How to Use Manual Energy Data Readings [New App]

Today we introduce a new app that will make it easier for you to import data to your energy analytics platform or correct mistakes on readings. Say hi to the Manual Readings App.

Manual Reading is Not a Best Practice, But…

Manual data reading from fiscal readers or meters is not the first data collection method we recommend when it comes to managing your company’s or your client’s energy. It’s time consuming, you have to travel to the meter location and, even though you’re a great energy manager, you’re also human.

And humans make mistakes. That’s why reading energy data manually could negatively impact the accuracy of your analysis. That’s why we always recommend automatic energy data reading using special hardware tools like DEXGate 2.

Automating energy data readings is really easy, especially if you’re working (or thinking about starting) with DEXCell Energy Manager. Why? Because our automatic monitoring and targeting aM&T software is hardware neutral. That means hundreds of meters, sensors and readers are already integrated and sending data to DEXCell.

Even though automatic meter reading is the ideal choice, we understand that sometimes a client simply needs to upload their energy data from an Excel spreadsheet. Or has to go to the facility and take readings manually no matter what. Or sees a mistake in the data (because hardware for energy efficiency is good, but not immune to error) and wants to make a spot correction in the moment.

Up until now, such a client would be stuck. But now all they need is the new Manual Readings App!

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The New Manual Readings App

What have we done for clients in those sticky situations? Created an app, of course!

Another advantage of DEXCell Energy Manager is the one and only Energy Apps Market. There you can find a bunch of additional features to expand functionality and take your energy savings further.  

*Quick reminder: you can develop your own apps and upload them to the platform for an additional revenue stream and to gain new clients.

The new Manual Readings app is ready and available on the Energy Apps Market. Here 3 examples of what you can do with it:

  1. Directly correct erroneous readings from your fiscal meter or meters in general.
  2. Imagine that you see a peak that you definitely know is wrong. Pre-Manual Readings App, this would mean downloading a huge dataset, finding and correcting the faulty data, and importing the data all over again. With the Manual Readings App, forget it! Now you can change faulty reading data from peaks directly and save hours or work for each account, building or client.
  3. Say you have energy experts in the field visiting clients, or yourself are the client and have to import data from time to time. Until now you needed an Excel spreadsheet in a precise format, and in certain cases would even need ask your admin for permission to upload data to the platform. Thanks to the Manual Readings App, importing data is much easier: you can add the data you need directly and without any extra hassle.

Excited to start using it? If you already have your DEXCell account, login, go to the Energy Apps Market tab and activate the Manual Readings app.

If you don’t have your DEXCell account yet… what are you waiting for? Get started today with your free demo.

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