Gas & Water Cost Capabilities for energy efficiency

Gas & Water Cost Capabilities For Energy Efficiency

We have a product update from our API that will make an impact on your energy analysis. Starting today, you will be able to do more with gas & water costs, keep reading!

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Gas and Water Costs Analysis with Automatic Tools

This development is what we call “cost capabilities”. Until now, we offered this API calls that only related to electricity, because when talking about pricing, tariffs, and consumption it is the most complex energy source to manage.

But from now on, you can make API calls to manage gas and water costs in DEXMA Platform (old name DEXCell Energy manager). You will be able to:

  • Access in-depth analysis of fixed costs, taxes and any other cost input from gas or water
  • Get data from any gas or water device WITH an associated tariff
  • Have access to the new API calls which include both hourly and monthly frequency options

This improvement means, in other words, that you can easily build apps that will result in a deeper analysis of your energy. And this will help you to go further with your savings.

How can you use this? Let’s review two real life examples:

Imagine that you are a building owner, but you rent three of your floors to three different companies. You receive an invoice for the total gas consumption of the building, so, how do you adjust the cost for each floor?

Easy. With the new gas & water costing capabilities, you can create an app for DEXCell Energy Manager that generates an invoice for each renter.
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Second example. Imagine that, for some reason, you need to put data in an Excel file, with a certain format. But your water company doesn’t give you that information in that format…

…well now you have your data in DEXCell. You can export your data into that Excel file with the API and the new costing capabilities.

Remember that our API is a HTTP REST with JSON answer in a distributed environment. In other words, don’t worry about managing through the tons of data of API: we’re ready for them!

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