5 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses across Europe are striving to reduce their energy usage and costs as they continue to rise, affecting bottom lines and ROI. The planet is also negatively affected by industrial energy use, responsible for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In the UK, the sector is said to consume 17% of the total country’s […]

5 Technologies to Extend Utility Energy Services

Utilities in deregulated markets are under more pressure than ever to attract and retain customers and are therefore more motivated to consider new technologies to extend their energy services offering.  In our previous articles regarding the Future-Proof Utility, we discussed digitalisation and client loyalty as a push for innovation, and the importance of a customer-centric […]

The Energy Manager’s Reading List

If you are anything like me and my nerdy colleagues, getting a whole lot more reading done is topping your your list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.  Good news for you, energy professionals: there are bunch of really great new(ish) books out there on the energy transition that are definitely worth adding to your […]

10 Lessons from The State of Energy Management 2018 [Report]

Last December we launched our annual survey for the third consecutive year. Today we are excited to share our crowdsourced overview of the energy management industry in 2018 – finally we have the results! More than 250 energy professionals from around the world have responded to our questions, so in this post we highlight 10 […]

Demand Response for All: Project RESPOND

Since October 2017, DEXMA’s Research, Development and Innovation team has been involved in a new R&D+i project called RESPOND (Integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs). DEXMA intends to use its wealth of experience in advanced energy analytics to boost demand-side management capacity in 3 residential test pilot sites in 3 different European countries. Through the RESPOND project, these residential […]

Project Eco-Bot: The First Energy Efficiency Chatbot?

Following DEXMA’s research and innovation strategy, DEXMA has launched a new R&D project called Eco-bot (Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers Towards Sustainable Energy). The aim of project Eco-bot is to build an energy efficiency chatbot that can deliver personalised information on disaggregated energy usage through an intelligent and interactive virtual assistant. The ultimate […]