4 Key Points to consider before Implementing an Energy Management Software

Implement an Energy Management Software

If you plan to implement an energy management system in your organisation to meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals, it would make sense to carry out a prior analysis of the current situation of your buildings and facilities. In this article, we analyse how to implement an Energy Management System in your organisation to […]

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Self-Consumption for Companies: a Growth Opportunity for Utilities

Self-Consumption of Electricity for Companies

Self-Consumption for Companies is an emerging trend. Companies are increasingly interested in generating and consuming clean energy and utilities are aware of this. In this article we will review the current state of self-consumption in the UK. We will also find out how the most innovative utilities reinvent their customer-value proposition, capitalizing on this new […]

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Photovoltaics and Building Efficiency towards a Net Zero Energy Building

Fotovoltaica & NZEB

According to statistics, 40% of the energy consumption in Europe comes from the building sector. This led the European Commission to create energy efficiency directives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, introducing the concept of NZEB or Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. Find out how much PV energy a building needs to become NZEB with a […]

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7 Essential Tasks an Energy Manager will Perform for your Company

7 tasks a Energy Manager will do for your company

Having professionals who are experts in their field is one of the secrets to obtaining the best results in any of your company’s strategies. In the case of efficient energy consumption management, the same happens, and to achieve the objectives that were set, you must have: a well-planned energy strategy, and specialised professionals such as […]

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