Forecasting Energy Consumption using Machine Learning and AI

Forecasting Energy Consumption using Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and Energy Consumption are two very important topics these days. One might call them trends, and they are more than just buzzwords. In this article, we explain why these two concepts are intrinsically linked and how new technologies help improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption.

Partner Spotlight: Energy & Technical Services (ETS) – (United Kingdom)

In this article, you will discover how our Partner tackles its customers' energy challenges using our Energy Management System (EMS).

Energy and Technical Services Ltd (ETS) is a leading and innovative company operating in the energy sector. With an excellent reputation, ETS has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions and technical services. The company specialises in offering a wide range of services, including energy consultancy, project management and technical expertise, designed […]

SMART Goals for Energy Management [Free Template]

Smart Goals Energy Management Featured Image

As an energy manager, setting goals is a crucial aspect of your job that is often overlooked. However, it is also the core driver of your day-to-day activities and can lead to continuous improvement for your entire company. By setting goals, you can create a roadmap for achieving success and maximising the triple bottom line […]

Energy Day 2023: The Accelerating Event for Energy Transition in Businesses

Register now for the Energy Day 2023, places are limited! Join us at Energy Day 2023 and enjoy an enriching experience for energy professionals!

Do you want to improve your own energy performance or your customers’? Then this event is for you!  The energy sector is constantly evolving, and it is essential for energy professionals to keep up to date and develop their energy efficiency skills. That’s why we are delighted to announce our annual Energy Day event, a […]

Lighting the Way: Energy Savings in Retail [Woodie’s Case Study]

Case Study Woodies Lighting the Way Energy Savings in Retail [Woodie’s Case Study]

At a time of escalating environmental concerns and rapidly changing consumer preferences, industries around the world are being forced to re-evaluate their practices and adopt sustainable approaches. Among them, the retail sector has become a crucial focal point for energy management and conservation efforts.  This article looks at the dynamic landscape of energy management and […]

The 7 Benefits of Investing in Energy Efficiency in Restaurants

The 7 Benefits of Investing in Energy Efficiency in Restaurants

Restaurants are important symbols of hospitality and gastronomy throughout Europe. Behind the scenes, however, lies a worrying reality: within the tertiary sector, restaurants are among the most voracious consumers of energy. Their consumption exceeds that of the average commercial building, an astounding disparity that has not escaped the attention of environmentalists. Restaurants are among the […]

District Heating: What Are They and How They Drive Energy Efficiency in City Councils

Qué es el district heating

More than 50% of the final useful energy demand in the EU comes from the heating and cooling consumption of buildings. The installation of District Heating in cities and municipalities helps improve their energy efficiency, resulting in energy savings and reduced costs for their inhabitants. If you are thinking of setting up such a core […]

Streamlining Energy Operations: How an Adaptable ERP Solution can Drive Efficiency

Streamlining Energy Operations How an Adaptable ERP Solution can Drive Efficiency

In the energy sector, operational efficiency is crucial for organisations to maintain profitability and sustain growth. As the industry evolves and becomes more complex, traditional methods of managing energy operations are proving inadequate.  To meet evolving demands, energy companies are turning to adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that provide a comprehensive framework to streamline […]