
(* for selected sectors & countries)

No hardware required

Our machine learning and energy simulation models use Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s database of historical consumption

High accuracy

Up to 95% of accuracy in load disaggregation for tertiary buildings
(* for selected sectors & countries)

Gauge the key loads in each of your buildings

Virtual disaggregation techniques allow you to pinpoint the main energy expenditures in your portfolio and compare the results of your buildings.

Enhance your virtual energy audits and enrich other services like recommendation engines.

Virtual doesn’t mean inaccurate

Our large database (more than 80,000 locations with many years of historical readings), portfolios’ metadata train and test our load disaggregation machine learning algorithms with an accuracy up to 95%. (* for selected sectors & countries)

Save tons of money in hardware

The non-intrusive approach spares you time and installation costs so you can start saving right now. Initiate your portfolio audits without visiting or installing hardware.

Stop waiting 6 months to take relevant decisions

Start from day 1 to make key decisions in your energy efficiency project. Delays due to hardware installation are a thing of the past.

Every activity, its own disaggregation

A restaurant consumes differently than a hotel or an office building. NILM algorithms and energy simulations are trained and simulated based on our database for each activity to provide disaggregated consumptions.

The digital twin of your building

With the help of building energy modeling, we can simulate how your building might theoretically behave, and use the model for disaggregating your energy consumption and comparing scenarios.


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