Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2024/1275: What’s to Know?

The revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU/2024/1275) represents a significant step forward in the EU’s commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, which are among the largest energy consumers in Europe. This directive is pivotal, not only for achieving a substantial reduction in energy usage but also for supporting […]

Energy Management in Hospitals: An Overview

Are your hospital energy bills too high? Improving energy efficiency in hospitals goes beyond simple cost savings and touches directly on better patient outcomes and environmental stewardship. When you focus on energy management you’re not only reducing your operational expenses but also significantly decreasing your carbon footprint. This commitment reflects positively on you as a […]

Partner Spotlight: Cunovesa

Cunovesa is an engineering and construction services company with a focus on energy management and efficiency. They offer services to clients in various industries, including the agri-food, industrial and chemical sectors. These are all sectors with a very important technical component, requiring very specific expertise and services. In this Spotlight interview we talk to Cunovesa […]

Energy Management and Real-Time Data for Utilities [Case Study]

Utilities across the globe supply thousands of users with electricity, gas and water for their daily activities. At work, while traveling or at home, all of us benefit from the existing infrastructure that brings the supplies directly to us. Thanks to years of innovation, development and deployment of networks, the access to quick and reliable […]

The role of Energy Management in Sustainable Building Certifications

For years, the real estate sector has been using a range of sustainability, quality and energy efficiency certifications to catalogue the building stock and highlight the best-rated buildings. The ability to categorise portfolios of buildings according to their ‘green’ credentials is very useful in positioning them better in the sales and rental market, as well […]

Energy Communities: Energy Saving through Local Production and Consumption

The energy transition, supported by growing public awareness of climate change has led to the emergence of energy communities around the world. What are these Communities and what are their Contributions and Benefits? Based on individual self-consumption, these communities have been formed to generate and benefit from the electricity generated locally by collaborating with companies, […]

Technology and IoT Devices used in the Banking Sector

Implementing an energy efficiency strategy for buildings in the banking sector involves analysing and considering a number of issues, including what type of IoT devices or sensors you will need to install.  Here are the main points to consider when implementing IoT technologies in bank branches and offices:

How to Integrate your CMMS with an EMS in Retail

Managing energy in a supermarket chain or retail store takes a lot of effort and knowledge. The same happens for maintenance and facility management. You probably have some software to help you with the job, while also using spreadsheets and manual control. If you want to learn more about how to integrate EMS and CMMS […]

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Successful Energy Management in Real Estate

If you are responsible for managing a large portfolio of buildings – or a single building with different needs across floors and users – Energy Efficiency is definitely a term you’ve heard before. But do you already have an energy efficiency strategy implemented for your buildings? Are your buildings efficient right now?   Discover the secrets […]