Energy Management: The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

It’s that time of year again – the perfect moment to take a step back, take stock and review our energy management projects to understand what went well and what might be improved next year. What better way to start than with a quick refresher on which topics and energy management articles have been the most popular this year on the Energy Analytics blog?

Read on to find out if your favourite post made the Top 10 list…

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The 10 Most Read Energy Management Articles of 2017

Curious to know which articles are the most read on the Energy Analytics blog? Wondering how this even matters for you as an energy manager?

Here’s why knowing which articles were consulted the most can help you out:

  • You’ll discover the key topics that have sparked interest and are “hot right now” in our sector.
  • Many of our posts deal with innovation in energy management: prepare yourself for what’s to come!
  • Among our readers is your competition … don’t miss out on what they already know! There’s no better way to get ahead 😉

Convinced? I thought so 😉 Now without further ado, here are the 10 most read articles about energy efficiency in 2017:

  1. 10 Smart Energy Startups to Follow (8,831 visits)
  2. Will Blockchain Reinvent Energy? (4,688 visits)
  3. 7 differences between SCADA and EMS (2,693 visits)
  4. How to Become a Certified Energy Manager (2,458 visits)
  5. Hospitality Industry Focus: Optimising Hotel Energy Management (1,569)
  6. Energy Trends Predictions for 2017 (1,517)
  7. Cloud vs On-Premise: Debunking 5 super outdated SaaS myths
  8. 5 MOOCs to Shine as Energy Professional
  9. Rio 2016: how sustainable are the Olympics?
  10. The 5 Coolest Energy Saving Solutions for Supermarkets

As you can see, this year’s top ten is full of practical examples to save energy in various sectors (hospitality, manufacturing, supermarkets, sports …) but also with a clear focus on the energy innovation trends and technology that you should understand and master in order to become an alpha energy manager.

Are you sure you’ve seen these posts already? Maybe you missed one? Remember, the end of the year is the ideal time to catch up!

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Christmas Bonus: The 5 Most Popular Free Energy Management Resources of the Year

As you know, the DEXMA marketing team does much more than curate the energy analytics blog – we also create educational materials and content resources especially for energy managers.

Our guides, case studies and webinars are completely free of charge. Each of them deals with basic aspects of energy management (such as metering and which hardware to use for it) to advanced topics such as artificial intelligence applications for energy savings.

As a Christmas bonus, we are happy to share the top 5 energy management training resources that your fellow energy managers downloaded in 2017. Here’s what energy managers loved from us this year:

  1. ISO 50001 guide. You might think it’s “old news” but this simple and direct guide to get ISO 50001 certified has been downloaded by more than 900 energy professionals.
  2. Financing Energy Efficiency Guide – As the old saying goes, “Money makes the world go round” – and it’s no different in the energy management world. Get your energy efficiency projects funded faster with this free guide to energy financing.
  3. Content Bundle: Metering for Energy Efficiency. Everything you need to understand meters, submeters and company.
  4. Demand Response for ESCOs. This hot topic was of interest to nearly 300 professionals that downloaded it during this year, wow!
  5. Finally, check out the guide written by and for small businesses that want to get energy efficient: Energy Management for SMEs.