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NZEB Buildings

Towards Nearly Zero-Energy Consumption through an Integrated Energy Management Solution.


Why is it a trending topic?

Commercial and residential buildings in Europe are overall responsible for around half of total energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. Improvements in energy efficiency within the buildings sector in tandem with the increased use of renewable energy technologies constitute important policy measures needed to facilitate a reduction in energy dependency on fossil fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions. The building sector is keen to improve its sustainability standards and also to help achieve the 20-20-20 targets set by the European Union.

Nearly Zero-Energy buildings (NZEBs) are those that have a very high performance, in which the low amount of energy required should be covered from renewable sources (produced on-site or nearby). According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, by the end of 2020, all new buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings.

“In other words, NZEB for a large number of end users can be reached producing extreme low carbon energy (photovoltaic panels, biomass, solar hot water, cogeneration, district heating or cooling, etc.) with efficient demand such as Building insulation & Airtightness, passive heating, bioclimatic architecture, load’s control, etc.”


In Spacewell Energy by Dexma we help organisations so their buildings could be ready for the incoming Nearly Zero Energy era.

Integrated Energy Management Solution that allows you to get the energy balance of your building (Generation, Storage and Demand). Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect also adds value to your Analyse account:

Renewable Energy Generation

Track details about your Renewable Energy Generation Technology (performance, production, etc.)

Energy Storage

Track details about your Energy Storage Technology (State of charge, health, available charge & discharge)


Track details about your Demand (Grid importation, loads consumption, grid exportation)


Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s SaaS solution makes your buildings ready to become compliant with NZEB directives:

Configure your MicroGrid

Define the four vectors involved on a NZEB (Grid, generation, loads & storage).

Track the behaviour of your NZEB

Check your energy balance: produced & consumed energy, imported & exported energy, stored energy.

Check your performance via a NZEB report

Get a global overview of the energy behaviour and economical savings for NZEB buildings.

Experience the power now!

Energy Efficiency For Real Estate Companies And Facility Managers
Energy Efficiency For Real Estate Companies And Facility Managers