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Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCOs [WEBINAR]

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have become a key role in the energy transition. Given environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability, ESCOs fill a vital niche in the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

They are key players in energy performance contracting, and in securing the savings of energy efficiency projects. In fact, their business model focuses precisely on obtaining these energy-economic savings that make the investment viable and profitable.

Smart and Digital Energy Management for your ESCO

In our last Energy Survey, we asked ESCO professionals what were the main challenges they faced. As a result, 44% responded that generating and maintaining verified savings was their top challenge. In addition, demonstrating the ROI of efficiency projects and securing a budget for future projects were their two other main concerns.

We know that as an Energy Manager you want to be more efficient and provide the best service to your customers. That’s why we want to show you how an Energy Management System (EMS) can be the solution you need to generate verified savings, demonstrate ROI and define budgets.

No matter the nature of your projects, such as shared savings or a guaranteed savings project, an energy sales contract, an energy performance contract (EPC), a mixed supply and services contract (public sector), etc., implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) will bring you benefits.

In this webinar, you can find out more on:

  • How to integrate an energy management platform
  • How to identify new strategies for decarbonisation
  • How to optimise energy efficiency through artificial intelligence
  • ISO 50001: how to help large consumers improve through the systematisation of energy management
  • How to maximise savings, ensuring smooth operation, availability of installations and user comfort using digital and automatic tools.

Discover how easy it is to define and carry out many functionalities that will ease the management and monitoring of your projects: energy data acquisition, baselines automatic generation, definition of measurement and savings verification projects, configuration of periodic and customised reports, and last but not least, automatic anomalies detection in energy consumption.

If you want to know more details about how an EMS works and how you could use it in your day to day, watch the webinar recording here.

Smart and Digital Energy Management for your ESCO