5 MOOCs to Shine as Energy Professional

Is becoming updated one of your new year’s resolutions? Are you thinking of coming back to school next semester? If you are an energy professional, you can take the advantage of some MOOCs available in the market to make your CV shine.

What is a MOOC?

Really? Ok, let’s start since the beginning. MOOC means massive open online course. It’s a recently introduced way to experience courses by top universities related to various topics: These topics include business, computer sciences, finance and many more.

Interested? All you have to do is simply enroll in the course and follow the lessons online. Most of them offer guided video lessons that are extend into further material such as books, pages, movies etc.  There are also exercises provided for a more hands on approach.

Most MOOCs are free. You can pay a small fee if you want to get your certificate which is interesting to many employers and will show off your new skills! These certificates are inexpensive, from 20$ to 100$ in most cases.

MOOCs are very advantageous to many energy professionals because there are many courses related to sustainability and energy management. But you can also update your knowledge about programming or business development all thanks to these simple courses.

There are many platforms to find MOOCs. Our favorite one is edX. Founded in 2012 as a shared project between the top US universities like Harvard and MIT, edX provides high-quality courses from universities from all over the world. You can even learn Chinese! But, as mentioned, it’s not the only player in the market. Let’s take a look at 5 MOOCs for energy professionals available in this platforms, and ready for those of you looking forward to improve your career this year.

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5 MOOCs that will make your CV shine

Today, we’re going to select the best MOOCs for energy professionals: let’s make your CV shine!

Sustainable Urban Development: Discover Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Starting on Jan. 26th this MOOC is focused on sustainability in the city. It will help any energy professional understand trends like Smart Cities development. Learning more about big urban projects can make you more knowledgeable and relevant to an urban atmosphere.

Check course info: https://www.edx.org/course/sustainable-urban-development-discover-delftx-wageningenx-ams-urb-1x

Energy Subsidy Reform

This course is extremely interesting for those of you working in ESCOs and looking for new funding for your innovation projects. It’s led by International Monetary Found. This course is focused on how subsidies for energy industry work around the world.

The course begins with a financial explanation of a subsidy, how it works (in accountancy level) and what you should expect when applying subsidies in energy efficiency. The classes start on Feb. 24th!

More info & Enrollment: https://www.edx.org/course/energy-subsidy-reform-imfx-esrx-0#!

Introduction to Project Management

This is an essential MOOC for energy professionals in a medium level of management. Basic skills in project management will help you understand your company, and motivate your peers more efficiently. 

If you work in an energy services company you probably SHOULD do this course ASAP. Project management has changed in all industries thanks to new methodologies (like SCRUM). But it changed specially in energy management due to new tools available: energy management software, hardware devices…

All details could be checked: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-project-management-adelaidex-project101x

Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future

Maybe you feel that 2016 is the year when you finally decide to get in touch with sustainable energies. This course was created by University of Florida, and is free to follow in Coursera. This course will be the perfect introduction to your approach to sustainable energy.

It will take you 15 weeks to complete it. At the end you will be able to understand the relation of each source of energy with the modern society. But also get a clear picture of the limits of renewable energies. The course covers national topics (focused in the US, so it’s really interesting if you’re working there or thinking to expand your business to this country), but also international issues.

Check Course details in: https://www.coursera.org/course/globalenergy

Global Warming Science

If you are interested in the big topics of our industry, this is a MOOC to consider. Not only explaining what is global warming, its origin and its consequences, the course is more about the science behind the data analysis explaining global warning. 

As a consequence of this approach it could be an essential course for all energy professionals, specially after we saw how big, important and relevant became last COP21 meeting. During two weeks, all eyes were on the international conference that could finally achieve an international agreement for fighting Global Warming.  The course aims not to stay in the traditional analysis of global warming, but to go further and give the pupil tools and skills to make their own research and make their personal conclussions about the topic.

You can join the course in the following link: https://www.edx.org/course/global-warming-science-mitx-12-340x-0

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DEXMA’s Free Training: Energy Academy

These courses are great to make your CV shine. But if you’re trying to start a new efficiency plan you might be considering energy management software tools.

And, of course, you’ll have to learn how to use those tools before doing anything else.

At DEXMA we discovered that this learning need was highly important for the success of any efficiency project.

Our software for energy analysis, DEXMA Energy Intelligence, is, according to the opinions of our users, one of the easiest in the market to use. But we decided to put together a couple of initiatives to help users get the full potential of our product as soon as possible.

The first initiative is our support platform. All threads, issues, questions, and forums are open. You can check them if you’re our client and if you’re not, too. There you’ll find GREAT posts explaining step by step processes and the basic tools in DEXMA.  We also share tips and announcements about how to use any new feature or app.

Our second initiative to increase self-learning within the energy managers community is the DEXMA Energy Academy.

DEXMA Energy Academy

Our Academy has a complete course on how to use our top quality Saas solution for energy management: DEXMA Platform. Normally, just our clients and partners get a free pass to the academy, but today we have a special surprise for our readers!

We will make a giveaway next February 22nd of 2 free passes for the DEXMA Energy Academy! You will have free access for 2 months to our exclusive courses, led by experienced energy managers, product directors, and our support team.

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