What to expect from the Energy Management Summit 2015

At DEXMA we wanted to give energy efficiency professionals from around the world the best setting to meet up, get in synch with the best practices in the market, and grow together in energy management. We are already at an ideal location and, as all the best things in life, we agreed on it to be free of charge. After putting together our most outstanding ideas, we came up with the 1st International event DEXMA has ever organized: the Energy Management Summit.


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Taking place this coming October 23rd, at the Barcelona Activa building in Barcelona, Spain, we bring to you the Energy Management Summit 2015.

We have set up the event’s program in a way that you can take advantage of a wide variety of topics in a dynamic environment. As an assistant, you will be able to learn from experts in the field, such as Steven Fawkes, as well as gather ideas from companies that have succeeded in achieving important energy savings.

There will also be time to get up to date on energy management trends and to discover the direction towards which this practice is evolving.

Besides receiving useful insights from the speakers, you will be able to share and socialize experiences, methods, solutions, and ideas with other professionals in the field during the networking sessions.

What a better setting to get to know people with which you can reach powerful synergies than gathering around some typical spanish tapas while surrounded by wonderful charm of Barcelona?

This event is definitely something!

If all of this isn’t inviting enough, take a look at some of the event’s highlights so you can make up your mind and come share with us this unique experience:


The best arguments and resources to get your efficiency project on top of that investment priorities list with Steven Fawkes’s keynote – How to increase investment into energy efficiency.


First hand how companies have achieved important savings through their efficiency programs as in the case of Grandi Riso with Federico Baraldi from INEMA and the presentation – Also rice keeps improving energy efficiency.


The features in an energy management software that are having the greatest impact in the market with Elcomponent’s CEO Bill Gysin’s talk – The dashboard effect – from raw data to Best Practice.


Of how the British Museum, one of the oldest museums in the world with £2M in energy expenditure, has taken a big step towards energy efficiency with the presentation by Gary Bark, from Optimized Buildings.


How DEXCell, the fastest growing energy management software in the market is meeting individual customer needs without trading off the advantages of a really great SaaS platform. Daniel Utges, DEXMA’s Product Director, will reveal what the company has been working on at his presentation – Growing DEXCell Energy Manager without losing spin: An App Marketplace full of possibilities.
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Wait, there’s more!

Steven Fawkes will also give you answers to all of these questions:

  • What are the real barriers to increasing investment into energy efficiency?
  • What do the different actors need to do to achieve greater levels of investment?
  • What are the latest international developments in the EU & the USA?
  • How do we increase investor confidence in energy efficiency ?
  • What are the latest innovations in business models?
  • How do we build more compelling business cases?



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