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The Return on Investment of an Energy Management System

The building stock is a major consumer of energy and accounts for 40% of total energy consumption in Europe. Approximately half of this consumption occurs during the design and construction phase and has to be controlled by builders, engineers, architects and other actors. The other half occurs during the lifetime of buildings (IDAE), as they […]

From Data Collection to Energy Savings: End to End Energy Management [Webinar]

As Energy Management becomes more important for businesses of any kind, understanding the various technologies that drive energy management is an important step to get started. These technologies not only help in optimising energy use but also play a significant role in reducing costs and enhancing sustainability. We have recorded a webinar to demonstrate how […]

Energy Management and ESG Reporting

The growing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting has made energy management a critical focus for companies worldwide. As businesses strive to meet environmental regulations and societal expectations, the need for transparent and robust ESG metrics is growing. Energy management plays a pivotal role within ESG reporting, particularly in the environmental domain. Energy […]

10 Key Considerations When Selecting Energy Monitoring Hardware

Recent findings from the yearly State of Energy Management survey indicate that 19% of respondents struggle with identifying the right technologies for their energy management needs. To address some of those struggles, we have invited IoT infrastructure firm EpiSensor to provide some insights based on their 15 years of experience researching, designing, and manufacturing IoT […]

How an Energy Management System can Help you Address ESG Challenges [Webinar]

Energy Management is not new for Real Estate but it has gained importance over the last few years. The growing importance of sustainability and energy efficiency have made them areas you cannot avoid.  To discuss the growing importance of Energy Management and efficiency in Real Estate and how you can tackle them, we have a […]

Proptech for Energy Management: Working Towards Sustainable Buildings

Proptech, the integration of property and technology, is a huge trend in property management. It refers to technology used by real estate professionals or property managers to manage their facilities on a day to day basis and gain operational efficiency. That definition is as broad as it’s realistic. That’s because managing a building entails a […]

Saving Energy in Public Buildings: A Case Study

After briefly reviewing the new European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive last week, today we’re focusing particularly on energy consumption in public buildings. Publicly managed or owned buildings represent a significant part of the overall building stock and they are all around us. In reality, it doesn’t really matter if a building is public or […]

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2024/1275: What’s to Know?

The revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU/2024/1275) represents a significant step forward in the EU’s commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, which are among the largest energy consumers in Europe. This directive is pivotal, not only for achieving a substantial reduction in energy usage but also for supporting […]

Energy Management in Hospitals: An Overview

Are your hospital energy bills too high? Improving energy efficiency in hospitals goes beyond simple cost savings and touches directly on better patient outcomes and environmental stewardship. When you focus on energy management you’re not only reducing your operational expenses but also significantly decreasing your carbon footprint. This commitment reflects positively on you as a […]

Partner Spotlight: Cunovesa

Cunovesa is an engineering and construction services company with a focus on energy management and efficiency. They offer services to clients in various industries, including the agri-food, industrial and chemical sectors. These are all sectors with a very important technical component, requiring very specific expertise and services. In this Spotlight interview we talk to Cunovesa […]

Energy Management and Real-Time Data for Utilities [Case Study]

Utilities across the globe supply thousands of users with electricity, gas and water for their daily activities. At work, while traveling or at home, all of us benefit from the existing infrastructure that brings the supplies directly to us. Thanks to years of innovation, development and deployment of networks, the access to quick and reliable […]

Energy Transition in Buildings: How to Achieve Net-Zero?

The UK is firmly committed to achieving net-zero emissions by the year 2050. This ambitious goal necessitates significant efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and offset any remaining emissions through carbon mitigation and absorption measures. As a facilities manager or owner, it’s crucial to recognize the direct impact of this framework on your operations. Staying […]

Real-World Benefits of Energy-Saving Smart Buildings

Conventional buildings aren’t very efficient. Often, the only way to monitor conditions is to wander up and down corridors, peeking into offices. Temperature monitoring usually involves manually adjusting the air conditioning or opening windows to regulate humidity and airflow.  There’s no way to see where and when you use the most energy. It’s hard to […]

The Rise of Sustainability in Hospitality: the Pivotal Role of Energy Efficiency

In recent years, a significant shift has been observed in the travel industry, with a growing number of travellers choosing environmentally friendly options. This trend is largely driven by a raising awareness of environmental issues and a collective desire to contribute towards sustainability. Hotels and resorts that prioritise energy efficiency are increasingly favoured by environmentally […]

Energy Management in the Tertiary Sector 2024 [Report]

As you may have already seen during these weeks, our Energy Management Report has been recently published. With this, we have broken down the analysis by examining perspectives based on the type of organisation. Today it’s the turn of companies in the tertiary sector. In the 2023 Energy Survey, we had the honour of receiving […]

Utility Companies: Energy Services and Goals 2024

Utilities are a key player with which almost all individuals or companies must interact. Organizations require energy to carry out their business activities, and therefore seek out the utilities that provide the best service. In last week’s article, we delved into the context of Energy Service Companies, examining their challenges, priorities, and trends. Today, we […]

Energy Service Companies and Their Main Challenges and Priorities in 2024

You have probably seen that we have already shared the results of our State of Energy Management 2023 survey. How exciting! So the report is now available for free download. Just like in previous editions, our attention in this year’s survey was directed towards Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), exploring the obstacles encountered in 2023, their […]

The State of Energy Management in 2023 [Report]

Last December, we asked you to participate in our Energy Management survey and more than 200 of you responded favourably!  The survey targeted companies with direct connections to the energy sector, including ESCOs or energy suppliers, representing 38.60% of the participants. Other notable sectors include OEM/Hardware Vendors and Utilities, each accounting for 13.60% of the […]

Unveiling the Top 10 Energy Management Articles of 2023

As regular readers of our publications, it’s time again to discover the articles that have left their mark on the minds of energy enthusiasts in 2023.  In a field fuelled by innovation and sustainability, the dynamism of energy management is unfolding at an unprecedented pace. As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to look […]

9 Time Management and Productivity Tips for Energy Professionals

It can be exciting to get a job in the energy sector but you must be ready to work extra hard. Most professionals in this sector work long hours. Some of them work 12-hour shifts while others work up to 14-16 hours daily depending on the nature and requirements of the projects. It is a […]

State of Energy Management in 2023 [Survey]

2023 has been one of the most hectic years for the energy sector: energy crisis, consumption reduction, and zero carbon objectives… This has only strengthened the challenges Energy professionals have been facing for many years now.  More than ever, the objective of sustainable energy management is at the heart of the public debate, notably due […]

Winds of Change: Offshore Wind Farms at the Forefront of Energy Transition

At a time when the importance of turning to sustainable energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint is increasingly recognised, offshore wind farms represent a ray of hope amid growing concerns about the energy crisis. They constitute a significant step forward in the search for long-term solutions in the field of renewable energies and sustainable […]

AI-powered Solutions for Utilities: Enhancing Customer Experience and Sustainability

In an era marked by rapid digitalisation and increased competition, utilities are facing a multitude of challenges. The days of merely selling electricity are long gone, and high energy prices have prompted customers to reevaluate their choices for energy providers. In such a dynamic landscape, utilities need innovative solutions to stay relevant, diversify their offerings, […]

Commissioning Management: Performance Guarantee for Buildings

Whether we are talking about a new build or an energy-efficient refurbishment project, it is essential to adopt a comprehensive approach, covering all phases from design to operation.  Commissioning management is a comprehensive approach that provides a structured framework for verifying, testing and validating a building’s performance. Its main aim is to ensure that the […]

The Growing Role of Energy Efficiency in Public Administration

Historically, the role of the Public Administration has been to drive, promote, support and create a framework in which companies contribute their knowledge and experience in the different sectors, enabling citizens to improve their well-being every day and to be able to count on a multitude of services that perfectly cover their needs. Nowadays, there […]

4 methods to measure the Energy Savings of your Facilities through an Energy Management System

Today, it is essential to make data-driven decisions. That’s why measuring energy efficiency with reliable tools will allow you to assess the real impact of your work and enable you to make the right decisions for your project. Always based on measurable, quantifiable and real data. Our latest guide explores different approaches that, as a […]

From Data to Sustainability: The Promise of Energy Management SaaS

Data collection is a crucial foundation for any Energy Management System (EMS) platform. It’s the groundwork that helps organisations make smart decisions, save money, and ultimately improve their sustainability.  In this article, we’ll explore why gathering data in an EMS platform is so important, have an overview of the technologies that make it possible, and […]

Web Development Trends: Powering a Sustainable Digital Future

Every action we take online, from browsing a webpage to streaming a video, consumes energy. Yet, how often do we consider the real-world implications of our digital interactions? In this article, we’ll explain the connection between EMS and web development trends, explore how energy-conscious web design takes root, the critical role of performance optimisation for […]

From Insight to Action: Maximising Efficiency in Facilities through Energy Management Systems [White Paper]

In this article, we are delighted to introduce our latest guide, focusing on the Facilities Management sector. At Spacewell Energy (Dexma), the foremost provider of technological solutions, we have meticulously crafted this guide with the intention of assisting professionals within the Facilities Management sector.  Our objective is to provide you with insights into the current […]

Forecasting Energy Consumption using Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and Energy Consumption are two very important topics these days. One might call them trends, and they are more than just buzzwords. In this article, we explain why these two concepts are intrinsically linked and how new technologies help improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption.

Partner Spotlight: Energy & Technical Services ETS (United Kingdom)

Energy and Technical Services Ltd (ETS) is a leading and innovative company operating in the energy sector. With an excellent reputation, ETS has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions and technical services. The company specialises in offering a wide range of services, including energy consultancy, project management and technical expertise, designed […]

SMART Goals for Energy Management [Free Template]

As an energy manager, setting goals is a crucial aspect of your job that is often overlooked. However, it is also the core driver of your day-to-day activities and can lead to continuous improvement for your entire company. By setting goals, you can create a roadmap for achieving success and maximising the triple bottom line […]

Energy Day 2023: The Accelerating Event for Energy Transition in Businesses

Do you want to improve your own energy performance or your customers’? Then this event is for you!  The energy sector is constantly evolving, and it is essential for energy professionals to keep up to date and develop their energy efficiency skills. That’s why we are delighted to announce our annual Energy Day event, a […]

Lighting the Way: Energy Savings in Retail [Woodie’s Case Study]

At a time of escalating environmental concerns and rapidly changing consumer preferences, industries around the world are being forced to re-evaluate their practices and adopt sustainable approaches. Among them, the retail sector has become a crucial focal point for energy management and conservation efforts.  This article looks at the dynamic landscape of energy management and […]

The 7 Benefits of Investing in Energy Efficiency in Restaurants

Restaurants are important symbols of hospitality and gastronomy throughout Europe. Behind the scenes, however, lies a worrying reality: within the tertiary sector, restaurants are among the most voracious consumers of energy. Their consumption exceeds that of the average commercial building, an astounding disparity that has not escaped the attention of environmentalists. Restaurants are among the […]

District Heating: What Are They and How They Drive Energy Efficiency in City Councils

More than 50% of the final useful energy demand in the EU comes from the heating and cooling consumption of buildings. The installation of District Heating in cities and municipalities helps improve their energy efficiency, resulting in energy savings and reduced costs for their inhabitants. If you are thinking of setting up such a core […]

Is Biomass a Renewable Energy Source?

Biomass is one of the oldest energy sources around. At the same time, a great deal of confusion surrounds its designation as a renewable energy source. Does biomass really count as a sustainable energy source? Can it be considered an efficient source of energy? The use of biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels has […]

Streamlining Energy Operations: How an Adaptable ERP Solution can Drive Efficiency

In the energy sector, operational efficiency is crucial for organisations to maintain profitability and sustain growth. As the industry evolves and becomes more complex, traditional methods of managing energy operations are proving inadequate.  To meet evolving demands, energy companies are turning to adaptable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that provide a comprehensive framework to streamline […]

Energy Efficiency in Industry: The Comansa Case Study

On this blog, we talk a lot about how organisations can save energy… and how you can do it if you haven’t already. Today, we present a new case study from the industrial sector, to show you for yourself how energy savings can be achieved. We hope you will find it inspiring!

