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Demand Response

Access demand response markets as a route to monetise energy consumption flexibility in your buildings.

Demande Response

Why is it a trending topic?

Energy industry is changing in substantial ways with respect to electricity system needs, customer requirements and regulatory policies.

Unbalance between energy production and demand is a reality.

Integration of distributed renewable generation together with the increase of demand loads, such as: electric vehicles, place the electric grid under stress during times of peak demand.

“Demand Response represents reductions for energy users that become active agents on the electricity markets & agree to reduce their demand, under request, while getting payments for participating in these programs”.


In Spacewell Energy by Dexma we help organisations to actively participate in these programs and support utilities/aggregators to ensure they meet the targeted savings.

Energy Consumer Benefits:

Cost Efficiency

Avoid higher energy prices during peak demand times


Contribute to balance the grid, enabling the integration of green generation & reducing emissions

Revenue Increase

Add value to your Energy Management System creating an additional revenue stream

Aggregator & Utility Benefits:

Expand Services

Expand the energy services offered to energy consumers increasing their satisfaction

Reduce Market Prices

Stimulate energy consumption during off-peak hours, reducing the wholesale market prices

Benchmark Easily

Benefit from the flexibility of Spacewell Energy by Dexma Community (+80.000 buildings in +45 countries)


Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s SaaS Demand Response solution makes your buildings ready to benefit from flexibility markets.

Configure your Demand Response Gateway

Be able to actuate on the chosen loads (HVAC, lighting etc) on an interoperable way.

Design an Energy Reduction Strategy

Set the commitments that have been agreed within the system operator.

Track if the Demand Response activity

Check your real behaviour vs your baseline.

Check your reduction strategy evolution via a dashboard

Get a global overview of your portfolio of buildings.

Experience the power now!