What we learned about energy efficiency in 2015 (infographic)

Today we would like to share with you 7 key learnings from a whole year working in energy efficiency: let’s get visual with this infographic!

energy efficiency in 2015

In 2015 we have discovered new trends in energy efficiency thanks to the many projects related to Smart Cities. Keep an eye on this topic to be updated and to discover new business opportunities next year!

Our support team has handled many requests related to data. Data readings, meters, monitoring… Data quality is essential in an efficiency project. We talked about this before in the DEXMA blog, but we will continue giving you tips about this (subscribe to be the first on reading next posts).

Solar Power matters. Now governments, especially Spanish ones, are aware of this.  But recent research like ‘hydricity‘ put focus on solar power yet again. Let’s follow up on this topic in the following months!

Regulation, especially in Europe, has a long way to go. Even though we have European Directives about energy efficiency, many countries are way behind on regulating the details. This new regulation could be seen as a treat, but we like to think that it will be an opportunity for energy services companies.

To continue with the good news, most of the market analysts forecast a great development for the energy efficiency industry in the close future. Keep on with your good job on it!

After COP21 everyone is ready for a change in order to deal with Climate Change. Energy efficiency is a strong ally to achieve goals and deadlines.

And finally, a key to learning: with whatever you do in the energy efficiency world, you’ll probably end up loving your job and your work. At DEXMA we realized this when we founded the company, but every year we are learning more and more. Passion-driven professionals are essential to this industry.

What did you learn this year about energy efficiency? Share your thoughts in the comments below!