The role of Energy Management in Sustainable Building Certifications

Energy Management and Sustainable Construction Certifications

For years, the real estate sector has been using a range of sustainability, quality and energy efficiency certifications to catalogue the building stock and highlight the best-rated buildings. The ability to categorise portfolios of buildings according to their ‘green’ credentials is very useful in positioning them better in the sales and rental market, as well […]

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How to Use the Waste Heat in Your Factory as an Energy Source

Waste Heat as an Energy Source in Industry - featured image

Modern factories are investing in technology to reduce their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. This is not new, but the process of digitalisation and decarbonisation has accelerated to meet global energy transition and sustainability goals. In addition, the constant increase in energy costs pushes companies to become more efficient and reduce overall expenditure to […]

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How to Reduce Energy Costs in Shops through Technology

Technology to Save Energy Costs in Retail - Featured Image

The retail sector has many energy challenges, including balancing sustainability with comfort for customers and employees. Lighting, temperature and spaces are all designed to the nearest millimetre to provide a good shopping experience, but what about energy?   In brightly lit shops or those with large spaces, controlling temperature, ventilation and lighting can be complex from […]

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5 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day for Energy Professionals

Earth Day 2022 - DEXMA

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, and this year will be no exception. But, have you ever done anything special as an energy professional to celebrate it? You should! Especially if you work in a business that involves energy efficiency. Why? Because you’re helping to ensure a better, greener and more conscious planet. […]

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Risk Mitigation in Energy Efficiency Projects using an EMS

Reduce your ESCOs Risks with an EMS - Featured Image

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) continue growing in the UK and in Europe to serve all those businesses that want to implement energy efficiency projects. Many factors including the rise in prices, the increasing awareness of the impact of energy consumption as well as the availability of subsidies have led thousands of companies to implement energy-saving […]

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Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCOs [WEBINAR]

EN - Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCO - Feature Image Blog

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have become a key role in the energy transition. Given environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability, ESCOs fill a vital niche in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. They are key players in energy performance contracting, and in securing the savings of energy efficiency projects. In fact, their business […]

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Energy Communities: Energy Saving through Local Production and Consumption

Energy Communities and Savings

The energy transition, supported by growing public awareness of climate change has led to the emergence of energy communities around the world. What are these Communities and what are their Contributions and Benefits? Based on individual self-consumption, these communities have been formed to generate and benefit from the electricity generated locally by collaborating with companies, […]

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The Role of BIM in Facility Management and Energy Efficiency


Facility management is a necessary task for the smooth operation of buildings of all types. As a manager of one or more buildings, you already have resources and tools to access information about your facilities, perform successful maintenance and achieve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, you have certainly already found yourself in a situation where it was […]

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