Dexma Demo Awesome Feature #1: Analyse your Energy Efficiency in less than 1 Minute

We want to make sure you get the most out of your free Dexma Energy Intelligence Demo. So here are a few tips to get you started on the road to energy savings.

When you signed up for the Dexma Demo, what was the main thing you wanted to achieve?

Normally one of the first things our customers want to find out is: “Which areas of my organisation are wasting energy and money?” By pinpointing the least energy-efficient buildings, or areas within a building, they can target these first.

One of the things our customers love most about DEXMA is that it saves them time. The Analysis function allows you to quickly analyse the energy efficiency of your building(s), bringing you valuable time-saving benefits.

How do I this? Follow these steps and pinpoint your biggest energy savings in less than 1 minute:

1. Login to your DEXMA Energy Manager demo account. 

2. Let’s enter the Corporate Buildings account.

3. Click on the Analysis tab on the left menu

DEXMA Demo Analysis

4. Now, you’ll see the main energy load for one building. Want to know a clever trick for selecting all buildings? In the Devices field, type: main*  and click Enter.

Then hit the Update button. Now you’ll see all the buildings in this account, so you can get an overview of a large project covering multiple international buildings.

5. Select the Dates you want to analyse (e.g. last week, month, the year to date..) and the Frequency (from monthly to every 15 minutes).

We suggest selecting the ‘year to date’ or ‘previous year’ with monthly frequency to see the analysis for a whole year. If loading a large date range, it may take a few moments to load the data.

DEXMA Demo Analysis

6. Scroll down and you’ll see a table of all the buildings, ordered according to their level of energy efficiency – the worst performing (i.e. least energy efficient) buildings are at the top, and the best (most efficient) at the bottom.

This calculation takes into consideration average local weather conditions, to give you an accurate comparison. So, you should start by investigating the top building on the list – in this case the Houston Building. So, Houston we have a problem – this building should be the first target of your energy savings plan.

DEXMA Demo Analysis

Now your turn, try it out for yourself and see if you can identify the biggest energy guzzlers in less than 1 minute. Log in to your Demo, or, if you haven’t signed up yet – get the Free Demo here.