Savings Verification – Track your IPMVP protocol projects

Track your IPMVP projects with Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse and start saving now!

Savings Verification - Track your IPMVP protocol projects
Savings Verification - Track your IPMVP protocol projects

Do you track, measure and verify projects with endless spreadsheets? Do you use different tools to calculate baseline formulas and track the project savings?
Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse’s Measurement and Verification (M&V) module allows you to track your savings following the IPMVP protocol. You can define your own baseline formula, a savings target and apply conditional cases and non routine adjustments.

Visualise your project consumption and savings and compare them to baseline consumption.
Automatic Baseline Calculator will generate accurate baseline formulas with requested parameters to use.

Spacewell Energy by Dexma has access to over 40.000 weather stations to integrate comfort parameters such as temperature and humidity and can calculate Degree Days parameters.


Apply Measurement and Verification baselines with Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse

Apply Measure and Verification baselines to track your projects’ progress

Track all kinds of investments and savings projects

Automatic and transparent follow-up of projects with M&V tools and custom reports


What’s in it for you

Automatic Baseline Calculator

Use Automatic Baseline Calculator to find accurate baseline formulas for your measure and verification projects.

Verification module

Follow your IPMVP projects with Measurement and Verification module and start saving energy.

Bill simulation reports

Helps you get a simulated bill for all your facilities and optimise your costs.

Comfort and weather parameters

Comfort, virtual weather stations and degree days calculation.

Experience the power now!

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