How will Energy Efficiency Change in 2016? SURVEY

A few weeks ago something happened in DEXMA’s offices. During one of our weekly meetings, my brain bumped into a question: which do you think will be, to a personal extent, the trend in energy efficiency for 2016?

That question opened a whole discussion between the entire team. And the thing is that there is quite a lot of innovation to reach, and many trends today that can overturn the energy sector… 

Now I ask you: which is the trend that will change the energy efficiency world in 2016?

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Out of discussions we always reach a good point, so the DEXMA team jumped out with our first survey to the industry and its professionals, just like you. And to be quite honest, you are the ones who have more knowledge on it.


How does the Energy Efficiency Survey work?

To join in is the easiest thing! We’ve come up with a set of questions which are, on the one hand, very simple to understand, and in the other hand, quite to the point, so that filling out the Energy Efficiency Survey 2016 doesn’t even take you two minutes.

These questions focus on evaluating energy efficiency businesses in which you experts are part of, but above all, the “state of affairs” of efficiency within your company. Who has the decision-making role in this field? Are energy efficiency technologies already in use?

Furthermore, we want to know what your experience as a professional has given to you during your working years. What do you believe this year will impact on energy efficiency? Regulation, Big Data maybe? Solar Power…? How much do you want to save with your efficiency plan? Which is your biggest challenge as a professional?

Late March we will be closing the quiz. As the weeks go by, we will be sharing with you the progress of the poll and first partial results of it.

The survey is anonymous, but we ask you to add your email in the first question. Thus, we will be able to send you the results whenever they are ready (and maybe some surprise as acknowledgment).

You can’t wait?

Take the Survey

Since we want it to be a 100% scientific and free poll, I’m afraid I CAN’T tell you which is the trend most likely to happen from DEXMA’s point of view, we don’t want to influence your opinions!

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