Energy-Saving Benefits of Cloud Archiving: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

As the demand for data storage continues to skyrocket in the digital age, businesses face the challenge of finding efficient and sustainable solutions. Cloud archiving has emerged as a technology that not only addresses data buildup but also offers significant energy-saving benefits. In this article, we will delve deeper into the energy-related advantages of cloud […]

Partner Spotlight: ENEOR (France)

For this year’s second edition, we would like to highlight one of Spacewell Energy’s long-standing partners: ENEOR. Founded in 2010, this independent engineering company is a pioneer in the field of real energy performance in buildings. It has 4 offices across Europe and is involved in the entire value chain, from the design to the […]

Photovoltaics and Building Efficiency towards a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB)

According to statistics, 40% of the energy consumption in Europe comes from the building sector. This led the European Commission to create energy efficiency directives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, introducing the concept of NZEB or Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. In this article, you will find out how much PV energy a building needs […]

Why is Air Quality important in Working Environments

The quality of the air we breathe is a fundamental aspect of living a proper life, and to be able to feel well and healthy.  However, while the quality of the air outside is something that we always notice, and any sign of bad outdoor air quality usually raises concerns as soon as these signs […]

Building Automation Systems and their impact on Energy Consumption

Building automation systems (BAS) are becoming increasingly prevalent in commercial and industrial facilities, allowing for more efficient and effective management of building systems such as HVAC, lighting, and security. One of the key benefits of BAS is their potential to reduce energy consumption and costs, making them an important tool in the effort to promote […]

Navigating the Changing Landscape of the UK Industry Sector

The United Kingdom has long been known for its robust and diverse industry sector, which has played a pivotal role in driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities.  However, like any dynamic sector, the UK industry landscape is subject to constant evolution. In this article, we will explore the current state of the industry sector […]

Powering Efficiency: Effective Energy Management in Facilities

Effective energy management is a crucial aspect of facility management that holds the key to unlocking significant cost savings, enhancing sustainability, and minimising environmental impact. By implementing strategic energy management practices, facilities can optimise their energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to a greener future.  In this week’s article, we will explore the potential […]

Dexma becomes Spacewell Energy and enters a new phase with more than 10,000 Customers in 35 Countries

Following its acquisition by the multinational Spacewell in 2020, the Barcelona-based technology company is changing its image to embark on a new strategic phase. Under the name Spacewell Energy, the company aims to consolidate its position as the leading player in efficient energy management in Europe, while seeking to expand its footprint in new international […]

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Buildings through Stakeholder and Data Integration [WEBINAR]

We are pleased to announce that the recording of our webinar is available. This session focuses on data sharing to foster collaboration among stakeholders, deliver better outcomes, and make buildings work for people. This 20-minute webinar is hosted by our UK&I Country Manager, Billal Vindhani.  As buildings in the EU account for 40% of total […]

Optimisation of Energy Consumption in Industrial Plants [White Paper]

What are the critical aspects of energy in the industry that we need to address? This question looms as we navigate through a landscape marked by diverse challenges, including the distribution or attribution of production costs, the drive towards decarbonisation, and the ever-increasing demand for energy. Our latest white paper delves deep into these pressing […]

The Power of Real-Time Data: Managing Energy with Dashboards

As businesses and organisations worldwide shift their focus to sustainable operations, energy efficiency has become a top priority. However, managing and optimising energy usage can be a complex and time-consuming task, requiring significant resources and expertise. That’s where Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Dashboards come in. Our powerful tool helps you easily monitor and analyse your energy […]

Building for a Sustainable Future: The Role of IoT and Smart Technologies in Facilities Management

The pandemic and what followed have further highlighted the importance of smart buildings and the need for remote management capabilities. In this context, building managers and owners need to stay updated with the latest smart technologies and innovations to remain relevant in the competitive facilities industry.  This article will explore how smart technologies, IoT, and […]

3 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient with Retail Equipment

It is no surprise…retail businesses use technology and equipment that run off a lot of energy, causing high electricity bills and impacting the environment negatively. Therefore, retail stores must look at their current practices and make changes to become more energy efficient. In this article, we give three tips to retailers to improve their energy […]

The future of Electrical Energy Storage for Critical Infrastructures

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is transformed… This sentence sums up the principle of energy conservation and you have surely heard it more than once. When we talk about electricity generation and renewable energies, the question almost always arises: why don’t we store unused energy for future use? Well, that’s a good question, […]

Industrial decarbonisation: How to reduce your carbon footprint?

Decarbonisation is a crucial stake for all companies, given that the industrial sector is responsible for 19% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.  In 2021 it was directly responsible for emitting 9.4 Gt of CO2, accounting for a quarter of global emissions. While progress has been made in this sector since the 1990s, the manufacturing […]

Reducing Energy Costs in the industrial sector [WEBINAR]

We are pleased to announce that the recording of our webinar is available. In this session, our experts discuss consumption and savings in the industrial sector to help you identify areas of improvement and opportunities, using real-life examples.  As you know, the industrial sector plays a vital role in the economy of any country, but it is […]

Spacewell Energy Partner Spotlight : Socomec (France)

Spacewell Energy Partner Spotlight is back! Today we would like to highlight our partner Socomec, a French manufacturer of electrical equipment specialising in the energy performance of low-voltage electrical networks. The Socomec group celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022 and is now operating worldwide through its 28 subsidiaries. Socomec is a recognised specialist in the […]

10 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption on Construction Sites

The manufacturing industry is one of the most energy-intensive sectors in modern society. Therefore, reducing energy consumption on construction sites has become increasingly important to maintain sustainability. To do so, energy professionals need to understand the various ways that their organisation can improve its energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. This blog post explores […]

A closer look at Energy Demand in the UK

The consumption of energy in the UK and Europe has experienced a gradual decrease in recent years. Despite this positive trend, there are numerous daily activities that could be accomplished with reduced energy usage. In our previous publication, we delved into the sources of energy and electricity production systems.  In this article, we shift our […]

Dexma appoints Xavi Novella as new Senior Vice-President

Barcelona, 21 March 2023 – Dexma, a leading provider of energy management solutions for buildings, retail and industry, has appointed Xavi Novella as its new Senior Vice President. After occupying the role of Director of Operations and Customer Success at Dexma since 2015, in his new position, Novella will coordinate the company’s activity with the […]

7 Energy Management Challenges in Banking

As concerns over climate change continue to grow, the need for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings has become increasingly important. Banks have a critical role to play in financing various projects, but they face significant challenges, which include shifts in paradigm, digitalisation, data availability, and the complexity of building energy performance, among others… […]

Energy Mix: From Coal to Renewables

What energy sources are used in the UK to produce electricity? According to the BEIS (2022) the UK’s energy mix consists of primary oil (crude oil and Natural Gas Liquids), natural gas, primary electricity (consisting of nuclear, wind, solar and hydro) bioenergy and waste, and coal. In recent years, renewable energies have taken on an […]

Exploring the Potential of the Metaverse for Utilities

With the growth of artificial intelligence technologies, new innovations are continuously emerging and surprising us. Recently, ChatGPT, an intelligent language and text generation AI, has raised questions about its use and deployment in our society. What about the metaverse? Will it become a permanent feature of our lives, and what impact will it have on […]

Indoor Air Quality management in universities [Case Study]

As someone who works in the education sector, you’re well aware of the crucial role that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays in maintaining a healthy environment for students, teachers, and other visitors. Whether it’s classrooms, libraries, or other areas, it’s essential to maintain optimal IAQ levels to promote the well-being and productivity of everyone who […]

Benefits of creating a Baseline Consumption Model for your Building Portfolio

If you manage a large portfolio of buildings, you might be wondering how to define an accurate baseline for each one. A baseline helps you track energy use and set goals for reducing consumption. But if you are still manually generating baselines for each building, it can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Fortunately, there […]

Measurement and Verification: How to Achieve the Best Results [WEBINAR]

Saving energy is becoming a top priority for a growing number of businesses. However, calculating and presenting these savings can be a struggle for many professionals for various reasons such as shortage of time, expertise, or proper tools. This issue is addressed in this week’s article, highlighting two key findings from the yearly survey: confirmation […]

Energy Management in Companies [Infographic 2023]

Over 250 professionals from different types of companies were interviewed for the Energy Management survey. A majority of respondents said they work in companies directly related to energy, including ESCOs, Utilities, and OEM companies as we have seen in the previous weeks’ articles. However, we also had a quarter of responses from non-energy companies operating […]

Energy Utilities: Panorama 2023

Utilities are players with whom we all interact. We all contract energy for our businesses and homes, and at some point, we want to compare offers to see who offers the best service. Last week we looked at the annual energy management survey responses and discussed the current challenges and objectives of Energy Service Companies […]

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): Navigating Challenges and Opportunities

If you follow us on social media or are an avid reader of our blog, you will have noticed that the results of our survey “The State of Energy Management 2022” have been released and that you can now download our report for free. As in previous editions, this year we also focused on Energy […]

The State of Energy Management in 2022 [Report]

Last December, we asked you to participate in our Energy Management survey and more than 250 of you responded favourably! The survey was aimed at companies directly related to energy, such as ESCOs or energy suppliers, but also at companies from other sectors such as the tertiary sector or facility management. The results were analysed […]

Spacewell appoints Wouter Hartemink as New CEO

Antwerp, January 10, 2023 – Spacewell, a global supplier of smart building and agile workspace management solutions, part of the Nemetschek Group, today announced that Wouter Hartemink has been appointed the new CEO of Spacewell as of January 1st, 2023. He reports to César Flores Rodríguez, Chief Division Officer Operate & Manage and Digital Twin […]

7 Energy Management Challenges in the Real Estate & Facility Management Markets

The real estate market is a sector that can be qualified as volatile, this is no secret. It went from being a safe, easy and stable investment to high risk.  The increase in energy demand also has a huge impact not only on this sector but also on others, such as facility management. In this […]

Dexma Grows by 20% and Consolidates with more than 10,000 Customers in 35 Countries

Barcelona, 22 December 2022 – Dexma, provider of energy management solutions for buildings, retail and industry, expects to close the year with a turnover of 4.3 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 20% over the previous year. The Catalan company, which since 2020 is part of the technology firm Spacewell – integrated […]

Energy Management: the 10 most popular articles of 2022

2022 is shortly coming to an end…As we all know, this year has been particularly tumultuous marked by an unprecedented energy crisis, requiring a shift in our paradigm and making all of us reconsider our rapport with energy and energy management. As IEA’s 2022 World Energy Outlook report highlighted, “there remain huge uncertainties over how […]

How do I set up a Gateway? [Hardware Essentials]

A gateway in tech-talk is a device that connects two different networks, allowing information to pass from a network to the Internet.

Shaping Energy Efficiency: Nemetschek Group Brand Spacewell Helps Tackle the Energy Crisis

Munich, December 1 , 2022 – The Nemetschek Group, a leading global provider of software for the digital transformation in the construction and media industries, is driving a more sustainable building management. It is responding to the energy crisis with the solution Spacewell Energy (Dexma), enabling the energy-efficient operation of facilities and helping companies save […]

Reducing the Energy Consumption of Network Devices

Modern businesses, regardless of their types, depend on the extensive use of digital tools and infrastructure. In 2022, you would not see an employee without a laptop or a smart device in any given organisation. For the smooth use of these digital tools, having a communication network in place is a must.  Indeed, contemporary facilities, […]

Energy Management in Universities: Rey Juan Carlos University [Case Study]

Energy management in a university with a multitude of buildings and users is a challenge and this is without mention the rising energy costs… Once your university’s spending plans are finalised, it is likely that energy bills won’t add up. Therefore, you will have to ask yourself, how to limit cost increases, where energy is […]

Energy Management for SMEs [Guide]

On their own, SMEs don’t consume huge amounts of energy, but collectively, their energy demand is a different story. The IEA estimates SMEs consume around 13% of total global energy demand. Yet, approximately 30% of that demand could be eliminated by cost-effective energy efficiency measures, such as implementing energy management software. That would save more […]

The value an Energy Manager brings to your company

If you are considering incorporating an energy manager into your staff and you are not sure if this professional role will add value to your company, Enrique Pérez (Energy Efficiency Manager at CIRSA) will clarify your doubts in this article:

Energy Management in Historical Buildings [Case Study – Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau]

When we talk about historical heritage and energy efficiency, many actions may cross your mind: you may think of renovation works, improving insulation, repairing cracking, changing supplies, lighting… Any of these actions are valid, together with regular monitoring of consumption to analyse whether the measures taken are truly effective or not. In Europe, 35% of […]

Built Environment: measuring Climate Change impact

One of the main reasons for global warming is the sustained increase of CO2 emissions, trapping heat and warming up the atmosphere. With more frequent storms, landslides or floodings, climate change will make buildings more vulnerable and reduce their lifespan. As energy plays a key role in the management of buildings, in this article, we […]

ABCs of Energy: Essential Energy Productivity Terms

If you work in the energy world, it is not surprising that the ‘language’ is technically complex in nature. While borrowing terms from a range of disciplines, from physics to finance, energy productivity also has its own set of complicated terms and jargon that are likely to appear in any conversation about energy efficiency. As […]

What are NZEBs and how do they contribute to Sustainable Development

Did you know that the building sector is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU? According to statistics, 40% of energy consumption in Europe comes from buildings. This has led the European Commission to create Directives on Energy Efficiency which oblige the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, thus, […]

Energy Efficiency in Shops: what Measures to put in place

It was a sweltering summer, and so was the energy news! Have you noticed that the topic of energy saving is currently at the heart of all conversations? Energy efficiency, new regulations, decrees or energy saving measures…No matter what type of media you visit, you can’t miss it. The time has come to reduce our […]

Why use Dashboards to Implement your Energy Efficiency Plan

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to take steps to improve your energy consumption but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you have already heard of Energy Dashboards?  Today, we would like to introduce you to this reporting and advanced analytical tool that can provide you with precious information about your […]

Energy Intelligence: The Use of AI in Energy Management

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in our lives, from powering search engines, through product recommendations, to phone unlocking by facial recognition…So how can artificial intelligence be defined? “In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is a field that combines computer science and robust datasets to enable problem-solving” (IBM). This concept and its use are becoming increasingly popular […]

