4 Tips to Efficient Companies

4 Tips to Efficient Companies

You’re about to find out how to communicate your vision to stakeholders of the firm and make them follow you. Go ahead and read some tips to efficient companies.

We are talking about behaviours in efficient firms and how its employees are involved. Changing equipment to more energy efficient equivalents will reduce energy costs, but the most cost-effective actions are those undertaken by the people that use that equipment.

Energy Efficiency in the Industry GAMO

If you don’t want to be energy efficient, fine. You will be paying way more money than you should. Yet, if you started implementing energy efficient measures in your firm but you fail at dragging people into it, these tips here may be helpful:

1. “Problems” only real when shared

Are you wasting energy while you could use natural light? Do you leave devices on standby? You don’t have any energy consumption control in your company?

Whether you are the energy manager, the CEO or the founder of the company, make others realise how worse can it get if they don’t do anything about it. And convince other managers. Employees and clients have direct control of the equipment they use, but they don’t know how to operate it efficiently.

If you are just another worker who believes in reducing energy costs, show interest to the firm and its members. At the end of the day, you all have the same interests as a group belonging to the same organisation. Good behaviour starts with good business practices and management. Whatever your position is, make sure everyone’s aware of that!

2. Available information and resources are essential

People will only follow you if they know your insights, where are you standing and where do you want to go. What’s the project ultimate goal? Is people committed to that goal?

3. Motivation is the key to success

Show the impact of their actions on the outcome. Give incentives to engage every member, and make it look effortless. Even a tiny action or a simple behaviour leads to big returns.

4. Bad habits die hard

It’s difficult to change someone’s behaviour, because our brains like to work on autopilot. Therefore, when we want to change something we’re going to need effort and attention.

You’ll provide tools and discover ways to get to the goal. Stick post-it notes to people’s things reminding them to use power strips and turn off their computers. Make them feel it is their duty to behave in a certain way.

And that’s just 4 ideas to make any company a more efficient place! We know that getting started may not be easy, but every step counts. If you want, you can get inspired by downloading one of our success stories from the industrial sector, the GAMO case.

Start changing your behaviour and the others’ to become an efficient firm!

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