Energy efficiency in Manufacturing

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Industries are very specialised and need to track many different kinds of parameters. In order to control the energy related variables, it is important to visualize the data in a comfortable and custom manner.

Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse offers the possibility of presenting data income to make it easy to digest.

This will help you to control the processes in your plant. We offer very flexible analysis methods that can fulfill the different needs of each kind of industry. You can detect when the system is not behaving as intended through our real-time alerting system. Which can help to quickly identify problems or anomalies with the installation.


Switch from high frequency to historical long-term seamless trends in you manufacturing installations

Get data from SCADAs, IoT hardware and databases

Normalise your data and create your own analysis parameters

Be notified of uncommon behaviours with real time alerts


Get insights easily and report them immediately to the right organisation level


Visualize key KPI’s, arranged as you need, with an impressive page-load speed. Configure countless dashboards, targeting different profiles.

Advanced reporting

Use advanced analytics to create complex custom charts, to be copied & pasted to create the exact report template to be automated.

Schematic views

Simulate your installation visually, with the Synoptic feature, and put your consumptions and ratios in context.

Custom ratios

Normalize your consumption curves automatically.

Complex ratios

Use any mathematical calculation to create new data series, that adapt better to your analysis.

Real-time alerting

Detect anomalies in your manufacturing plants in real-time.

Integrate your SCADAs

Push valuable information from your SCADAs in a seamless way.

All relevant energy sources

Electricity, gas, water, compressed air, fuel, liquids, and +200 different parameters to properly monitor your factory.

Shift hours performance

Configure custom shifts and benchmark their energy performance and evolution .

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