5 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses across Europe are striving to reduce their energy usage and costs as they continue to rise, affecting bottom lines and ROI. The planet is also negatively affected by industrial energy use, responsible for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In the UK, the sector is said to consume 17% of the total country’s […]

Telecommunications Industry: Improving Energy Efficiency [Case Study – Ooredoo]

The communications sector continues to grow every year, driven by the societal need to be connected at all times and to have access to information in real-time. In the UK, the sector keeps 68.9 million inhabitants connected to the world. In 2020, the revenue generated by British telecommunications amounted to £31 billion.  Every day, telecommunications […]

6 Common Mistakes in your Predictive Maintenance Plan

Carrying out a predictive maintenance plan is a smart way to avoid future costs, you know that. And in order to do this, you will need predictive maintenance software and a plan. But what are the most common mistakes made in a maintenance programme of this type? Here is a list of the 6 most […]

Energy Culture Management in the Banking Sector: CaixaBank [Case Study]

Energy is everywhere in our lives and we rely on it daily without even realising it. When we walk into an office or bank branch, motion sensors or switches in every room turn on the lights, as well as the air conditioning or heating at the click of a button – it all happens with […]

5 Technologies to Extend Utility Energy Services

Utilities in deregulated markets are under more pressure than ever to attract and retain customers and are therefore more motivated to consider new technologies to extend their energy services offering.  In our previous articles regarding the Future-Proof Utility, we discussed digitalisation and client loyalty as a push for innovation, and the importance of a customer-centric […]

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings: Las Arenas [Case Study]

The retail sector is undergoing numerous changes to achieve energy efficiency in commercial buildings, being more sustainable and convenient for the consumer. Balancing these factors is not always easy. The comfort of the employees who spend hours in the shop has to be taken into account, as well as the comfort of the customers who come […]

How to Achieve Sustainability in Your Buildings

As a real estate professional, do you manage buildings with very different characteristics such as offices, factories, supermarkets, or warehouses? Regardless of your focus, energy management and more precisely, understanding how much energy buildings consume is certainly one of your priorities. Therefore, tracking the consumption of your properties, in large portfolios with multiple locations, or […]

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction in Real Estate [WEBINAR]

The real estate sector is undergoing major changes. More than ever, awareness and regulation in favour of a sustainable sector are changing the economic landscape.  Sustainable building portfolios are increasingly in demand at every stage of their life cycle. Therefore, strategies and tools to help identify and implement sustainability and energy efficiency measures are becoming […]

ISO Quality Standards and Energy Management

Can you tell the number of ISO certifications or quality standards your company holds? Difficult, isn’t it? The world of professional certifications is expanding to harmonise quality standards between countries. Although they are becoming increasingly widespread, you may have doubts regarding their usefulness. You are not the only one to think so. International certifications are […]

The role of Energy Management in Sustainable Building Certifications

For years, the real estate sector has been using a range of sustainability, quality and energy efficiency certifications to catalogue the building stock and highlight the best-rated buildings. The ability to categorise portfolios of buildings according to their ‘green’ credentials is very useful in positioning them better in the sales and rental market, as well […]

How to Use the Waste Heat in Your Factory as an Energy Source

Modern factories are investing in technology to reduce their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. This is not new, but the process of digitalisation and decarbonisation has accelerated to meet global energy transition and sustainability goals. In addition, the constant increase in energy costs pushes companies to become more efficient and reduce overall expenditure to […]

Trends in the Energy Sector Digitalisation

As the intensifying debate around climate change amplifies, the energy sector is continuing its trend toward phasing out fossil fuels and moving towards reliance on renewable energy. The American Energy Information Administration (EIA) has reported that it expects about 65 GW of coal power to be retired between now and 2030 and that nearly 90 […]

How to Reduce Energy Costs in Shops through Technology

The retail sector has many energy challenges, including balancing sustainability with comfort for customers and employees. Lighting, temperature and spaces are all designed to the nearest millimetre to provide a good shopping experience, but what about energy?   In brightly lit shops or those with large spaces, controlling temperature, ventilation and lighting can be complex from […]

5 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day for Energy Professionals

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, and this year will be no exception. But, have you ever done anything special as an energy professional to celebrate it? You should! Especially if you work in a business that involves energy efficiency. Why? Because you’re helping to ensure a better, greener and more conscious planet. […]

Risk Mitigation in Energy Efficiency Projects using an EMS

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) continue growing in the UK and in Europe to serve all those businesses that want to implement energy efficiency projects. Many factors including the rise in prices, the increasing awareness of the impact of energy consumption as well as the availability of subsidies have led thousands of companies to implement energy-saving […]

Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCOs [WEBINAR]

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have become a key role in the energy transition. Given environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability, ESCOs fill a vital niche in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. They are key players in energy performance contracting, and in securing the savings of energy efficiency projects. In fact, their business […]

Have Banks Become the new Energy Service Companies?

Energy efficiency is making its way into all sectors, and banks are now developing solutions to be part of the energy transition process. The targets set by governments and institutions to reduce emissions and preserve the planet have a direct impact on the energy sector. You may already know this figure, but we would like […]

Energy Communities: Energy Saving through Local Production and Consumption

The energy transition, supported by growing public awareness of climate change has led to the emergence of energy communities around the world. What are these Communities and what are their Contributions and Benefits? Based on individual self-consumption, these communities have been formed to generate and benefit from the electricity generated locally by collaborating with companies, […]

The Role of BIM in Facility Management and Energy Efficiency

Facility management is a necessary task for the smooth operation of buildings of all types. As a manager of one or more buildings, you already have resources and tools to access information about your facilities, perform successful maintenance and achieve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, you have certainly already found yourself in a situation where it was […]

Industry 4.0: Smart and Sustainable Factories

The so-called fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0) is transforming industrial buildings, pushing them to become smart and sustainable factories with reduced carbon footprint.  The Internet, interconnectivity, and artificial intelligence offer almost infinite opportunities to the managers of these facilities and industrial centres. From sensors that warn the system when stock is low, to devices […]

Technology and IoT Devices used in the Banking Sector

Implementing an energy efficiency strategy for buildings in the banking sector involves analysing and considering a number of issues, including what type of IoT devices or sensors you will need to install.  Here are the main points to consider when implementing IoT technologies in bank branches and offices:

How to Integrate your CMMS with an EMS in Retail

Managing energy in a supermarket chain or retail store takes a lot of effort and knowledge. The same happens for maintenance and facility management. You probably have some software to help you with the job, while also using spreadsheets and manual control. If you want to learn more about how to integrate EMS and CMMS […]

10 Essential Energy Management Tools for ESCOs in 2022

If you work in the Energy Services Sector, you will already know how important it is to have useful tools in your day-to-day work. They help you improve both your productivity and to achieve the energy efficiency and savings objectives of your clients. That’s why in this article we bring you a list of 10 […]

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Successful Energy Management in Real Estate

If you are responsible for managing a large portfolio of buildings – or a single building with different needs across floors and users – Energy Efficiency is definitely a term you’ve heard before. But do you already have an energy efficiency strategy implemented for your buildings? Are your buildings efficient right now?   Discover the secrets […]

Digitalisation and AI: The Secret for your B2B Customer’s Energy Efficiency [WEBINAR]

Did you know that less than 2% of utility B2B customers are receptive to energy efficiency offers?  And, why is this happening, if organisations nowadays are investing in sustainability and energy efficiency more than ever? Continue reading to find out.

3 Main Difficulties and Challenges for Energy Services Companies 2021

Once again this year, in the State of Energy Survey, we asked Energy Services Company (ESCO) professionals what their priorities and challenges are. In an ever-changing industry, with volatile pricing and digitalisation processes, the challenges and opportunities are evolving fast. Maintaining savings, demonstrating ROI and securing budgets are three of them.  Read on and join […]

The End-Customer Vision on Energy Efficiency

Companies play a huge role in the energy transition, as they consume and manage energy on a daily basis. Whether they are small companies or large multinationals, they all have energy, lighting, air conditioning and power needs. This article focuses on these companies, the end customers of energy services companies and providers. What are their […]

6 Lessons from the State of Energy Management Survey 2021

At the end of 2021 we launched our State of Energy Management Survey to find out what energy professionals think of their industry, what challenges they have and what issues matter the most to them. We received more than 400 responses! If you want to discover the main statistics, you’ll find them in this article. […]

Top 10 Topics on Energy Management 2021

Analysis mode ON! We open Analytics, we mark January to December 2021, add a filter here, another filter there… and ta-dah!! We have the Top 10 Most Visited Energy Publications by Professionals of the sector within the DEXMA Community. Find out what are the most interesting topics to energy experts like you below, and broaden […]

5 Reasons to Check the State of Energy Management Survey 2021

The State of Energy Management Survey 2021 is now closed, and we would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and interest! The report with the results is ready, get your Free copy now!

ISO 50001 Certification: what is it and why you should get it [WEBINAR]

Complying with industry standards, reducing costs and saving on energy… If these are familiar terms, or even your business’ objectives, you will be interested in our webinar about the ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification.

Key Sources of Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects in the UK

The energy transition, climate change awareness and rising energy prices are forcing companies to develop and implement powerful energy management strategies. But what financing tools are available for you to boost your efficiency projects? In this article, we will look at what is going on in the UK, what energy efficiency strategies were implemented and […]

How do I Consume Energy in Comparison to the Rest of my Industry?

Energy efficiency is like a long-distance race. The first kilometres are easy and if you train a little bit you will achieve big results. But once you beat your records, there’s a moment when you need a deeper analysis to understand where your areas of improvement are. You need to understand what is going on […]

How to increase your EPC Margins using Dexma Measurement and Verification Tool

Calculating savings in a consumption reduction project can be a very complex task since savings represent the difference between the current situation and an estimated future reality (hypothetical). In this case, performing Savings Measurement and Verification tasks during the project is the answer to ensure the estimated objectives are reached Below you will discover how, thanks […]

Energy Performance Contract: What is the Best Tool to Track the Progress of your Roadmap?

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC), is one of the modalities of contracting energy services. In this article, you’ll find out what is the Energy Performance Contract and what tool can help your company to ensure the reduction of energy consumption whatever its sector of activity: industry, service, public administration, transport, etc… What is an Energy […]

What is EMAS Environmental Certification and How does an EMS Help you to Get it?

Have you heard of EMAS Certification? It is an environmental management and audit tool created by the European Commission, which any type of organisation can use to improve its environmental performance.  If your organisation is looking to obtain this certification, learn more about it: how to get it, how it differs from ISO 14001, and […]

Top 5 Features Every Business Manager Looks for in an EMS (Energy Management Solution)

​​If you need to convince your CFO and/or CEO to invest in an Energy Management Solution, take paper and pencil. In this article you will discover the main features that all business managers look for in an EMS, giving you the arguments you need to get their OK automatically. 

What is the Role of the Data Hubs for Digital Consumers?

Historically, consumers’ only knowledge of their energy use has been through their paper bill from their energy supplier. According to statistics, only 11% of users understand their invoice. The advent of data platforms such as Energy Data Hubs is revolutionising the consumer’s role in the energy transition. Find out what an Energy Data Hub is […]

6 Reasons why you should Track your Energy Efficiency Projects

In this article, you will read a story that you may be familiar with if you work as a “Head of Maintenance and Energy Management Department”, or similar. Below, you will find the arguments you need to explain the importance of continuous tracking of your energy efficiency projects.

[Energy Behaviour] How to change the Energy Culture of your Building Users

If I ask you about the energy culture in your organisation, how would you define it? In other words, could you define the habits, rules and resources aimed at promoting and implementing habits that ensure the efficient use of energy?  This is what this article is about, how to change the energy culture of your […]

4 Key Points to consider before Implementing an Energy Management Software

If you plan to implement an energy management system in your organisation to meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals, it would make sense to carry out a prior analysis of the current situation of your buildings and facilities. In this article, we analyse how to implement an Energy Management System in your organisation to […]

Self-Consumption for Companies: a Growth Opportunity for Utilities

Self-Consumption for Companies is an emerging trend. Companies are increasingly interested in generating and consuming clean energy and utilities are aware of this. In this article, we will review the current state of self-consumption in the UK. We will also find out how the most innovative utilities reinvent their customer-value proposition, capitalizing on this new […]

How to Measure the Indoor Air Quality of your Buildings

Concern about indoor air quality in buildings has grown during the past year, especially now that we are gradually returning to offices, restaurants and public buildings in general. And the fact is that possible viruses in the environment are not the only factors that affect the well-being of users. Indeed, there are others, and they […]

7 Essential Tasks an Energy Manager will Perform for your Company

Having professionals who are experts in their field is one of the secrets to obtaining the best results in any of your company’s strategies. In the case of efficient energy consumption management, the same happens, and to achieve the objectives that were set, you must have: a well-planned energy strategy, and specialised professionals such as […]

How to Monetise your Carbon Footprint

The price per tonne of carbon has tripled since 2020. In fact, this price is having a high impact on the historical record of electricity costs that we are experiencing these days. But it’s not all bad news: you can monetise your company’s carbon footprint. Monetise your carbon footprint, yes, you read that right. The carbon […]

Carbon Neutrality or Climate Neutrality: What is the difference?

