Map: Urban Solar Power Potential in the US

Solar power is always a trending topic in the US energy industry. Regulations have pushed the install of self consume facilities, specially in states like California. But institutions have changed the laws in the last months. Will this affect to the market?  What’s the potential of solar energy in the US? Let’s take a look to this map, created by MapBox

Similarly to Europe, the potential of solar energy in the US has a strong geographical influence, therefore, we found extremely interesting the analysis made by Mapbox to produce the following map:


Map Solar Power
Click on the image to access the interactive full version of the map


What are you seeing here? Mapbox took the total urban electricity consumption and the US population to estimate that Americans consume 33 kWh per person per day. They estimated later how much of the demand could be produced with solar panels, and the result is the map above. Their post explaining how the map was made is short and clear, and we recommend you to to read it (here).