What’s new with Energy Efficiency in UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises?

DEXMA carried out the following study in June 2015 focusing on the market feasibility in Spain, Italy and the UK. I will specifically pay attention to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) established in the United Kingdom and their Energy Efficiency measures implemented, following a structure divided by 4 elements: Political factors, economic factors, social factors and […]

How to Succeed in the Building Management Systems integration

  A building is not intelligent for its systems’ automation level, but for its systems INTEGRATION leading to greater efficiency in operations and energy consumption.   Most existing facilities have Building Management Systems (BMS) in place that control and manage their lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation. Sometimes, they even have security or fire extinguishing systems. Those systems help […]

Apple Goes Green: $848 million solar deal

“True innovation must consider everything”. That’s what the tech giant is communicating around its environmental responsibility. But what do they really mean? Here’s everything you need to know about what’s trending in the industry and why Apple goes green. We are talking about Lisa Jackson, the company’s environmental chief, who oversees the company’s sustainability and […]

4 Tips to Efficient Companies

You’re about to find out how to communicate your vision to stakeholders of the firm and make them follow you. Go ahead and read some tips to efficient companies. We are talking about behaviours in efficient firms and how its employees are involved. Changing equipment to more energy efficient equivalents will reduce energy costs, but the most cost-effective […]

10 Ways in which DEXMA Energy Intelligence Puts Your Company in Control

Even though energy costs tend to impact a firm’s profitability, many companies don’t do much to control them. One reason businesses look the other way may be that energy management seems like a complex process. Another cause for this could be the fact that utility companies have large bargaining power in this sector. For this, firms […]