Carbon Neutrality and Climate Neutrality are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. In this article, we explain the difference between them and how to get a Neutral Carbon certification for your company. Click on “Read more”, and find out what the differences are:

What do the changes to the Energy Efficiency Directive mean for your Utility

Europe is often cited as the most progressive continent in terms of climate change policy.  The European Union has set a goal of no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The European Green Deal has been established as a collection of policies to provide an action plan to achieve this milestone. This includes key initiatives […]

How to overcome the Fear of Energy Efficiency

There is no energy manager who has not feared energy efficiency. Despite increasingly tougher energy and environmental regulations, energy efficiency fundings and grants… Some customers still panic about investing in energy efficiency.  Today we help you to clear up the 5 most frequently asked questions that cause fear of energy efficiency in SMEs and other […]

Study on European Energy Consumption before and after Covid-19 [CONCLUSIONS]

It seems clear that many things have changed due to the pandemic phenomenon, including European energy consumption in stores, industries and offices. So, what if we analyse their behaviour before and after Covid-19 crisis? Go to the article and discover the 10 conclusions of the comparative study about pre and post covid consumption. 

How to manage energy in buildings according to the European Green Deal

What is the European Green Deal? To understand a little better what the European Green Deal is and what it consists of, let’s go back in time. The European Green Deal was created in December 2019, just a few months before the state of alarm and the global pandemic was declared (this is important, as […]

[Covid-19 Impact] How to readjust your Energy Baseline calculation

Whether you are currently implementing an energy-saving and efficient project or you are planning to start in the coming weeks, you will be interested to know how you can adjust your baselines taking into account the impact of Covid-19. We give you the keys below:

My utility needs an EMS solution: Should I build it myself or outsource?

So, you’re responsible for new product offerings at a utility – or maybe you’re responsible for operational efficiency at a big corporation. And, as a team, you’ve decided to highlight energy management as a key new area of growth and/or to reduce your own internal energy consumption.  But, where do you start?  What do you […]

The EU’s 2020 Climate Stocktaking

In between Covid-19 and the various green recovery plans for Europe, 2020 has been a busy year in terms of social and environmental impact for the Old Continent. No matter how the year has been lived by everyone, it is now behind us; and it is time to take stock of it.

ENERGY 4.0: How Digital Evolution is Shaping the Future of Electricity

The evolution of technologies and the introduction of IoT in the industry has not only led to the new Industrial Revolution 4.0 but also to the emergence of Energy 4.0. In this article, you will find out how they relate to each other, and what benefits and challenges the digital revolution has brought to the […]

Energy Retail Revolution: How to retain your Switching B2B Customers

Energy utilities have been facing a major challenge for some years now: the high switching rate of their B2B customers. In this article, we tell you how switching has evolved in the energy market and how to reduce it.

The 7 key points on Biden’s Energy Policy: The Clean Energy Revolution

On the 20th of January, Joe Biden will make his debut as President of the United States. When we talk about energy policy at a global level, any change in the presidency makes us wonder what will be the next move in that country. And as always, we are interested in knowing what energy policy […]

Spacewell acquires Dexma and places its global hub for intelligent energy management in Barcelona

Dexma’s software will complement the smart building management solutions of technology firm Spacewell, integrated into the Nemetschek group listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange  First combined offering for smart building, facility and energy management 

TOP 10 Articles on Energy Management 2020

The most popular on the web about Energy Management in 2020 2020 is coming to an end, and the highlight for all of us has been the irruption of COVID-19 into our lives. This has changed many of our habits at work and in the private sphere. It appears that we actually read much more on […]

The ultimate 24/7 Automated Energy Management Tool: DEXMA Optimise

Despite the peculiar year we are living, at DEXMA we have been working hard to create increasingly intelligent energy management software. And as a result, we have created a new tool called DEXMA Optimise that will help energy professionals save time and money, something that is even more necessary at this time.  If you want […]

Pinelopi Spyropoulou from JustaEnergia talks about the Eco-Bot Project [INTERVIEW]

We are in an era where it is crucial to constantly innovate and find new ways of raising sustainability awareness amongst customers. “Not always an easy task” you would probably say!  For Utilities, OEMs or ESCOs, one of the means to actively engage customers is using trending technologies, solutions and apps.  This is why, in […]

Compressed Air Systems: key to Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing

Compressed air can be defined as a mass of air that is at a higher pressure than atmospheric. It is used as energy or to accumulate it for later use. It is considered by some authors as the fourth energy, after water, gas and electricity. The use of compressed air in manufacturing is very common, as […]

Top 5 Services that the Utilities of the future must offer their Customers

Digitalisation opens up an unparalleled opportunity in the world of energy trading to improve the energy products offered conventionally, and to create new solutions and business models strongly linked to digital technology.  We are at a time in the sector when it is no longer enough to rely on yesterday’s typical products and services (flat […]

Energy Efficiency Optimisation in Buildings for Urban Sustainability

The challenges and goals for architects, urban designers and owners of buildings are not related anymore with making the most impressive and most challenging buildings in terms of height and complex shapes. Or at the very least, not without targeting the sustainability of the building, such as NZE Buildings. It is not that there is […]

How Big Data Analytics builds Energy Efficiency

Saving energy has been a major concern since households and companies started consuming greater amounts of energy, especially in the form of electricity, the major fuel for most operations and processes performed on a daily basis. However, a few things have changed along the years when it comes to using energy more efficiently and consciously. […]

Crowdsourcing & Smart City: A winning combination to accelerate Innovation & Sustainability

Throughout history, there have been several initiatives from organisations, countries or regions to unify people, share economy and assets, or divide the responsibilities between each member of a group. However, several initiatives that involve giving control to the masses have ended up being politicised, or created debates on whether one economic system is better than […]

How can a house become more sustainable?

Some years ago, thinking about the environment, and wanting to reduce our consumption of energy, were often frowned upon. People would call you a hippie, or try to make fun of your ecological endeavours. Of course, this was not the case for everyone, but being eco-friendly was definitely not so cool. Luckily, with the amount […]

Mini Guide to Finding the Right Energy Plan

If you are a business owner, you know how much of your annual operating budget goes toward your energy costs. Running a business of any size requires overhead costs, and the necessity of keeping your lights on and HVAC running is an ever-present reality – especially if you are a business that welcomes customers through […]

Gamification: A Tool to Build Energy Consumers Engagement

Through its educational virtues and its playful dimension, game is a powerful lever for raising awareness of complex issues. These past years this principle has taken on new importance thanks to the expansion of new technologies. Indeed, whether it is a competition, applications to help people discover a sector, serious games…, the frontier between the […]

10 Business Models to Accelerate Utilities Digital Transformation

The way we produce and supply energy, also known as the energy value chain, is undergoing a major shift these days. For utilities, what were once easily predictable, low-risk and safe investments are quickly turning into liabilities. As one analyst recently told the Economist, “Never in recent history has the deployment of capital been more […]

SCADA vs EMS: 7 Essential Differences

At the start of an energy efficiency project, you’ll need to decide which system you want to put in place. You may have come across the terms SCADA and EMS.  For anyone not familiar with industrial and energy management systems you will need to understand the difference and work out which one is right for […]

The disruptive Blockchain Technology is transforming the Energy Sector

For the last few years, Blockchain technology has been one of the most mentioned terms, not only in the world of IT, but also in finance (FinTech) and banking, where it has been most disruptive, as it is what makes it possible for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others to exist and be usable.

7 Reasons why Manufacturing will become more sustainable

According to The US Environmental Protection Agency, “sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products, through economically-sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.”  This is a succinct and accurate definition. But it doesn’t even begin to show the scope of impact sustainability has had and will continue to have […]

How will buildings be affected by the Coronavirus?

An interesting topic to consider, is the impact the Coronavirus is going to have on buildings, and their infrastructure for the facility managers.  There is no doubt that on an economic and financial level, the real estate sector will be affected by the current situation and will most likely suffer a black period before being […]

7 Measures to prepare your buildings for reopening after COVID-19

What can we do in our buildings to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection? Are there measures beyond complete disinfection of work spaces to facilitate re-entry?  These are questions we have received from many customers over the past few weeks. In our article this week, we’ll outline 7 Measures you can take to prepare your […]

5 Ways To Make A Maintenance Department More Energy Efficient

The core activities in energy-intensive industries – and all other industries – run on machines that are under the direct control and management of the Maintenance Department. Indoor comfort in large commercial buildings and residential complexes are also controlled by the Maintenance Teams. Since improving energy efficiency is a major worldwide concern, it makes sense […]

10 Tips to save energy in your buildings during “Lockdown Covid-19” [INTERVIEW]

As we all know, the crisis due to Covid-19 has posed different challenges in all sectors. In the case of the energy management sector, not only do they have the challenge of managing installations remotely, but they also have to reduce costs and save energy in buildings during the quarantine. In this article, we give […]

How Can Big Data & Data Science Improve Your Relationship With Your Customers

Big Data and Data Science make up a set of technological strategies used to group and analyse large amounts of data from consumers and the electrical system. It helps detect customers’ consumption trends, their segmentation, and possible preferences to achieve better service and healthier profits.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Towards Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in Business Strategy

When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility in companies, do we know what that means? Is your company applying CSR? We clarify these and other doubts in this article.

Utilities: How to become an Energy Manager to the End Customer

If you are an Energy Manager or a Utility, how would you help customers manage their energy to be more efficient? This is exactly what the following article is about, how energy marketers can help their customers save energy and be more efficient by becoming their energy manager:

6 Challenges in the Utility Sector

The arrival of new technologies and digital transformation has forced traditional power utility sector to reinvent themselves and catch the wave of change to stay competitive. In this article, we will outline the main challenges that these companies will face. 

Top 10 Content on Energy Efficiency 2019

Energy efficiency and sustainability have been more present than ever this 2019 and we have confirmed it with events such as Sustainable Energy Week, FreeElectron, European Utility Week, COP25, etc. In our last article of the year, we want to review all the content created for the DEXMA Community and have a look at the […]

5 Reasons to go Solar and become more Sustainable

Utilising solar energy might not be the easiest thing in the world, but it’s definitely among the most useful ones. It also makes a lot of sense in the long run, no matter where you live and how sustainable you are. There are lots of benefits to doing so, and every building owner will be […]

6 Clean Energy Startups Making Waves For The Right Reasons

Are you up to date with the latest innovations in the startup world?  Here are 6 Startups that have developed very interesting ideas to switch to the side of Clean Energy:

DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #3: Measurement & Verification

In the previous two articles in this series we showed you how to analyse energy data, pinpoint energy inefficiencies and take advantage of submetering. The next step is what to do to fix these inefficiencies – creating and managing energy efficiency projects. This is known as Measurement & Verification, or as we like to call it, […]

DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #2: Taking Advantage of Submetering

For Step 2 in your DEXMA Energy Intelligence Demo, we’ll show you how to take advantage of submetering to analyse energy consumption.

How Efficient are Solar Energy Technologies for Buildings

Solar energy, known as “green energy,” has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity over the past few decades. Its utilisation has seen a significant increase in recent times, with more households, offices, and industrial facilities embracing this environmentally friendly power source. The prominence of “photovoltaic energy” has soared in recent years. A staggering 93% of […]

Dexma Demo Awesome Feature #1: Analyse your Energy Efficiency in less than 1 Minute

We want to make sure you get the most out of your free Dexma Energy Intelligence Demo. So here are a few tips to get you started on the road to energy savings.

4 Key points of the European Energy Efficiency Directive

One of the European Union‘s most ambitious projects is to achieve an intelligent energy transition resulting in a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system for all Member States. And to achieve this goal, one of the tools the EU uses is the implementation of energy regulations and legislation, including the well-known Energy Efficiency Directive. In […]

The Importance of the Energy Manager in Hotels [Post Expert]

 Hotels in the UK start their peak season in summer as in most countries worldwide. A time of high consumption peaks, maintenance problems to solve, and loads of customers to whom to give the best service. This post, written by an energy manager expert in hotels, Ion Irañeta, Energy Manager Group 3E will give us […]

Energy & The Internet – How Much Energy Does The Web Consume?

The fact that the Internet is the king of today’s world is nothing new, but do we know what its energy cost is and how it will affect future consumption? Patrick Foster, e-commerce expert tells us more in his last article.

What is the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)?

More and more customers prefer to choose companies with a social and environmental commitment. One of the best-known international sustainability indices is the DJSI, an index that has become a benchmark for socially responsible investors. Find out what the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is, and how to be part of this famous ranking. 

Quick look into Green Building Certifications: BREEAM, LEED, WELL and Passivhaus

In this article, we are going to learn a little bit about some of the most well-known certifications in green building design, that have been developed to lower carbon footprint by making cities more efficient in energy management, helping to reduce waste and improving the quality of life.

