Webinar Energy Management Systems for Real Estate

How an Energy Management System can Help you Address ESG Challenges [Webinar]

Energy Management is not new for Real Estate but it has gained importance over the last few years. The growing importance of sustainability and energy efficiency have made them areas you cannot avoid. 

To discuss the growing importance of Energy Management and efficiency in Real Estate and how you can tackle them, we have a webinar recording for you.

You can see sustainability and energy efficiency as just a tick box exercise to comply with regulations. But there’s much more and you may want to embrace that change and see some positive outcomes.. There is a longer life span for your buildings. Higher chances for financing, for loans, for renting… Either by preferences or because eventually many of those will just be the new normal.

If you are already tackling energy management in your buildings, obtaining reliable energy data for sustainability reporting is definitely a challenge. Where do you get the required information? What exactly is that information and how to report it?

Well, an Energy Management System (EMS) can help you. With an EMS you will be inline with compliance and regulation. Besides, it will help you work with improved data reliability, consistency and overall data transparency across multiple departments like IT, Facility Management and Tenant services.​

How can an Energy Management System help you address ESG Challenges?

That’s what you can expect in this webinar. You’ll se how, by integrating an EMS, you can streamline data from various sources, ensuring accurate and holistic reporting. This integration will help you:

  • Set and tracking sustainability goals​
  • Enhance operational energy efficiency, and ​
  • Comply with legal and regulatory standards. ​

Moreover, EMS fosters transparency and credibility in communicating sustainability efforts to stakeholders, with robust IT security measures protecting sensitive data.

Watch our energy management webinar to learn about how to tackle energy management in Real Estate, and how an Energy Management Solution can help you reach your sustainability goals. 

Webinar Energy Management Systems for Real Estate