Technology and IoT Devices used in the Banking Sector

Implementing an energy efficiency strategy for buildings in the banking sector involves analysing and considering a number of issues, including what type of IoT devices or sensors you will need to install.  Here are the main points to consider when implementing IoT technologies in bank branches and offices:

How to Integrate your CMMS with an EMS in Retail

Managing energy in a supermarket chain or retail store takes a lot of effort and knowledge. The same happens for maintenance and facility management. You probably have some software to help you with the job, while also using spreadsheets and manual control. If you want to learn more about how to integrate EMS and CMMS […]

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Successful Energy Management in Real Estate

If you are responsible for managing a large portfolio of buildings – or a single building with different needs across floors and users – Energy Efficiency is definitely a term you’ve heard before. But do you already have an energy efficiency strategy implemented for your buildings? Are your buildings efficient right now?   Discover the secrets […]

Digitalisation and AI: The Secret for your B2B Customer’s Energy Efficiency [WEBINAR]

Did you know that less than 2% of utility B2B customers are receptive to energy efficiency offers?  And, why is this happening, if organisations nowadays are investing in sustainability and energy efficiency more than ever? Continue reading to find out.

3 Main Difficulties and Challenges for Energy Services Companies 2021

Once again this year, in the State of Energy Survey, we asked Energy Services Company (ESCO) professionals what their priorities and challenges are. In an ever-changing industry, with volatile pricing and digitalisation processes, the challenges and opportunities are evolving fast. Maintaining savings, demonstrating ROI and securing budgets are three of them.  Read on and join […]

The End-Customer Vision on Energy Efficiency

Companies play a huge role in the energy transition, as they consume and manage energy on a daily basis. Whether they are small companies or large multinationals, they all have energy, lighting, air conditioning and power needs. This article focuses on these companies, the end customers of energy services companies and providers. What are their […]

Key Sources of Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects in the UK

The energy transition, climate change awareness and rising energy prices are forcing companies to develop and implement powerful energy management strategies. But what financing tools are available for you to boost your efficiency projects? In this article, we will look at what is going on in the UK, what energy efficiency strategies were implemented and […]

How to increase your EPC Margins using Dexma Measurement and Verification Tool

Calculating savings in a consumption reduction project can be a very complex task since savings represent the difference between the current situation and an estimated future reality (hypothetical). In this case, performing Savings Measurement and Verification tasks during the project is the answer to ensure the estimated objectives are reached Below you will discover how, thanks […]