10 Questions to Ask your Energy Management System Provider

From supermarkets to big factories, companies are actively looking for ways to save energy in order to be more profitable and have more control over their costs. A great way to achieve this is by tracking, analysing and controlling energy through energy management software. Don’t forget that, according to most studies, energy is one-third of […]

What Ecommerce Companies Can Do To Be More Energy-Efficient

  Ecommerce companies are one of the most important business models currently and are booming. This model of purchase (online) is becoming the preferred by consumers. Due to this boom, Ecommerce business models not only see their facilities grow but also the energy consumption they require for their proper functioning. If you would like to become […]

7 Advanced Energy Analysis Tools for Banks

Did you read our article with the 3 phases of an energy management plan for banks? So now the next thing you need to know about Energy and Banks are the key tools with which to perform Advanced Energy Analysis in Banking. We recommend you at least to use these 7!

5 Tips For a More Energy-Efficient Workplace [Guest Post]

We all know it’s important to conserve energy, but it may be tough to know where to begin—especially in the office, which requires much more energy day-to-day to keep running than the average household. While it’s impossible to do everything all at once, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your […]

[3 Phases] Advanced Energy Management Plan for Banks

Making your bank’s branches and headquarters consume energy in a smart way is the goal of any bank today. In this article you will discover the phases that a bank must carry out to implement a smart energy plan, highlighting the smart energy control phase.

How Bank Offices and Buildings Consume Energy

Knowing how buildings work inside is a key to better understanding where energy consumption comes from. In this article, you’ll learn about the types of offices and buildings that banks have today, and how bank offices consume energy.

6 Statistics from The State of Energy Management Report 2019 [Infographic]

At the end of 2018, we launched our annual survey and +300 energy professionals responded. The results can be found in a 14-page report that we have produced in pdf. And, if you take a look at this infographic with 6 outstanding statistics from the survey!! If you find the information below interesting, you can […]

3 Challenges of the Energy Managers in 2019

One more year, the energy manager’s priority is to close more energy efficiency management projects. But while they have the project in their hands, where do they find the greatest difficulties? What challenges do they face during the energy management process? These are some of the questions from our annual survey on the state of […]

The 6 most widely used DEXMA Energy Manager Apps

You must have heard of our DEXMA Energy Intelligence software, and the chances are that you have also tried our Demo. Would you like to know what energy managers like you say are their favourite apps? We’ve examined the data on how the system is used and today we will share the results with you. […]

Top 10 most read Blog Posts on Energy Management in 2018

Another year has run out, full of novelties and energy content. You have probably found thousands of articles about energy, energy management, efficiency, new technologies, and more, but … which were the most searched topics about energy in 2018? We tell you about it below.

What is the State of the Energy Sector? 4th DEXMA Survey on Energy and Innovation

No one knows how an airplane works better than a pilot. Similarly, no one knows more about the energy sector and energy efficiency than those of you who work in the industry everyday. That’s why we invite you to participate in the fourth edition of our annual survey on Energy, Technology and Innovation.

ISO 50001:2018 The 9 Major Updates

The best-known international energy standard, ISO 50001, was reviewed in 2018 for the first time since its creation in 2011. To save you from having to read it again in full, here is a summary of all you need to know about the ISO 50001:2018 standard.

3 Tools that can Ruin your Energy Management Reporting

Reporting on the progress of energy management projects is hard, we know. But there are energy managers out there who are using three very dangerous tools that can potentially destroy your good work. Do you want to know what they are and why they are so dangerous? Keep reading!

Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets: How SUPERSPAR saves +€90k in Energy

Supermarkets are one of the retail sectors with the most energy consumption. It is distributed among the different installations and departments (refrigeration machines, ovens, household appliances on display, etc). You can easily assume high numbers when imagining these energy costs, right? Well, this does not mean that these types of establishments cannot be energy efficient […]

How to save +€76,000 on Energy in Sports Centres [Success Story]

There is some kind of public or private sports centre in almost every town or city. In larger cities, there can even be several large sports complexes. These are facilities with high energy consumption (domestic hot water, long opening hours, lighting, kitchen areas and restaurants…). Is it possible to save energy in sports centres? Let’s […]

How much do you know about Energy Management?

Are you an Expert or a Beginner? If you work as a Facility Manager, Energy Manager or if you are Responsible for Energy in any capacity, you will like this quiz. Test your energy management knowledge with these 10 questions. You will find 10 concepts randomly chosen among those used by Energy Managers on a […]

How to Integrate Energy Analysis with Energy Control in Your Building Portfolios

When we talk about energy management, not only does it involve a thorough analysis of the energy consumption that is produced in buildings, but we must also carry out energy and functional control. So, how do we integrate the energy analysis with Building Portfolio Control? Discover the types of control in buildings, and learn about […]

8 Advanced Energy Analysis Tools for Real Estate & Facility Management

When you work in Real Estate or Facility Management sector, and you are part of the energy management department, one of your challenges is to manage a multitude of locations, buildings and building portfolios of different types. This kind of work requires advanced energy management, and to be equipped with the right tools to achieve […]

ISO 41001 for Facility Management: All you need to know

Of the many ISO certifications that exist, one, in particular, affects the facility management (FM) sector. Since 2018, ISO 41001:2018 provides a framework for developing, implementing and maintaining effective facility management. In this article, we review how it can benefit your facilities.

How to Detect the Savings Potential of your Buildings Portfolio

What is smart energy management for those who must carry this out in several or thousands of buildings? The key here is energy analytics, with its first basic steps to detecting the greatest potential savings, and advanced analysis tools to achieve the level of detail that we want. We’ll tell you what an advanced energy […]

What Gamification means for Energy Management

You’ve heard a lot lately about gamification and its application in various fields – such as gamification for energy management – but does it refer exactly to the use of games? Not exactly, although it’s related to game theory. To better understand what gamification is and what it’s all about, we’ll tell you about it […]

How to estimate ROI in a Restaurant Energy Efficiency Project

Whether you manage a single restaurant or thousands of locations in a chain, it’s important to understand the energy behaviour of your facilities. And as the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t monitor. A smart system helps you get the full picture of what’s going on in your building(s) so you can make […]

5 Best Practices for Smart Restaurants: Smart Energy Tech

Restaurants are among the most energy-intensive tertiary sector buildings in Europe, using anywhere from 3 to 10x the amount of energy used by the average commercial building, and can account for anywhere from 4-6% of operating costs according to The Carbon Trust. Finding intelligent ways to overcome these challenges while increasing the comfort of your customers […]

The Top 3 Energy Manager Priorities in 2018

The energy manager’s daily to do list is no doubt a long one, with more than a few headaches to solve. But what happens when energy managers are asked to prioritise their tasks and priorities, not just for one day, but the entire year? At DEXMA, our curiosity got the best of us! We asked […]

The Energy Manager’s Reading List

If you are anything like me and my nerdy colleagues, getting a whole lot more reading done is topping your your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.  Good news for you, energy professionals: there are bunch of really great new(ish) books out there on the energy transition that are definitely worth adding to your […]

10 Lessons from The State of Energy Management 2018 [Report]

Last December we launched our annual survey for the third consecutive year. Today we are excited to share our crowdsourced overview of the energy management industry in 2018 – finally we have the results! More than 250 energy professionals from around the world have responded to our questions, so in this post we highlight 10 […]

What does Energy Consumption mean?

You might have read our energy productivity glossary of terms article where you can find a dictionary of basic concepts that will appeal to even the most advanced energy managers. But even if you are a non-energy professional interested in energy saving and energy management, they will surely be useful! In this article, we take […]

Energy Manager FAQ: How to Answer the Most Common Energy Efficiency Questions

Although you may not believe it, one of the energy manager’s worst nightmares is to answer their client’s energy efficiency questions – even the most basic ones! They can be tough to answer fully and completely, while trying to be specific to each project and situation. Yet, many energy managers still lose projects for this […]

Energy Efficiency in Healthcare: How Canis Veterinary Hospital Saved €23,000

Hospitals and clinics are among the healthcare facilities that need a proper Energy Management plan. Such buildings need to be energy efficient as they ensure uninterrupted operational services all year round! In this case study, specially dedicated to health care facilities, discover how the Canis Veterinary Hospital managed to deploy an energy efficiency plan and […]

How to Add Your Energy Manager Certification to LinkedIn

Ready to win more projects in 2023? Consider polishing up your LinkedIn profile first. After all, the energy management market calls for not only experienced energy managers but also highly trained ones. Oh, and of course, every energy manager certification should be recent and up to date. Certification programs for energy managers are one way to […]

Project Eco-Bot: The First Energy Efficiency Chatbot?

Following DEXMA’s research and innovation strategy, DEXMA has launched a new R&D project called Eco-bot (Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy). The aim of project Eco-bot is to build an energy efficiency chatbot that can deliver personalised information on disaggregated energy usage through an intelligent and interactive virtual assistant. The ultimate […]

Now Open: The State of Energy Management in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s the perfect moment to take stock of our learnings as energy professionals in order to put things in perspective. We find ourselves asking questions like: Which energy efficiency projects went well? Which ones could have gone better and why? How did I perform compared to my peers? How […]

How to Execute Winning Energy Efficiency Projects [INTERVIEW]

For many energy managers, especially those just starting out, planning and implementing energy efficiency projects can feel like being lost in a never-ending maze. In a tiger-infested jungle. During a lightning storm. Okay, maybe not quite so dramatic – but you get the picture. The lengthy, complex and high-risk nature of energy efficiency projects is what compelled Texas-based […]

Energy Management: The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

It’s that time of year again – the perfect moment to take a step back, take stock and review our energy management projects to understand what went well and what might be improved next year. What better way to start than with a quick refresher on which topics and energy management articles have been the […]

DEXMA Partner Spotlight: Enertips (Spain)

New month, the new edition of DEXMA Partner Spotlight! For this 5th edition, we’re excited to introduce Enertips, a full-stack energy consulting firm for business. Enertips specialises in energy management and energy efficiency projects led by a multidisciplinary and dynamic team. Their energy efficiency projects have been carried out in a wide range of sectors, including industrial […]

The Case for Holistic Energy Management [GUEST POST]

Thinking of jumping on the solar bandwagon now that prices have bottomed out and it’s cheaper than ever to generate your own energy? Bear with me for a moment and consider the following: are you putting the cart before the horse? As cliché as it may sound, any approach to energy management should be looked […]

Understanding the Energy IoT: Why connect a lightbulb to the Internet?

Connecting a lightbulb to the internet seems overly cumbersome and complicated, not to mention ULTRA geeky: Why pull a Sheldon and go through all that work when you can simply walk over to the wall and flip a switch? Most people don’t even want to fumble with their smartphones just to find their way to […]

13 Energy Manager Nightmares: DEXMA Halloween Special

Here at DEXMA we’re obsessed with Stranger Things Season 2, so we thought: what better moment than All Hallow’s Eve to share the weirdest, scariest energy management horror stories we’ve ever heard… and how to avoid them, obviously! With that, get ready for the most frightening 13 Energy Manager Nightmares! Keep reading if you dare…??

AI Meets Energy Efficiency: Frictionless Energy Savings at Scale [PRODUCT LAUNCH]

If there’s one thing every energy professional knows, it’s that convincing clients or building managers to invest in energy efficiency is hard. Commercial building owners and managers specifically face major points of friction when it comes to implementing meaningful energy saving measures – especially when a large portfolio of buildings is involved. In this post, learn […]

Enhance Your Energy Reporting with Granular Data [WEBINAR]

The ROI of your energy efficiency projects can vary according to a wide range of factors, including the types and technical configurations of energy-consuming systems, available resources and regulatory codes. But are you overlooking the value that granular context can bring to your energy reporting? Can you pinpoint the effect your clients’ operating hours has […]

Getting Creative on Energy Efficiency Day with #EEHaiku

Happy #EEDay2017! Today marks the convergence of a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, and utilities to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency as part of the second annual Energy Efficiency Day. The message of Energy Efficiency Day 2017 is simple: “Save energy. Save money.” Here at DEXMA, we get excited at any occasion […]

5 Ways Tech Can Help Cut Building Energy Costs

From finding opportunities to save energy to getting buy-in from key stakeholders to facilitating incentives to help pay for energy efficiency measures, there is an energy management technology out there specifically designed to bring your energy costs down, affirms energy manager Jeff Julia of Energy Project Advisors.

Big Data in Energy Management: Why Data Quality Matters [INTERVIEW]

You’ve heard the Big Data buzzword here, there and everywhere… but as an energy manager, how well do you understand the importance of data quality? Does energy data quality control really play a big role in your day-to-day work activities? Here at Dexma we know that it’s important to take a much closer look at Big Data […]

How to Implement Energy Management in Industry 4.0

For manufacturers to be competitive in the 4th industrial revolution, reducing production costs is key. One way to achieve this is by creating a solid strategy when it comes to energy management in industry 4.0. In this special guest post, hear from Industrial Director Josep Centelles i Estévez, whose manufacturing company Gamo Outdoor managed to […]

How to Optimise Energy Data Quality [WEBINAR]

Every energy manager knows how useful energy management software is in delivering the analysis and control capabilities their customers need to make smarter energy decisions, lower energy costs more effectively and increase overall energy productivity. But did you ever stop to consider how the quality of the energy decisions you and your clients make is directly […]

3 Steps to Frictionless Energy Savings Advice [WEBINAR]

NOTE: As of October 2019, the Energy Grader is called DEXMA Detect. It’s one of the first things you reach for when your clients ask for energy savings advice: your trusty submetering, datalogger and energy monitoring hardware catalogue. But when those same customers see the final installation price tag, especially for large building portfolios, their eyes […]

10 Energy Hacks to Save Your Office Money This Winter

Did you know that more than half of senior business managers have no idea how their companies buy energy? Ouch. And nearly 50% also confess to a “limited understanding” of how much energy costs their business, according to a recent YouGov survey of more than 750 senior executives across the UK.

