Last chance to join today’s webinar! #SolarPower

Interested in solar power? Of course. It’s one of the most popular sources of renewable energies and it’s being supported by many governments and institutions. Today we offer a free webinar covering this topic from a very interesting perspective: is it possible to disrupt and create innovation in this market?

DEXMA has just closed an international project, Midnattssol, which focused exactly on that question. The result is an impressive new app, SolarView, that will make the life of energy managers with solar PV facilities easier.

Having a solar PV facility boost savings coming from the energy plan in any building, but managing self-consume installations is not always easy. It’s difficult to react to demand peaks in real time, for example. Ideally, any energy manager or facility manager should be able to direct the power produced from the PV facility to this peaks, but until today that was not a possibility.

Energy Efficiency Funding - Midnattssol Webinar

SolarView solves this problem, and many more 🙂 We will introduce the app today in a free session starting at 15 h (CET), and we have some spots left!

During the session, we will talk also about how to apply to international funding projects to support your disruptive ideas for energy business and Albert Cot, from COMSA, a leading european engineering company, will join us to share best practices, lessons learnt and how can you take the advantage of innovation to build your company, deploy your business opportunities and increase your market awareness.

Do you want to join us? Book your FREE spot here and… see you later!