Analyze your Thermal Cost to Boost your Energy Savings

Analyze your Thermal Cost to Boost your Energy Savings

A few weeks ago we launched an API improvement that allowed DEXMA users getting an in-depth understanding of their water & gas cost, and today we’re releasing an even major improvement: thermal cost analysis. Optimising thermal can extend your energy savings, learn more about how to do it in our free recorded training

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Thermal Cost Analysis available in DEXMA

DEXMA, our energy analysis platform, is used by more than 1,000 companies from all over the world to track energy consumption. Some companies first approach to energy efficiency is just thinking about electricity cost. I’ve seen it in many of our  clients.

And it’s normal when you understand that the electricity cost has been raising during the last couple of years, especially in markets like Spain or UK.

But energy consumption in a company is not only an “electrical” issue. Most companies need to track other sources like water, gas or thermal power.

Yes, thermal is also a source of energy. Therefore, it’s also a cost. It’s very common to find thermal costs to reduce in energy efficiency projects like:

  • Factories
  • Corporate buildings connected to district heating and cooling (DHC)
  • Tenants that need their own thermal invoice

From now on, you can analyze and manage thermal cost in our platform, DEXMA. This will boost energy savings in projects like the examples mentioned before (and many more, actually, any project involving thermal energy).

How to Use Thermal Cost Analysis in DEXMA

Our support team prepared an article  about how to use thermal cost analysis in DEXMA and today we will review the basic steps that any already existing DEXMA user should follow to use it.

Here’s where to find the new thermal cost:  

  1. Go to the analysis tab in DEXMA main menu
  2. Access to cost
  3. Change the cost in the screen with the buttons for each energy source.

Click here to request more info if you don’t have a DEXMA Account>>

Thermal cost work as any other cost source, first, you need to configure your prices. Then you can follow instructions in our support step by step process to manage your thermal cost.

When you have everything ready, you will be able to calculate how much money your building is spending in thermal energy, visualize your cost and perform in-depth analysis of your thermal cost.

In addition, we updated our API. This means that, as it happened with water & gas cost, you can use API calls to develop your own apps or reports. DEXMA is not only easy to integrate with any hardware device for tracking, it’s also easy to adapt to your own company’s situation with our robust API.

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