Energy Audit – Detect and report energy consumption

Handle the energy audit of a big portfolio of buildings or installations with only a few clicks.

Energy Audit - Detect and report energy consumption
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Energy audits can become a tough process when handling a big portfolio of buildings or installations. Often non-monitored sites represent the majority, and it is hard to both analyse the current situation and suggest good alternatives.

Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect allows energy managers to benchmark their sites thanks to a large database of buildings worldwide, and know at a glance which sites have a greater ROI, and which energy saving measures are most effective for each location.

For those locations where you have access to real-time data, Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse allows you to view your data in accurate charts, management dashboards and reports.


Your energy audit solution that saves you time and detect opportunities

Detect in a non-intrusive way potential energy savings

Report automatically to different stakeholders

Configure all your locations & check data reliability in-bulk


What’s in it for you

Energy saving measures

Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect is a non-intrusive way to detect saving opportunities in your whole portfolio. Obtain reports energy saving measures recommendations for each location.

Carbon emissions App

Carbon Emissions App will help you see the impact of your sites regarding GHG emissions. It will also be useful to check the impact of an energy efficiency measure.

Automated reports

Automated reports will allow you to track your consumption, costs, data quality, emissions and evolution of an energy efficiency project periodically.

User roles

User roles will help you to restrict the information you want each client to visualize and better adapt to achieve your goals depending on the final user.

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Finance Your Energy Project
Finance Your Energy Project