DEXMA Legal Information

Thanks for visiting our legal information page. DEXMA cares about its users, customers and visitors, therefore, we use this page to inform you about our Terms of Use, Legal Advice, Cookies Policies, etc.

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GDPR is a new data protection regulation that all European Businesses need to comply from may 2018. This document is our first statement about DEXMA’s relationship with data under the new legislation.

The Privacy Policy explains in detail what DEXMA does with your data.

The Cookies Policy informs you about what we track when you use dexma.com, dexmatech.com, dexcell.com or any of our subdomains.

Legal Notice is a general document to explain basic concepts about laws applied when browsing DEXMA tools.

DEXMA Platform Terms Of Use apply to all users of our energy analysis platform, no matter if you’re using a DEMO account or a paid account.

Terms & Conditions for End Customers, these are the terms of contract of the DEXMA platform that apply to end customers.