The 7 Benefits of Investing in Energy Efficiency in Restaurants

Restaurants are important symbols of hospitality and gastronomy throughout Europe. Behind the scenes, however, lies a worrying reality: within the tertiary sector, restaurants are among the most voracious consumers of energy. Their consumption exceeds that of the average commercial building, an astounding disparity that has not escaped the attention of environmentalists. Restaurants are among the […]

7 Energy Management Challenges in Banking

As concerns over climate change continue to grow, the need for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings has become increasingly important. Banks have a critical role to play in financing various projects, but they face significant challenges, which include shifts in paradigm, digitalisation, data availability, and the complexity of building energy performance, among others… […]

What are NZEBs and how do they contribute to Sustainable Development

Did you know that the building sector is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU? According to statistics, 40% of energy consumption in Europe comes from buildings. This has led the European Commission to create Directives on Energy Efficiency which oblige the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, thus, […]

Energy Performance Contract: What is the Best Tool to Track the Progress of your Roadmap?

The Energy Performance Contract (EPC), is one of the modalities of contracting energy services. In this article, you’ll find out what is the Energy Performance Contract and what tool can help your company to ensure the reduction of energy consumption whatever its sector of activity: industry, service, public administration, transport, etc… What is an Energy […]