[Webinar] How to use SMART goals in Energy Efficiency

Date: 1/02/2015
Time: 15:00
Venue: Online

The use of SMART goals can boost the results and performance in your efficiency project, but learning what SMART goals are and how to apply them to the energy world might be tricky for beginners.

Join our next free webinar on February 18th: How To Use SMART Goals for Energy Efficiency and learn how to apply the SMART methodology to your 2016’s efficiency projects!

Can you solve the following questions?

  • How much will your business growth this year?
  • How many meters will your top project need to achieve higher results?
  • Which metrics will you track to measure performance? And how?

This are only some examples of business questions that you can answer by using SMART goals in your projects.

SMART goals will help you deliver better projects for your clients, but also will help you organize better your everyday work.

AGENDA – Thursday 18th Feb. 15:00 h (CET)

  • 15:00 What are SMART Goals 
    María Fernández, Marketing Manager, DEXMA
  • 15:10 Real Examples of SMART Goals used in Energy Efficiency Projects
    Guillermo Sanz, Energy Software Specialist, DEXMA
  • 15:30 Top 2 tools to track performance of your SMART goals
    Daniel Utges, Product Director, DEXMA
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