One of the European Union's most ambitious projects is to achieve an intelligent energy transition resulting in a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system for all Member States. And to achieve this goal, one of the tools the EU uses is the implementation of energy regulations and legislations, including the well-known Energy Efficiency Directive. In this article we tell you what the EED is and how it affects your company's regulatory compliance. 

Hotels of UK start their peak season in summer as in most countries in the world. A time of high consumption peaks, maintenance problems to solve, loads of customers to whom to give the best service. This post, written by an energy manager expert in hotels, Ion Irañeta, Energy Manager Group 3E will give us some keys to understand what to do this summer to improve the energy performance of your hotel

More and more customers prefer to choose companies with a social and environmental commitmentOne of the best-known international sustainability indices is the DJSI, an index that has become a benchmark for socially responsible investors. Find out what the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is, and how to be part of this famous ranking. 

Public Administration is a sector with great potential for energy savings: large buildings, geographically dispersed, old equipment… Furthermore, they have the need, not only for their budget but ethically, to save energy and be more energy-efficient. Today we present you an implementation success story from our partner CIAS COM for the Ministry of Justice of the Spanish Government, who has saved 22% in their electric bills.

From supermarkets to big factories, companies are actively looking for ways to save energy in order to be more profitable and have more control over their costs. A great way to achieve this is by tracking, analyzing and controlling energy through energy management software. Don’t forget that, according to most studies, energy is one third of the cost for a company. Therefore, many companies, and, of course, the individuals working within these companies, have already understood the importance of having an energy efficiency plan. However, before choosing or changing your energy management software provider think about what you need, what’s your budget and what are your goals.

Ecommerce companies are one of the most important business models currently and are booming. This model of purchase (online) is becoming the preferred by consumers. Due to this boom, Ecommerce business models not only see their facilities grow but also the energy consumption they require for their proper functioning. If you would like to become a more energy-efficient Ecommerce and you want to turn it into an example of efficiency and sustainability, here are 4 steps that will help you achieve it: