A sneak peek into Google’s “Treasure Map of Solar Energy”

Everyone knows solar energy is good for the environment, but many wonder if it is also convenient for their pocket.

Aside from the financial aspect, there are many questions regarding this renewable energy source when considering whether to implement it or not.  As Google puts it, energy from the giant power plant in the sky is free for anyone to catch. Nonetheless, there are many people missing out on the opportunity to save money and help the environment, just because they don’t have enough information at hand.

To help alleviate this current lack of information, Google is working on a project that will help calculate the best solar plan for homeowners. It is called Project Sunroof and for now it is only available in San Francisco, Boston and Fresno (United States).

The idea is that when you type in your address in the platform, you see your rooftop in Google maps with your solar power potential. The result shows the amount of sun your roof is exposed to per year taking into account different factors such as shadows produced by trees, structures or buildings nearby as well as historical cloud and temperature patterns in the area.

The program shows as well, the potential monetary savings you can achieve, and the recommended solar installation size. For a more personalized roof analysis, you can enter your average monthly energy bill.

Google’s idea is to make this service available in as much places as possible in the future. This type of initiatives are encouraging considering the circumstances we are encountering today. All our carelessness with which we have treated the environment is being backfired at us with climate change being shockingly evident.

It is imperative for humanity to start considering renewable energy as the default power source. Even more importantly, being aware of our energy consumption and managing it in order to be as efficient as possible should be number one priority for everyone starting from yesterday.

Start managing your energy now

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This world issue concerns each and everyone to the same extent and programs like Project Sunroof are important to unite every single actor in the same track towards sustainability.

Let’s spread the word and be on the lookout for more initiatives like this one. Every action counts specially if it raises awareness and helps put everyone in the same environmental mindset.

For more information check out Google’s video here:


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