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Building Automation vs Energy Management Software [INFOGRAPHIC]

Before investing in the right technology for your building or portfolio, it’s important to understand how energy management systems and building automation systems are used in many buildings to improve operations and minimise energy spend.

One thing we realised in our exchanges with hundreds of energy professionals is that the terms EMS and BMS / BAS are often used interchangeably, when in fact they are actually fundamentally different. To clear up the confusion, we put together this handy infographic.

building automation vs energy management software

BAS/BMS vs. EMS: Do Buildings Need Both?

Quite a bit of confusion surrounds how an EMS can be utilised to minimise energy consumption and maximise cost savings, and whether or not a BMS and EMS can work together. This false dichotomy is causing many facility managers and building professionals to lose out on lucrative opportunities to slash their energy footprints.

These days, a building automation system (BAS) or building management system (BMS) is usually overlaid on top of the mechanical systems installed in buildings during the construction phase of its lifecycle.

The primary function of a BAS/BMS is to make these mechanical systems work individually, but also in conjunction with one another to ensure that the building operates effectively. But is it operating efficiently?

That’s where an EMS comes in.

If you are like most organisations and want to optimise building performance by gaining full control over your energy consumption and costs, you are better off implementing an energy management system in addition to your BAS.

Still confused? Check out this infographic we made to clarify things even further:

Combining a flexible, cloud-based EMS with a BAS or BMS can rapidly boost energy efficiency while cutting energy costs.

Real-time energy analytics can help pinpoint savings opportunities and reduce the payback period of your investments in efficiency projects.

Learn more about how these two systems can work together in our latest free eBook:

building automation vs energy management software