Solar Energy Management for Buildings

Track and manage your solar electricity generation with Spacewell Energy by Dexma.

DEXMA Solar Management
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Nearly one billion people around the world lack access to electricity. Renewable sources of clean energy, like solar PV, are key to achieve a clean and equitable future.

Besides, traditional energy suppliers (from fossil fuels) will be replaced in the short term with decentralised systems that empower the prosumer leading figure.

With Spacewell Energy by Dexma solar solution you will be able to detect, analyse and optimise all the energy flows that take place on your buildings empowered by solar energy.


Start your “solar” trip with Spacewell Energy by Dexma platform

Detect your potential savings if you bring solar energy into your energy efficiency strategy

Analyse your energy balance: PV Generation, Demand, Storage

Optimise the day-to-day of your clean energy buildings


What’s in it for you

Optimise your Solar Installation

Adjust your PV assets (PV panels, inverter…) so you maximise your energy production.

Measure the Impact of Renewable Energy

Measure the impact of renewable energy on your bill. Simulate your energy bill once PV panels are in place.

Green Energy Balance Analytics

Energy production, consumption, grid & storage all together in one platform.

Monitor your Solar Generation

Performance ratio, production dashboards, PV inverters & PV generation.

Report Carbon and Economical Savings

Quantify GHG emissions and cost reductions thanks to your own electricity generation.

Check your Portfolio Evolution

Multiple solar installations? Get an overview of all your solar sites using an actionable dashboard.

Experience the power now!

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