10 Energy Consumption Red Flags To Watch Out For

As the digital transformation of energy gains momentum, energy managers are being bombarded with a growing data deluge. In fact, some of the most common questions we get from new DEXMA Partners include “What report should I be viewing?” and “What energy data matters most?” Even though you might be working with a wide range […]

DCP 228 and DCP 161 set to jolt UK business energy costs

As of April 2018, two new energy regulations called DCP 228 and DCP 161 came into force in the United Kingdom. Officially titled Distribution Change Proposal 228 for Revenue Matching in the Common Distribution Charging Methodology, DCP 228 have a significant impact on the calculation of electricity distribution charges – which can make up to 19% of a customer’s […]

New carbon tax as Catalonia aims for 100% carbon neutrality by 2050

Last Thursday, the Catalan Parliament passed new legislation to impose a carbon tax on any pollution-causing business activities, including the operation of polluting vehicles such as large vessels. The law follows closely behind Catalonia’s carbon tax on road vehicles introduced earlier this year. The legislative package known as the “Climate Change Bill” comes with a […]

Future-Proof Utilities: 20 Pathways to Transformation [eBook]

It’s a brave new energy world out there. As energy supply and distribution are becoming more decentralised and renewable sources approach ubiquity, new actors are entering the energy value chain – including utility end customers who are becoming their own power producers. Do utilities still have a role in this disrupted energy value chain? Some […]

How 3 Utilities Upped Their Customer Experience Game

Customer behaviour and choices are becoming the most important drivers in shaping the transition to a new energy system → How are you engaging with yours? Innovating in a commodity market like energy is tough given that all your potential customers are essentially already penetrated – either they are with you, or with a competitor. […]

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Partner Spotlight: Norlys (Denmark)

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Spacewell Energy (Dexma) Partner Spotlight! This month we are highlighting Norlys (formerly known under Eniig), the third-largest electricity supplier in Denmark. Eniig now Norlys, a word that means “united” in Danish, is also a cooperative, owned by nearly 400,000 members. The group was formed by a merger between EnergiNord, […]

Industrial Energy Efficiency: TACSA saves €110,000 with 3ex4 [SUCCESS STORY]

Industrial energy efficiency is all the rage thanks to public support initiatives for “Industry 4.0”. But how does this trend translate into an actual energy management plan in the industrial sector? Is it possible to save energy in factories without a major investment? Get inspired by the TACSA success story, implemented by DEXMA partner 3ex4.  

The Future-Proof Utility is a Collaborative Utility [WEBINAR]

Like so many sectors before them (telecom, mobility, hospitality…), utilities are facing mounting pressures on their traditional business model. These driving forces are coming from all directions: shrinking margins due to increased supply from distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar, microgrids, batteries etc., fresh competition from new market entrants from Google to Drift, changing customer […]

Building Automation vs Energy Management Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

Before investing in the right technology for your building or portfolio, it’s important to understand how energy management systems and building automation systems are used in many buildings to improve operations and minimise energy spend. One thing we realised in our exchanges with hundreds of energy professionals is that the terms EMS and BMS / […]

Closing the Building Energy Performance Gap [GUIDE]

Green building certifications are essential in meeting global climate targets, but here’s the issue: certifications like BREEAM and LEED refer to the intended energy performance of a building, in the context of its design and construction stages. But happens once that building is occupied? The building’s energy performance on paper starts to look very different […]

Lumens as a Service: A Trillion Dollar Business Model?

The transition to low-cost, highly efficient clean energy technology is being accelerated by an accompanying revolution in innovative business models to deploy that technology. As with other similar industry shifts, the fundamental drivers are sound economics combined with the right business model. You’ve no doubt heard of Software as a Service (SaaS) and its advantages […]

EP100: Why Energy Productivity is the New Efficiency [WEBINAR]

Time to face facts: the term “energy efficiency” simply isn’t sexy. Energy manager readers of this blog know it better than anyone else: uttering this bland phrase generates skeptical squints, a few eyerolls, or at best, a half-hearted shrug among colleagues and customers alike. So why is energy efficiency met with such indifference? And what can be done […]

5 Strategies to Optimise Building Performance

These days, facility operators and energy managers have a lot on their plates. Keeping up with rapidly evolving building automation technology, constantly changing occupant expectations and best industry practices and standards is getting increasingly difficult. On top of that, there is the ubiquity and security risk of data coming from the ever-expanding Internet of Things, requiring a new set […]

Auditing Buildings for Thermal Comfort

There are 6 variables that drive an occupant’s thermal comfort: air temperature surface temperature humidity clothing insulation activity level (metabolic heat) air velocity The problem? These factors simply don’t tell the full story behind the maintenance involved in optimising temperature in office buildings, commercial buildings, primary schools or university campuses. Thermal comfort depends on other factors as […]

Understanding P272: Your Smart Meter Questions Answered

As of 1st April 2017, the energy regulation P272 has come into force in the United Kingdom. Officially titled the Ofgem Balancing Settlement Code, this regulation has fundamentally changed the way more than 150,000 businesses in the UK are billed for their electricity use. All told, P272 represents a major step in the nationwide smart […]

Where Do ESCOs Fit in the Demand Response Value Chain?

Demand response programs are opening up new opportunities for ESCOs to play a significant role in the operation and optimisation of energy grids. After all, ESCOs have a unique competitive advantage: they can combine their energy management expertise with granular customer insights to help reduce or shift their clients’ energy usage during peak periods in response to time-based tariffs […]

How to Find Demand Response Flexibility in Any Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

A common myth among energy managers, operations engineers and process managers is that their operations are too small, specific or unique to be able to participate in demand-side response (DSR) programs. Good news: as demand-side management technologies advance and stakeholders push to open up this new market, more players (including smaller ones) are able to participate. That means […]

5 Things to Know About New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in the UK

Landlords and energy managers for commercial buildings in the UK, pay attention: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are about to come into force with major consequences for your business. As of April 1st 2016, all residential tenants already have the right to request energy efficiency improvements to their properties. And starting in April 2018, only properties with an energy […]

Extending Beyond Energy Efficiency: Demand Response [GUIDE]

Although many energy professionals are using these terms interchangeably, Demand Response (DR) and Demand-Side Management (DSM) are not the same thing. However, they can definitely complement one another to help ESCOs deliver more successful, complete and effective energy management services. Advanced flexibility solutions like demand response also offer benefits beyond cost savings that typically come from energy […]

New Energy Funding for SMEs in the UK: Efficiency, Storage, Demand Response

If you are working for an SME in the UK, I have some good news for you! The Carbon Trust is providing small and medium businesses up to £10,000 to install energy saving technology, including renewables, new energy-saving equipment and behind the meter batteries. The funding mechanism is called The Green Business Fund, which will offer direct financial support […]

Plugging Energy Management Into Your Business [Infographic]

Does your business need its own energy manager? Should you rely on internal resources to start your energy management journey? Or seek external assistance from an ESCO, especially for financing help? (If you don’t even know where to begin looking for money, check this previous post on funding resources for energy efficiency projects). For a quick […]

Food Services Focus: Energy Efficiency in Restaurants, Pubs and Catering

Of all commercial buildings, restaurants use the highest amount of energy per square metre. In fact, UK Power and the Family Hospitality Group estimate that anywhere between 5 to 15% of a restaurant’s total expenditure can be taken up by energy alone! Considering that the average profit margin of a full-service restaurant is usually less than […]

5 Energy Metering Pain Points and How to Solve Them

Having worked with energy companies for more than a decade, all of us at DEXMA are acutely aware of the pain points energy managers and ESCOs face when it comes to capturing all that delicious data they’re creating. Of course, we’re talking about metering hardware (and the headaches that come with it – setting up dataloggers, wiring, […]

10 Roadblocks to SME Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and savings for SMEs sounds nice on paper, but can be much more complicated in practice. Only 5 years ago nearly 40% of European SMEs (more than 7.5 million companies) had not implemented any energy saving or efficiency actions whatsoever. With the European Commission’s Winter Package proposal for a 30% energy efficiency target […]

To Transform Your Business, Double Your Energy Productivity

More and more companies are realising the transformational benefits of setting an ambitious energy productivity goal. They range from huge cost savings and improved energy security to driving innovation throughout the company. And crucially, many companies are achieving an immediate impact on profitability as well as safeguarding future returns. Companies large and small can seize […]

Energy Metering Essentials: The Data Logger

It’s time to refresh our knowledge about hardware in energy efficiency projects! What could be better than a free training on such an essential piece of the energy metering puzzle… You got it, we’re talking about dataloggers! Read on for details about the live training and Q&A session.

EU Winter Package: Energy Efficiency First for a Decarbonised Future

With most of us celebrating the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look back at the European Union Winter Package and how the changes will affect the everyday work of energy professionals in the short and medium term.

UK Water Market Deregulation: Is Your ESCO ready? [GUIDE]

As of 1st April 2017, the English water retail market will open up for businesses, charities and public sector bodies. It will be the biggest retail market for water services in the world. Plus, what better moment than World Water Day to understand what the UK water market deregulation is all about? Most importantly – how can your […]

Top 10 Must-Have Energy Manager Skills

Let’s not beat around the bush: there are some monumental challenges facing commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors regarding energy costs and energy management. These challenges require a specific set of professional skills for the energy managers and teams who will deal with them. The ability to engage and collaborate with other related stakeholders as vendors, business owners, […]

How Do I Determine the Number of Data Points I Need?

If you have ever visited the DEXMA pricing page, you probably noticed that data points are the name of the energy data game. In fact, our platform DEXMA Energy Manager is currently supporting more than 32 million data readings every single day! But how do you know the number of data points your next project will […]

How aM&T Software Can Help You Get ISO 50001 Certified

Are you considering obtaining your ISO 50001 certificate? Or maybe one of your clients is about to start on their first energy management adventure? Congratulations! ISO 50001 is a great standard to implement if you want to establish a professional environment focused on saving energy. But getting ISO 50001 certified is not about going through […]

An International Women’s Day message from the #WomenInEnergy at DEXMA

On International Women’s Day we want to inspire and encourage all women to share their dreams, hopes and passion. Today, the women of DEXMA have a very special message for our fellow #WomenInEnergy everywhere…

Carbon Management in the EU with Cristina Raventós from Carbon Clear [INTERVIEW]

A few weeks ago, to prepare our free training on carbon emissions reporting, we sat down with Cristina Raventós, a senior consultant and Spain portfolio manager at Carbon Clear. Carbon Clear specialises in carbon footprint calculation and the creation of sustainability and emissions reduction strategies. In this exclusive interview, Cristina helps us understand the state of the European market when it comes […]

DEXMA Partner Spotlight: Energy Traders Consulting (Spain)

Welcome to the 3rd edition of DEXMA Partner Spotlight! This month we are highlighting Energy Traders Consulting, a Spanish ESCO delivering energy consulting services and building automation solutions. We spoke with CEO Gabriel Viñegla García who is based in Badajoz, Spain. Here are some of the best bits of our conversation:

Carbon Reporting in the UK: Where Are We Now?

It’s been over 10 years since the British Government legislated the Companies Act. 8 years have passed since the Climate Change Act came into effect. Nevertheless, carbon reporting and greenhouse gas regulations are still a source of worry for energy managers. To prepare for our free training about how to automate carbon reporting, let’s check what carbon reporting and GHG […]

Automated Carbon Emissions Reporting [WEBINAR]

You may or may not be worried about carbon emissions reporting right now, depending on how strong greenhouse gas emissions regulations are in your country. But one thing is for sure: laws are evolving and becoming more restrictive. And sooner or later energy managers will need to understand how to report carbon emissions properly. Good […]

Hospitality Industry Focus: Optimising Hotel Energy Management

Did you know that 60% of your hotel’s carbon footprint comes from energy use? Not only that, but your bottom line is affected too: energy use is eating up 6-10% of your property’s revenues. It might not be your biggest operating cost – but it’s the one growing fastest! Besides, when it’s so easy to do a […]

20 Energy Innovation Stats You Should Know in 2017 [REPORT]

We asked and nearly 300 energy professionals answered: today we are proud to present you with the official 2017 energy innovation survey results!

