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Anomaly Detection

An automated energy efficiency watchdog.

anomaly detection

What we care about

Detect inefficient behaviour

Find cases of unexpected consumption, and quantify its impact on your buildings’ energy efficiency.

Scale effortlessly

Monitor thousands of sites at once without sacrificing personalisation or attention to detail.

Powered by AI

A service that constantly learns from your data in order to distinguish between expected and atypical behaviour.

Watching after your energy consumption, so that you won’t have to

Spacewell Energy by Dexma’s anomaly detection service is capable of detecting cases of energy consumption that deviate from your normal pattern, and informing you of when they occur and how much they are costing you.

Bank holiday? Sudden weather changes?

The AI algorithms adjust its baselines taking into account local holidays and weather conditions, so that your anomalies are much more accurate.

Check the anomalies every morning, with a warm coffee

Get daily or weekly reports based on the anomalies detected, so you can organise your resources to get them solved. Coffee is not included.

Personalized, detailed monitoring at scale

Our service can detect unexpected consumptions in seconds, and scales without a hitch – giving you the time to work on what really matters.

A unique, ever-evolving watchdog for every meter

Does your energy consumption evolve along time? That’s OK – our service does too! Constantly learning from your previous consumption, we are capable of incorporating new information and your feedback in order to constantly improve our predictions.


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