Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction in Real Estate [WEBINAR]


The real estate sector is undergoing major changes. More than ever, awareness and regulation in favour of a sustainable sector are changing the economic landscape.  Sustainable building portfolios are increasingly in demand at every stage of their life cycle. Therefore, strategies and tools to help identify and implement sustainability and energy efficiency measures are becoming […]

Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCOs [WEBINAR]

EN - Intelligent and Digital Energy Management for ESCO - Feature Image Blog

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have become a key role in the energy transition. Given environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability, ESCOs fill a vital niche in the implementation of energy efficiency projects. They are key players in energy performance contracting, and in securing the savings of energy efficiency projects. In fact, their business […]

DEXMA Day 2021 – The Energy Event For Organisations Taking Action on Climate Change

DEXMA Day Intro + Product session

This year, our DEXMA Day was a bit different and “Special” !! 👏🏼 Indeed, as it was only Online, for the reasons we unfortunately all know (Covid-19), we decided to separate each session in different “Webinars”. That way, you will be able to watch the Opening Session (Company and Product related), and the “Topics Sessions” […]

4 Reasons you can’t miss DEXMA Day 2019

As you know, every year we celebrate a special day dedicated to all our customers and followers: DEXMA Day. And 2019 was not going to be the exception. What did the DEXMA Day 2019 sessions consist of? Find out about the latest insights into the company’s evolution, Learn about the latest updates and developments of […]