What are NZEBs and how do they contribute to Sustainable Development

Did you know that the building sector is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU? According to statistics, 40% of energy consumption in Europe comes from buildings. This has led the European Commission to create Directives on Energy Efficiency which oblige the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, thus, […]

Energy Performance Contract: What is the Best Tool to Track the Progress of your Roadmap?

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC), is one of the modalities of contracting energy services. In this article, you’ll find out what is the Energy Performance Contract and what tool can help your company to ensure the reduction of energy consumption whatever its sector of activity: industry, service, public administration, transport, etc…

The 7 key points on Biden’s Energy Policy: The Clean Energy Revolution

On the 20th of January, Joe Biden will make his debut as President of the United States. When we talk about energy policy at a global level, any change in the presidency makes us wonder what will be the next move in that country. And as always, we are interested in knowing what energy policy […]