Operational Efficiency – Reduce time spent in projects

Reduce time spent in every stage of your project: configuration, operating, reporting, delivery, thanks to Spacewell Energy by Dexma.

Operational efficiency
DEXMA Operational efficiency

When it comes to a software platform, one of the key features to take into account is performance and productivity increase, as well as person/month savings.

Spacewell Energy by Dexma energy management platform is specially designed to automate most of your analysis and reporting workflows, together with a simple interface

to connect to numerous third party systems, regardless of the technology beneath, reducing dramatically time spent in every stage of your project (configuration, operating, reporting, delivery).


The best-in-class EMS platform for precise energy analysis, and thorough initiatives

Make the most out of Spacewell Energy Platform working on your project from day one at full speed

Setting up and operating your Energy Management Platform has never been so easy

Powerful page load performance, regardless of the amount of data to be displayed, analysed, sent

Your AI platform to build an outstanding user experience and brilliant outcomes at hypersonic tempos


Configure once, apply everywhere! Save time and increase productivity

Simple configuring

Spacewell Energy by Dexma Platform offers a simple and straightforward way of configuring your portfolio right away, no matter the number of users, sites, or complexity of those items.

Time saving

Spacewell Energy by Dexma Platform has capabilities to share complex configurations across different entities, just by sharing profiles with the right users.

Automatic upload

Make the configuration swift with a spreadsheet that can be automatically uploaded to the platform.

Automated custom reporting

Automated custom reporting, data insertion, normalisation layers, and alerting capabilities to minimise your data quality and reliability, reporting, and tracking needs.

Experience the power now!

Advanced Energy Reporting
Advanced Energy Reporting