Energy efficiency in Banks and Insurance

Improve operational efficiency and sustainable growth thanks to Energy Digitalisation.

energy efficiency in Banks and Insurance
energy efficiency in Banks and Insurance

You have a big portfolio of buildings with different sizes, locations, and requirements. Each building is managed by different people and you do not always have data available to track your consumption or a defined strategy to start saving energy in banks and insurance offices.

This is where Spacewell Energy – Dexma Detect comes into play, allowing you to benchmark your sites and know at a glance which sites have energy and economical savings opportunities without investment, which have a greater ROI, and which energy saving measures are most effective for each location.

For those locations where you have access to real-time data, Spacewell Energy – Dexma Analyse allows you to view your data in accurate charts with segregated or aggregated data, and a Measurement and Verification (M&V) module that allows you to track your savings following the IPMVP protocol.


AI powered tool to reduce your employees complaints and optimise your bank and insurance buildings portfolio

Detect savings in your portfolio of offices

Develop energy awareness raising program among your employees

Apply M&V baselines and track your projects’ progress


What’s in it for you

Detect portfolio outliers

Analyse your consumption by source, by floor, by room and create your custom ratios, comparing with similar peers.

NILM - Virtual disaggregation

Spacewell Energy - Dexma Detect is a non-intrusive way to detect saving opportunities in your whole portfolio using NILM technology. (* for selected sectors & countries)

Verify savings

Evaluate real savings from your retrofits and request liabilities to your providers.

Offices and singular buildings

The whole portfolio will be analysed so you don’t miss any relevant insight.

Cost tracking

Create your bill simulation, and track costs.

Anomalies detection

Get a list of anomalies automatically detected by AI algorithms.


Get information KPI’s of your portfolio at a glance.


Forecast your consumptions for the next 12 months with machine learning algorithms.

Share and engage

Send automatic reports to your team and staff members to join forces within the sustainability goals.

Experience the power now!

Energy Efficiency For Banking And Financial Entities
Energy Efficiency For Banking And Financial Entities