DEXMA Partner Spotlight: Maetrics (Italy)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of DEXMA Partner Spotlight! This month we are highlighting Maetrics, an Italian ESCO delivering energy management and building automation solutions. We spoke with Managing Director Paolo Finotto who is based in Venice (ah, Venice!). Here are some of the best snippets of our conversation:

12 Companies Probably Saving More Energy Than Yours

Managing energy is, in many ways, a balancing act. On a tightrope. Under a blazing-hot spotlight. Overtop a shark-infested pool. Okay, maybe not quite THAT bad – but still. Nobody wants to take on the task of measuring, monitoring and controlling something so crucial for every process. For companies without a dedicated energy manager, reducing energy […]

10 Smart Energy Startups Worth Watching in 2017

“Tomorrow’s energy is decentralised, decarbonised and digital,” says Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator Director Freerk Bisschop. As an energy professional, staying updated with the latest industry trends also means keeping an eye on the up-and-coming energy innovators. That’s why we’re so excited to share our picks for the most promising energy startups to watch in 2017. How did we […]

Should Energy Managers Worry About Energy Data Security?

Ah, 2016 – the year of fake news, celebrity deaths and cyber attacks, namely to the electricity grids of several countries. The biggest story came out of the United States, where the Washington Post (falsely) reported that a Vermont utility had been infiltrated by Russian hackers. Should energy managers be concerned about cyber attacks like these? […]

Will Blockchain Reinvent Energy Use? Yes, if it’s up to Sharge

The kids at Sharge made quite the splash yesterday when Forbes added them to their prestigious Top 30 Under 30 list of promising entrepreneurs. In addition to offering a hearty congratulations to those brilliant young upstarts, we thought it an opportune moment to help the energy manager community understand how blockchain has the potential to transform our entire industry. This is a […]

10 Questions to Compare Energy Management Software [Checklist]

Have you already read our guide on selecting the right energy management software? If you’re trying to decide on the best solution for your ESCO or attempting to compare energy management software vendors in a rush, we summed up the main questions you need to ask your potential provider in a handy and printable checklist.

5 + 5 Energy Trends and Predictions for 2017 [WEBINAR]

What will the energy industry look like in 2017? We’ve scanned heaps of energy headlines and sorted through all the news and views  so you don’t have to! Take a look at the five trending topics we’re watching:

How to Choose the Right Energy Management Software [GUIDE]

In trouble trying to choose the right energy management software for your project? Oh no! We can just picture the scene: your desk is piled high with brochures, quotes and provider offers… and the clock is ticking. Yours is the classic energy manager dilemma: the longer you put off your decision, the fewer energy savings you […]

DEXMA Partner Spotlight: Iskra (Slovenia)

Welcome to the 1st edition of the DEXMA Partner Spotlight! This month we are highlighting Iskra, an intelligent industrial solutions provider based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We spoke with Product Manager Tim Kodek during his visit to our Barcelona office. Here are some of the best snippets of our conversation:

Energy Budget Planning: ROI Calculator [Free Excel Template]

Are you scrambling to quote a budget or calculate the ROI of your next energy efficiency project? Or rushing to get your energy budget planning done before the end of the year?  No worries, we’re here to help! Use our handy Excel template to calculate and fast-track your energy project funding:

5 Reasons to Participate in the 2017 Energy Efficiency Survey

It’s our second year performing the annual DEXMA Energy Efficiency Survey, with the main aim of understanding your energy innovation challenges and exploring new opportunities to help make your work as energy managers easier and simpler. And the results are ready! Get your Free copy now: 

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Energy Managers

So your Secret Santa is the Energy Manager. Oh man… What on Earth are you supposed to gift that eco-nerd? Or maybe, you have a geek energy pro among your loved ones and you already got them that LED-light up jumper, and are out of ideas… We’re here to help! Here are 10 perfect gift ideas […]

The 5 Coolest Energy Saving Solutions for Supermarkets

For this 2nd instalment of our industry focus series, we’re looking at energy saving solutions for supermarkets. The holidays are upon us, and for grocery store managers, things are already going nutcrackers. Shopping-crazed customers are leaving fridges open, the heat is blasting to keep those holiday shoppers warm, and opening hours are extended… But what if I told […]

Bill Gates Wants to Fund Your Energy Breakthrough

You probably heard the massive news yesterday (even Barack Obama tweeted about it, you guys): Bill Gates and a bunch of fellow tech titans announced the launch of Breakthrough Energy Ventures: a billion-dollar clean energy investment fund that every energy manager should know about! Read on to learn how to unlock this shiny new funding source for […]

Hardware Solutions to Monitor Gas and Thermal Energy

Why Monitor Gas and Thermal Energy? Hang on, are you telling me you are an energy manager that’s only worried about electricity!? Let’s take a step back and realise that gas represents nearly 40% of the total energy consumed in the industrial and service sectors in Europe. That’s almost half, you guys!

Energy Grader Giveaway: Submit Now & Win!

And just like that, the holidays are upon us! December means the weather is getting frightful, but we know why you energy managers are really starting to sweat: this is the special time of year when your clients’ energy costs typically skyrocket through the ROOF.

How to Use Manual Energy Data Readings [New App]

Today we introduce a new app that will make it easier for you to import data to your energy analytics platform or correct mistakes on readings. Say hi to the Manual Readings App.

#GivingTuesday: 5 Powerful Non-Profit Energy Initiatives

  #GivingTuesday is all about the power of giving, so today we are focusing on the giving of power – to address the growing problem of fuel poverty, that is.

The Cities Seeking a Natural Gas Phase Out

Not only is natural gas for power generation becoming increasingly expensive – with prices projected to rise further through to 2020 in the UK – but for geopolitical and environmental reasons, some cities are beginning to question where natural gas belongs in their energy mix at all, and for how long. Some are going further still by planning a […]

Investing in Energy Efficiency: The 10% Rule [Infographic]

Are you an energy manager that has recently been tasked to invest in energy efficiency measures, but has no idea how much they will cost? Does your existing energy management project need a financial boost that you don’t know how to estimate? Or perhaps you are one of the 62% of companies citing lack of […]

From Ideas to Action: Funding for Energy Efficiency [Free Guide]

You and your clients have great ideas for making buildings and companies more efficient. But when it comes to transforming ideas into reality, money can be a frustrating roadblock… Many ESCOs and utilities claim that there is a lack of accessible funding for energy efficiency in the market. After a bit of research, we can […]

US Election: The Presidential Candidates on Energy Issues

You’re a busy energy manager – goodness knows you haven’t got any time to follow the maddening circus that is the US Presidential Election, never mind sort through the raging dumpster fire to understand each candidate’s stance on energy issues. (RIP Ken Bone – we barely knew ye.) So, with less than one week remaining until Election Day, […]

Why You Need an Open API for Energy Data

It’s 2021, and by now smart meters are probably flooding your utility with zetabytes of data. Fantastic, right? But wait – that data deluge is totally worthless if you don’t do anything with it! An open API for energy can help by maximising the value of the massive amounts of data collected by large energy services companies […]

Energy Efficiency Data Insights: How Efficient Is My Building?

A few months ago, DEXMA launched Energy Grader (called DEXMA Detect sin Oct 2019), a free tool that enables you to assess your energy efficiency data to discover potential savings, anywhere and at any time, for free. Energy Grader (DEXMA Detect) is a free energy efficiency calculator that shows you how much money you can […]

Cloud vs On-Premise: Debunking 5 super outdated SaaS myths

Like nature versus nurture, the war between on-premise versus software-as-a-service (SaaS) rages on, and it’s no different in the world of energy analytics. In this post you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of deployment in the context of Energy Management Software (EMS), so you can figure out which is […]

What are Data Points?

You probably noticed that data points are kind of a big deal. It’s important to understand this concept for a few reasons: not only to ensure a well-defined budget for your energy platform but also to create a solid energy monitoring structure and plan a watertight savings strategy. So let’s unpack the data point concept […]

Energy Hero Ken Bone Wins US Debate – And The Internet

I want you to put aside all the ludicrous, mind-blowing and outrageous insanity that is US election for just a moment to focus on something very, very important. I’m talking about The Man With The Question. The man the entire Internet agrees was the real hero of last night’s presidential debate. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about Mr. Kenneth Bone. For […]

How-To: Discover and Follow Energy Management Trends Using Feedly

Who wants to be more in touch with energy management trends? I see you raising your hand, but I know your dilemma: so many trends, so little time! All you alpha energy managers, like me as DEXMA’s marketing manager, are probably way too busy to catch up with the latest energy news. Today we are going […]

COP 22 & the Paris Agreement: What You Need to Know

  In the run up to the next international climate conference, we look at COP 22, the Paris Agreement and the crucial role of energy efficiency in combating climate change.

Spanish Ministry of Justice Saves 22% on Electricity

Public Administration is a sector with great potential for energy savings: large buildings, geographically dispersed, old equipment… Furthermore, they have the need, not only for their budget, but ethically, to save energy and be more efficient. Today we present you an implementation success story from our partner CIAS COM for the Ministry of Justice of […]

Interview: Abigail Carson, Engineering Student with Revolutionary Energy Storage Solution

Next in our series of interviews with people from the energy industry, we talk to Abigail Carson. She is a 21 year old undergraduate student who has invented a new storage solution that could provide the missing link needed for a renewable energy revolution. Impressive!

Building Technologies: Who’s Who?

Technology is transforming the way we use buildings, and the impact they have on our environment. There’s a long list of tech tools available now in the market to improve your building’s performance.  This could make it complicated for the energy manager to understand who’s who in this market, and what building technology you can […]

10 Great Podcasts for Energy Professionals

Today we talk about Podcasts for Energy Professionals! They are like the smart friends you call up whenever you want some advice or to get a new perspective. We choose 10 podcasts we think you energy people will like.

DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #3: Measurement & Verification

In the previous two articles in this series we showed you how to analyse energy data, pinpoint energy inefficiencies and take advantage of submetering. The next step is what to do to fix these inefficiencies – creating and managing energy efficiency projects. This is known as Measurement & Verification, or as we like to call it, […]

DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #2: Taking Advantage of Submetering

For Step 2 in your DEXMA Demo, we’ll show you how to take advantage of submetering to analyse energy consumption.

Unleash the Power of LinkedIn [Tips for ESCOs & Energy Managers]

It’s (almost) back to school season and you have big goals for the end of the year. Q4 is almost here and your ESCO business needs a boost. Today we cover a few LinkedIn tips for energy managers and ESCOs that might help you make a difference in the industry.  And you know what? It’s […]

DEXMA Demo Awesome Feature #1: Analyse Your Energy Efficiency In Less Than 1 Minute

We want to make sure you get the most out of your free DEXMA demo. So here’s a few tips to get you started on the road to energy savings.

Become A Top Energy Manager: 10 Learning Resources [Checklist]

You need to be up to date. You need to deliver value to your clients. You need to understand complex energy trends and behaviours. You want to progress in your career. How can you accomplish all of this in a competitive and always-changing market? You need to be a top energy manager. And we have […]

A Day in the Life of an Energy Manager: Jaz Rabadia MBE

Next up in our “A Day in the Life of an Energy Manager” series, we meet Jaz Rabadia MBE. Jaz is Senior Manager of Energy & Initiatives at Starbucks, UK, who gives us her insights into being an energy manager and how she got to where she is today.

3 Essential Features to Make the Most of your DEXMA Demo Account

Have you started your free trial of DEXMA but don’t know what to do next? We’re here to help by highlighting 3 key features to get the most from the DEXMA energy analytics platform from minute zero. When you first start out in energy management, we say that you’re in the “awareness” stage. This is the moment to detect […]

Rio 2016: How Sustainable are The Olympics?

Olympic fever is upon us. With each edition of the Games, we see cities attempting to raise the bar on sustainability and energy efficiency. Here we take a look at the two most recent editions (London and Beijing) and what we can expect from Rio.

A Day in the Life of an Energy Manager: Federico Baraldi, INEMA

At DEXMA, we have the pleasure of working with energy managers from across the globe and from a wide range of sectors – hospitality, retail, education, public administration… Although they work in completely different industries, they are linked by the same challenge: how to make their buildings more energy efficient. We wanted to delve deeper […]

Download your FREE Metering for Energy Management Bundle!

Problems with hardware for energy metering? No More! Get a free guide, a step-by-step checklist and access to a full video training session about how to create a winning energy metering strategy, no matter which project you face. Created by and for energy managers that care about getting the best data to perform the BEST […]

How to Become a Certified Energy Manager: Get Ahead in Energy Management

  Energy management is a profession that’s growing in demand, but also in competition. To get and stay ahead in the industry, there is more and more pressure on energy managers to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and expertise. One way of doing this is through certification. In this article, we focus on the how and why […]

What the Savvy CFO Needs to Know about Energy Efficiency

As a CFO, every now and then your facility manager or your energy manager will come to you asking you for money, claiming they will reduce the company’s energy bills, “Chris, our HVAC system is inefficient, we need to replace it. And take a look at this new lighting system which could save us money”… […]

The Energy Internet of Things

Robot journalists, cars that drive themselves, fridges that alert you when your milk is going bad…welcome to the future, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is here to stay, and it is transforming how we live, work and play. Businesses will be the biggest adopters of IoT, followed by governments and consumers.

Fifth UK Carbon Budget gets approved, pushing for a cleaner future

Brexit has come as a shock to the UK and the world. UK’s decision to leave the EU is shaking up markets and will have wide-ranging impacts across all industries. Energy included. Speculations have been flying about how the UK carbon budget commitments might be affected. In the midst of this post-Brexit uncertainty, and less […]

DEXMA is hiring a Senior Java Developer!

