Spacewell acquires DEXMA and places its global hub for intelligent energy management in Barcelona

Spacewell acquires DEXMA

DEXMA’s software will complement the smart building management solutions of technology firm Spacewell, integrated into the Nemetschek group listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange  First combined offering for smart building, facility and energy management  […]

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The ultimate 24/7 Automated Energy Management Tool: DEXMA Optimise

Automated Energy Management

Despite the peculiar year we are living, at DEXMA we have been working hard to create increasingly intelligent energy management software. And as a result, we have created a new tool called DEXMA Optimise that will help energy professionals save time and money, something that is even more necessary at this time.  If you want […]

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ECOplay: the mobile application that helps you save energy


[PRESS RELEASE – FEEDBACK] ECOplay, the mobile application that helps you save energy, is available for free download – for iOS and Android smartphones. The application, developed by a European consortium led by the Portuguese Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), aims to help people change certain small daily habits […]

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PRÓTYPO Project: predictive maintenance for energy management


The concept of predictive maintenance is a methodology totally related to energy management, since it is based on the measurement and monitoring of the state of the installations, giving recommendations that will produce great savings. The PRÓTYPO Project aims to build a tool to carry out this methodology in energy management. DEXMA leads PRÓTYPO Project […]

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Demand Response for All: Project RESPOND

Since October 2017, DEXMA’s Research, Development and Innovation team has been involved in a new R&D+i project called RESPOND (Integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs). DEXMA intends to use its wealth of experience in advanced energy analytics to boost demand-side management capacity in 3 residential test pilot sites in 3 different European countries. Through the RESPOND project, these residential […]

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DEXMA: Key contributor to ENOPTUS project


  DEXMA is a key contributor to the ENOPTUS project: promoting demand management through the control and optimisation of manageable loads in the tertiary sector In accordance with DEXMA’s research and innovation strategy, DEXMA has launched a new R&D project called ENOPTUS (advanced solution for real-time energy load management and optimisation of PV resources). Through […]

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DEXMA Launches Energy Grader: AI for Frictionless Energy Savings

FYI: Since October 2019, Energy Grader has been renamed DEXMA Detect. DEXMA, leading provider of energy management solutions, announces the official launch of EnergyGrader. This cloud-based solution becomes the first energy savings platform designed to enable any business with an energy bill to gain unprecedented insights into their energy costs while obtaining frictionless energy savings […]

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