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Energy Day 2023: The Accelerating Event for Energy Transition in Businesses

Do you want to improve your own energy performance or your customers’? Then this event is for you!  The energy sector is constantly evolving, and it is essential for energy professionals to keep up to date and develop their energy efficiency skills. That’s why we are delighted to announce our annual Energy Day event, a […]

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Buildings through Stakeholder and Data Integration [WEBINAR]

We are pleased to announce that the recording of our webinar is available. This session focuses on data sharing to foster collaboration among stakeholders, deliver better outcomes, and make buildings work for people. This 20-minute webinar is hosted by our UK&I Country Manager, Billal Vindhani.  As buildings in the EU account for 40% of total […]

Reducing Energy Costs in the industrial sector [WEBINAR]

We are pleased to announce that the recording of our webinar is available. In this session, our experts discuss consumption and savings in the industrial sector to help you identify areas of improvement and opportunities, using real-life examples.  As you know, the industrial sector plays a vital role in the economy of any country, but it is […]

Measurement and Verification: How to Achieve the Best Results [WEBINAR]

Saving energy is becoming a top priority for a growing number of businesses. However, calculating and presenting these savings can be a struggle for many professionals for various reasons such as shortage of time, expertise, or proper tools. This issue is addressed in this week’s article, highlighting two key findings from the yearly survey: confirmation […]

Dexma Day 2022: Towards Digital Energy Transition

Our annual Dexma Day 2022 event is back! This year, the English online session took place in the autumn, on the 18th of October. Did you miss it? No worries, the recording is available!

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction in Real Estate [WEBINAR]

The real estate sector is undergoing major changes. More than ever, awareness and regulation in favour of a sustainable sector are changing the economic landscape.  Sustainable building portfolios are increasingly in demand at every stage of their life cycle. Therefore, strategies and tools to help identify and implement sustainability and energy efficiency measures are becoming […]

Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCOs [WEBINAR]

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have become a key role in the energy transition. Given environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability, ESCOs fill a vital niche in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. They are key players in energy performance contracting, and in securing the savings of energy efficiency projects. In fact, their business […]

DEXMA Day 2021 – The Energy Event For Organisations Taking Action on Climate Change

This year, our DEXMA Day was a bit different and “Special” !! 👏🏼 Indeed, as it was only Online, for the reasons we unfortunately all know (Covid-19), we decided to separate each session in different “Webinars”.

[Webinar] DEXMA Optimise – Your 24/7 Energy Manager

In this Webinar, you will discover our brand new product: DEXMA Optimise! ? DEXMA Optimise is a 24/7 Automatic Energy Management powered by Artificial Intelligence that is here to break the rules. Forget about manual energy analytics, forever!

[Webinar] How Microgrid helps turn your building into NZEB

If you work in the energy sector, real estate or construction, you will soon find these concepts in your usual vocabulary: Microgrid and NZEB. Do they sound familiar to you? Can you tell us what they are? Here is a general definition of each of them:

[Webinar] How to Detect Energy Savings in Retail & Real Estate

In this Webinar, we will tell you how to classify buildings according to their savings potential. This will help you to start your energy efficiency projects in the most interesting buildings. As we know, one of the professionals who finds more difficulties in these tasks is those belonging to the Retail and Real Estate sector (who usually […]

4 Reasons you can’t miss DEXMA Day 2019

As you know, every year we celebrate a special day dedicated to all our customers and followers: DEXMA Day. And 2019 was not going to be the exception. What did the DEXMA Day 2019 sessions consist of? Find out about the latest insights into the company’s evolution, Learn about the latest updates and developments of […]

[Webinar] Energy Conservation Measures: How and where to invest?

At Spacewell Energy (Dexma) we are looking forward to inspiring you to improve the results of your Energy Efficiency Projects. That’s why we share with you this WEBINAR recording that helps you with “How to choose Energy Conservation Measures: Where to invest?”

Free Electrons: the Accelerator Program for Energy Start-ups

If you work in the energy sector and you are in a Startup or a Utility, you may already know this accelerator program for Energy Startups, Free Electrons.  In this article, we’ll tell you what this accelerator program consists of and why it has aroused so much interest among Energy Start-ups around the world…

European Sustainable Energy Week 2019 [EUSEW 2019]

  You’ve probably heard of the European Sustainable Energy Week, known by its acronym EUSEW. But, do you know what this energy event is about and when it takes place? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything in our post…

DEXMA Partner Day 2018

We have the dates you need to save this year in order to meet the latest development of energy tech! DEXMA Partner Day is coming this October:  23rd October, Online Session in English –> BOOK YOUR SEAT!  25th October, Spanish Session in Madrid, Torre Espacio 30th October, Spanish Session in Barcelona 6th November, Spanish Session […]

Net Metering on 99% Invisible [PODCAST]

This post comes to you out of pure #energynerd excitement that metering – yes, THAT kind of metering – was featured on the latest episode of one of my favourite podcasts, 99% Invisible! Well, 99% Invisible actually “borrowed” this episode from ANOTHER great (and equally nerdy) podcast you should definitely listen to, called Outside/In. If […]

[Webinar] From Demand-Side Management to Demand Response for ESCOs

As smart metering programs proliferate worldwide and balancing energy supply and demand becomes more difficult (and costly) than ever, Demand Response (DR) is “having a moment” in the energy world today. Demand Response for ESCOs is real and is happening now. But is your ESCO ready for it?

[Webinar] Scaling Up SME Energy Efficiency with Dr. Steven Fawkes

As an ESCO, you are probably missing out on an opportunity of serving more SME clients. After all, the EU alone is home to 22 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which provide around 89 million jobs and represent 99% of all enterprises. However, these businesses rarely have the capacity to exploit energy savings. While absolute energy use per […]

[Webinar] Beat Rising Gas Prices with Heating Optimisation

Thanks to the Carbon Act, many companies in the UK are already working on decreasing energy consumption, but many energy efficiency plans are focused just on electricity. Ever since Brexit, energy consumers in the UK have seen wholesale gas prices rise 34%. Plus a 24% electricity prices increase. And winter is coming. That’s why there’s no better time […]

[Webinar] How to Automate Energy Budgeting and Forecasting

All energy managers know that planning the energy budget while ensuring the balance books balanced is not easy. But what happens when your supervisor asks you to give an accurate prediction for next year’s energy budgeting and forecasting plan? You don’t have a crystal ball, nor can you make such complex calculations on the back […]

Why SMART goals matter

SMART methodology is one of the greatest hits in the history of business management. Have you ever think about how this could impact your energy efficiency plans? Keep reading and learn how.

[Webinar] How to use SMART goals in Energy Efficiency

Date: 1/02/2015 Time: 15:00 Venue: Online The use of SMART goals can boost the results and performance in your efficiency project, but learning what SMART goals are and how to apply them to the energy world might be tricky for beginners. Join our next free webinar on February 18th: How To Use SMART Goals for Energy [...]