DEXMA, a leader in the energy management software sector, is seeking a Senior Java Developer to join our team in Barcelona. We apply cutting edge technologies to one of the world’s greatest challenges: efficient energy management. Our customers give us billions of energy usage data measurements, which we analyse and aggregate. With our platform we […]

DEXMA featured in The Market for Building Performance Software 2016 to 2020!

We’re chuffed to announce DEXMA has been featured in Memoori’s new report ‘The Market for Building Performance Software 2016 to 2020’!

We’re Hiring! Inside Sales Account Executive

DEXMA keeps growing and we’re looking to hire a new Inside Sales Account Executive. Keep reading and learn about the profile we’re looking for and how to apply.

The Ultimate Guide to Become the Alpha Energy Manager [White Paper]

As an energy manager, your role is changing on so many levels and fast. Are you keeping up? Today we launch a free-to-download guide that will help you to catch up and raise your work to the next level.

Hardware for Energy Efficiency [Online Training]

Meters, gateways… hardware devices for energy efficiency are a pending subject for many energy professionals.  And yet, they are essential to start a good energy savings project, or when you’re trying to boost savings in projects with previous story… Do you need to catch up with hardware for energy efficiency? Do you want to learn […]

Arrival of the ISO 52000: Everything You Need to Know

After the publication of our guide to the ISO 50001 certification, we are opening up a new discussion topic on our blog today on the future ISO 52000, a new standard which is being drawn up to measure the energy performance of buildings.

ISO 50001: A Complete Guide for Energy Professionals

It is normal for energy professionals to feel uncertain as they take their first steps towards obtaining certification, particularly ISO 50001 certification. In order to dispel any doubts you may have, and to help you to implement ISO 50001 in your projects, we are publishing and sharing a free downloadable guide on exactly this topic: […]

How to Reduce Peak Demand Charges on Your Electric Bill

In many countries, electricity is billed based on the electrical consumption (kWh) in a calendar month, but also based on the highest active energy peak (kW) metered on a 15-minute interval basis during the calendar month, or even during the total year.

Work with Carlo Gavazzi VMU-C EM in DEXMA Platform

One of the first steps to take when you start an energy efficiency plan is to decide what are you going to measure, your purpose in measuring, how will you measure it and which hardware you are going to use. At DEXMA we love to help our users when it comes to choosing a hardware […]

Analyze your Thermal Cost to Boost your Energy Savings

A few weeks ago we launched an API improvement that allowed DEXMA users getting an in-depth understanding of their water & gas cost, and today we’re releasing an even major improvement: thermal cost analysis. Optimising thermal can extend your energy savings, learn more about how to do it in our free recorded training. 

3 Steps to Try SolarView App

A few days ago we launched SolarView, a new app to boost your building’s energy performance by integrating your solar PV production. With SolarView, you can push your limits and even convert your building into a power battery. Let’s review how you can start trying NOW this new app (and completely free).

The 2016 Energy Efficiency Trends: Retrofits & Big Data

A few months ago we launched a survey to all energy professionals. We wanted your opinion about what would be trending in our market this year, but also about your challenges and what do you think that makes a better energy professional. Today, we will take a look at the results and we have an […]

G20 & Energy Efficiency: what’s next?

While keeping in mind the importance of energy efficiency, G20 Leaders strive to implement an Action Plan for Voluntary Collaboration on Energy Efficiency.  The G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan portrays 6 areas of energy efficiency work such as vehicles, products, finance, buildings, industrial energy management, and electricity generation. This  Action Plan is shared among G20 […]

Last chance to join today’s webinar! #SolarPower

Interested in solar power? Of course. It’s one of the most popular sources of renewable energies and it’s being supported by many governments and institutions. Today we offer a free webinar covering this topic from a very interesting perspective: is it possible to disrupt and create innovation in this market?

Map: Urban Solar Power Potential in the US

Solar power is always a trending topic in the US energy industry. Regulations have pushed the install of self consume facilities, specially in states like California. But institutions have changed the laws in the last months. Will this affect to the market?  What’s the potential of solar energy in the US? Let’s take a look to […]

Gas & Water Cost Capabilities For Energy Efficiency

We have a product update from our API that will make an impact on your energy analysis. Starting today, you will be able to do more with gas & water costs, keep reading!

What is Green Building?

After publishing the last report about this architecture’s trend, today we would like to come closer to the concept of Green Building and its relation with Energy Efficiency.

Customer Support Hours Easter 2016

As many of you probably know, in Spain, where DEXMA’s headquarters are located, we celebrate Easter with a couple of bank holiday days. Therefore, today we would like to briefly inform you how would this affect to our technical support and customer support.

Join #EarthHour Tomorrow

How important is climate change for you? Did you know that the “little things” that are frequently skimmed over can actually make a difference? Congratulations! You can join this Saturday, March 19th to the Earth Hour.

This Thursday, Escape from the Darkness

This Thursday we will be introducing a new tool that will make all of you escape from darkness. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but yes, many of you are living in a deep, deep and obscure situation…

Check Out These 4 Funding Opportunities For your Energy Projects 2016

Funding is always a central thought of people with energy efficiency on their minds since it is the main fuel to a company and necessary for its survival. Thinkers such as this normally have energy projects they want to implement especially local and regional authorities who are committed to energy efficiency after the COP21.   […]

Top Green Building Trends 2016 Worldwide

Green Building is already widely adopted globally, with strong growth expected in most countries, but most particularly in the developing world. Let’s talk today about trends in Green Building with the World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report.

Be a SMARTer Energy Manager | FREE Downloads

Last week we celebrated our last webinar: SMART goals in Energy Efficiency, and it was quite a success! With 100+ registrants, the session was full and if you missed it, I think that this free downloadable content could be interesting for you, keep reading to be an smarter energy manager.

How to Benchmark your Electricity Prices (UK)

Have you ever wondered if what you’re paying in your energy bill is correct? We suppose that for many of you the answer is YES, especially those of you working as building tenants or energy managers.

Why SMART goals matter

SMART methodology is one of the greatest hits in the history of business management. Have you ever think about how this could impact your energy efficiency plans? Keep reading and learn how.

Making DEXCell stronger and even more available for your energy projects

Thanks to our over 200 partners and more than 1,000 clients, DEXMA is growing and so is our energy management software: DEXCell Energy Manager. We take your data seriously. Due to this, DEXMA is upgrading its system infrastructure. We will be working hard the next 2 months to make upgrades that will make DEXCell Energy […]

5 MOOCs to Shine as Energy Professional

Is becoming updated one of your new year’s resolutions? Are you thinking of coming back to school next semester? If you are an energy professional, you can take the advantage of some MOOCs available in the market to make your CV shine.

How will Energy Efficiency Change in 2016? SURVEY

A few weeks ago something happened in DEXMA’s offices. During one of our weekly meetings, my brain bumped into a question: which do you think will be, to a personal extent, the trend in energy efficiency for 2016?

Jobs Energy Efficiency: DEXMA starts 2016 growing

Happy New Year! At DEXMA everything’s ready to close another great year working for energy efficiency and we look forward to starting 2016 the best way possible, by making our team grow. We have 3 job vacancies in the technology sector, which will attract interest from those who want to improve their career around business […]

What we learned about energy efficiency in 2015 (infographic)

Today we would like to share with you 7 key learnings from a whole year working in energy efficiency: let’s get visual with this infographic!

Merry Christmas 2015!

  The entire DEXMA Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas 2015! As Santa in our entertaining clip above, DEXMA is committed to Energy Efficiency.  2015 has been a great year for us, we really feel that we made it possible, but not without help. We would like to thank you for your […]

What is Hydricity?

Renewable energies have become a huge market. Powered with institutional support and financial assistance, we have seen a huge increase on their share in the energy mix. Now, thanks to research we might be at the beginning of a new era for solar energy, thanks to hydricity.  

5 TED Talks to watch on energy efficiency with the COP21 coming up

One of the largest climate change conferences is just around the corner. The 21st Conference of the Parties or the COP21, represents the last opportunity for a globally binding agreement that can potentially limit warming below 2º Celsius. This temperature is a limit we are close to reaching and will further create beyond dangerous threats […]

Invest with Bill Gates: Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Top technology founders such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) and Facebook creator Marc Zuckerberg are investing in energy efficiency projects, just like you! This week the energy world was buzzing with the exciting announcements: Bill Gates, right after declaring his support to energy efficiency with the program Mission Innovation, launched another massive initiative related to COP21: the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. […]

Sublocations in Energy Efficiency: Divide & Rule!

Some days ago we launched a new feature in our Energy Management solution, DEXMA, and now it is ready to use once you access the Platform. The sublocations feature will change the way you control and manage the energy consumption in your projects. We believe this is key to users. We encourage you to keep […]

Prepare your Building for an Efficient Winter

Over the last few days, we have had this one thing in our minds: winter has come to finally stay in the UK. Before it ends and you get scared analyzing your electricity and gas bills: did you think of doing something quick and easy about it in your building? With our short to-do list […]

Traditional Cooling Makes our Planet Hotter

Among the traditional cooling technologies, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are two examples of technologies that have a demand that has been growing exponentially throughout the years and yet little has changed on the way they pollute the planet.

The Role of Energy Efficiency in the Agenda Towards a Whole New World

5 out of the 17 sustainable development goals have energy efficiency as a central focus. Everything that has been going on with climate change, poverty, inequality, etc, has been in our hands.  What is our solution? Energy Efficiency. There have been some past initiatives like the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were agreed upon in the […]

What to expect from the Energy Management Summit 2015

At DEXMA we wanted to give energy efficiency professionals from around the world the best setting to meet up, get in synch with the best practices in the market, and grow together in energy management. We are already at an ideal location and, as all the best things in life, we agreed on it to be […]

A sneak peek into Google’s “Treasure Map of Solar Energy”

Everyone knows solar energy is good for the environment, but many wonder if it is also convenient for their pocket. Aside from the financial aspect, there are many questions regarding this renewable energy source when considering whether to implement it or not.  As Google puts it, energy from the giant power plant in the sky is […]

Catch up on the EU Energy Efficiency targets in 5 minutes

 In October 2014, the Commission presented a framework for climate and energy policies in the period 2020 to 2030. This framework proposes ambitious targets as part of the Union’s transition to a competitive low carbon economy. It also promotes reduced energy dependency and more affordable energy for business and consumers via a well-functioning internal market. What […]

3 Elements in DEXMA that will put you ahead of the Energy Efficiency game

In the first part of this trilogy we talked about the reasons why it makes no sense to continue with a manual process by showing the limitations this mechanism poses to achieving savings. The second part exposes three key features which make an energy management software overthrow rudimentary methods for good. In this third and last section […]

3 Software features making manual Energy Management obsolete

Just when you thought you had energy management at your facility controlled by manually gathering energy data: We bring you a game changer. A solution that will revolutionise your traditional energy management practices. This is the second part of a series of posts consisting of three parts. In the first part we went through two of the […]

Automatic Vs. manual Energy data collection

You might be wondering why should you implement an Energy Management software when you can manually gather the energy consumption data from your facilities’ meters and enter them on your own Excel spreadsheet. Maybe you believe that an Energy Management Software is not for your projects, it is expensive, and it wouldn’t add a lot of […]

What Do you Know About the Energy Performance of Europe’s Buildings?

This is a sneak peek of a research carried out by Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) in 2012, consisting of a survey template covering legal, financial, and technical information on the energy performance of buildings sent out to countries. BPIE’s mission is exactly this: improving the energy performance of Europe’s buildings, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions […]

DEXMA chosen as one of the most exciting Energy Management companies to watch in 2015 by Verdantix

DEXMA is glad to announce that it has been chosen by Verdantix as one of the most exciting energy management companies to watch in 2015! Thanks to the hard work of our team, DEXMA is now spotlighted in the top energy management companies in the world. This report helps investors, and Heads of Strategy and Product […]

4 New Companies in Energy Efficiency Join DEXMA

DEXMA’s worldwide partner community keeps growing and this time we would like to welcome 4 brand new companies in Energy Efficiency from the United States, India, and Spain.  We are glad to announce that we now operate with 194 partners in 30 different countries. You can also join DEXMA! DEXMA’s Partner Program is a full-service […]

How will Energy Costs Be Reduced in Hotels and Buildings?

A consortium made up of 5 partners -including DEXMA- will implement an ambitious project lasting 24 months to reduce energy costs. The other members are: COMSA-EMTE, a large industrial engineering company belonging to an infrastructure and engineering group, Tecnalia and Energyville, leading Technology Centres in Spain and Belgium, respectively; and Evernalis, a smart grid software and service […]

What’s new with Energy Efficiency in UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises?

DEXMA carried out the following study in June 2015 focusing on the market feasibility in Spain, Italy and the UK. I will specifically pay attention to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) established in the United Kingdom and their Energy Efficiency measures implemented, following a structure divided by 4 elements: Political factors, economic factors, social factors and […]

Misconceptions and Realities of Energy Efficiency

Which are those energy efficiency facts everybody should know? The easiest way to understand how someone acts energy efficient is when this person uses less energy than another one, receiving the same service level. This concept is also known as efficient energy use, and its goal is to reduce the amount of energy required to provide […]