Forecasting Energy Consumption using Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and Energy Consumption are two very important topics these days. One might call them trends, and they are more than just buzzwords. In this article, we explain why these two concepts are intrinsically linked and how new technologies help improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption.

Photovoltaics and Building Efficiency towards a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB)

According to statistics, 40% of the energy consumption in Europe comes from the building sector. This led the European Commission to create energy efficiency directives to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, introducing the concept of NZEB or Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. In this article, you will find out how much PV energy a building needs […]

Dexma Grows by 20% and Consolidates with more than 10,000 Customers in 35 Countries

Barcelona, 22 December 2022 – Dexma, provider of energy management solutions for buildings, retail and industry, expects to close the year with a turnover of 4.3 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 20% over the previous year. The Catalan company, which since 2020 is part of the technology firm Spacewell – integrated […]

Shaping Energy Efficiency: Nemetschek Group Brand Spacewell Helps Tackle the Energy Crisis

Munich, December 1 , 2022 – The Nemetschek Group, a leading global provider of software for the digital transformation in the construction and media industries, is driving a more sustainable building management. It is responding to the energy crisis with the solution Spacewell Energy (Dexma), enabling the energy-efficient operation of facilities and helping companies save […]

6 Common Mistakes in your Predictive Maintenance Plan

Carrying out a predictive maintenance plan is a smart way to avoid future costs, you know that. And in order to do this, you will need predictive maintenance software and a plan. But what are the most common mistakes made in a maintenance programme of this type? Here is a list of the 6 most […]

5 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day for Energy Professionals

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, and this year will be no exception. But, have you ever done anything special as an energy professional to celebrate it? You should! Especially if you work in a business that involves energy efficiency. Why? Because you’re helping to ensure a better, greener and more conscious planet. […]