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The ultimate 24/7 Automated Energy Management Tool: DEXMA Optimise

Despite the peculiar year we are living, at DEXMA we have been working hard to create increasingly intelligent energy management software. And as a result, we have created a new tool called DEXMA Optimise that will help energy professionals save time and money, something that is even more necessary at this time. 

If you want to know what it is and how it will help your business to scale up sales of energy management services, we give you all the details below:

Webinar DEXMA Optimise Launch

What is DEXMA Optimise

DEXMA Optimise is a new feature of the DEXMA platform that aims to give extra support to energy management teams, automating data analysis processes to reduce time and costs. 

You may probably think … “Well, the analysis of energy data is already solved with my current EMS” (or with DEXMA Analyse tool from the platform if you already work with us). 

Yes, that is correct! But surely with the volume of tasks that your team has to deal with in its day to day, they can’t look in detail at the customers’ data you are monitoring. 

In a survey of over 50 energy engineers, we found out that only 10% analyse the data once a week, and the vast majority does so once a month (44%), once a quarter (34%) and the rest only once a year. This is the paradox of the IoT world: the more data you have, the less you analyse it.

And, in a certain way, this is normal. Did you know that just one smart meter that is monitoring 3 parameters (active energy, reactive energy and power) every 15 minutes means more than 100,000 data per year? (105,120 to be exact). Add climate data, occupations, or temperatures and you have the perfect cocktail of the energy manager, and that is only for one energy meter.  

The majority of energy managers should be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. In fact, the same survey indicated that, on average, an energy manager with 5 years experience who spends a lot of time analysing data, can analyse the data from around 100 energy meters once a month.

So, to help them speed up this part of the work, we have solved the problem with a new technology based on Artificial Intelligence. Its objective: to support your team of energy managers. 

DEXMA Optimise handles the hard work of data analysis, allowing your team to spend more time finding solutions and offering services to your customers. 

The 6 benefits of using DEXMA Optimise

To sum up, this new tool will allow your energy services company, and consequently your team of energy managers to:

  1. Maximise the energy data received from the meters in order to offer new services to your customers.
  2. Obtain automatic data analysis at low cost that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Work in a collaborative environment, fostering transparency, and traceability of the actions carried out. It will be easier for you to show the client what you have been working on.
  4. Scale up your energy advice services. DEXMA Optimise handles the data analysis part and your team is in charge of solving problems.
  5. Accelerate decision making to help reduce costs and solve issues more efficiently for your clients.
  6. Optimise your customers’ consumption, gain their trust, and increase your profits.

How does DEXMA Optimise work

As I explained at the beginning, DEXMA Optimise is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which estimates what a building or facility should consume compared to what it actually consumes. If it detects anomalies in the results, it will create tasks with this information.

The most interesting thing is that once a week the AI models are automatically retrained, so that even if the buildings you manage change their consumption pattern, the anomalies detected will still be accurate. 

Perhaps this image will help you understand how it works more easily.

How does DEXMA Optimise works

In other words, imagine a big brain that constantly receives data from one of your meters with the information on energy consumption.

This brain will be trained with the historical consumption data of the last 12 months, together with the meteorological data (outside temperature) according to the postal code where it is installed and the calendar of local holidays. 

The brain will interpret all the input values and find correlations between them. For example, your building may have a peak at 8:00 every Monday morning when it is cold outside, but if it is a bank holiday it is closed and will not consume energy. The brain analyses hundreds of thousands of data and then…

BOOM, the magic happens! Our brain specialised in energy analysis creates a specific model for your meter, which gives you a range of expected consumption, indicating what that building or installation should be consuming to be optimised. 

If the real consumption is out of the calculated range, this brain, called DEXMA Optimise, automatically creates a task list with the detected anomalies. This list allows your management team to visualise consumption and installation problems that would take up to 10 times longer to detect with a standard analysis tool.

In addition, DEXMA Optimise performs these calculations every 24 hours and for all the meters in your project, giving the manager a daily list of anomalies.

Graphic DEXMA Optimise

And the most impressive thing, as I said, is that your own energy managers can improve the accuracy of DEXMA Optimise.

If an energy manager knows that an anomaly should not have been detected, they will be able to notify it and, in the next weekly training, the model will have more information and will adjust. In a way, your team will be training DEXMA Optimise to be increasingly relevant in its detections, allowing the decision making and actions carried out from your team to be more optimised for both you and your clients.

If at this point of the article you have any doubts about how DEXMA Optimise works and how it can add value to you and your company by scaling up your business, we encourage you to watch the Webinar.  You will see the tool from the inside and discover how it works live. 

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