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TOP 10 Articles on Energy Management 2020

The most popular on the web about Energy Management in 2020

2020 is coming to an end, and the highlight for all of us has been the irruption of COVID-19 into our lives. This has changed many of our habits at work and in the private sphere. It appears that we actually read much more on the Internet.  

Would you like to know what have been the most popular topics on the web about Energy Management in 2020? Well, here is a compilation of the TOP 10 articles.

Top 10 most read articles on Energy Management 2020

Like every year, we are thrilled to analyse the visits  to the DEXMA Community, where you can find articles and downloadable materials (guides, case studies, webinars, Excel templates, etc.), all related to the energy efficiency sector. 

In our analysis we have detected an increase of the visits to the community during 2020, of no less than 28% compared to 2019. Specifically, more than 160,000 sessions with more than 125,000 users looking for information on energy reached us.  

From this data we retrieved a list of the articles most read by energy professionals like you. 

Here is the Top 10 for 2020:

1. 4 Ways to drive down Energy Costs in Manufacturing (4,458 visits):

Due to the economic circumstances, we are going through at the moment, something that has been reflected in this list is the evident interest in articles related to energy saving. In this particular one, you will find 4 measures to reduce the high cost of energy in the industrial sector.

2. 10 Tips to Save Energy in your Buildings during Covid-19 (2,939 visits):

As expected, this article was one of the first posts on the list. We interviewed 2 of our energy management experts, Nil and Galdric, where they give us their views on the challenges that professionals are facing in the sector regarding the consequences of the pandemic. 

In addition, you will find a list of tips that you can apply immediately to save energy in any building or facility.

3. 10 Tips to Save Money in Offices this winter (2,226 visits):

If we consider that 19% of the operating cost of an office building is due to energy, it is clear that reducing it would be a success. 

Currently, most offices have limited user capacity due to the coronavirus restrictions, but this does not mean that their energy consumption has been reduced in the same proportion. In this article you will find some tricks to decrease it significantly.

4. How to Optimise Energy Consumption in Hotels (1,822 visits):

Another evidence that all sectors need to reduce costs and energy consumption more than ever,  is with the article in 4th position, dedicated to hotels. The hospitality sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 economic crisis, and this year they need to be even more efficient. Discover how to optimise the energy consumption of a hotel in this article.

5. Forecasting Energy Consumption using Machine Learning and AI (1,788 visits):

And at this point, the line of the articles in the ranking goes more towards knowledge. The technological advances in the field of energy efficiency interest a lot all energy professionals, so in the 5th position, we find one of our most recent articles on predicting energy consumption with Artificial Intelligence.

6. 24/7 Automated Energy Management: DEXMA Optimise (1,493 visits):

Being able to automate part of the processes carried out in energy management is key to achieving consumption reduction targets. In this article, you will learn more about the new tool DEXMA Optimise that automates the energy analysis 24/7, thanks to AI.

7. Corporate Social Responsibility: Towards Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in Business Strategy (1400 visits):

Compared to more than a decade ago, customers and consumers are more aware of the negative effects that certain companies, manufacturers, and services providers have on the environment and society. Companies know this and are therefore conscious  of the importance of having a corporate social responsibility policy. 

In this article, you will not only find everything related to the application of CSR in companies, but you will also find 5 ideas to bring your company’s CSR policies to the world.

8. 7 Measures to prepare your Buildings for reopening after COVID-19 (1.350 visits): 

Obviously, everything regarding building management before, during and after COVID-19 is part of the trending topics. 

In this article, we answer questions like: What can we do in our buildings to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection? Are there measures beyond complete disinfection of work spaces to facilitate re-entry?

9. Green Building Certifications: BREEAM, LEED, WELL, and Passivhaus (1,243 visits):

The fact that  a list of sustainable design certifications was in the Top 10 of the most read articles was logical. Currently, one of the EU’s objectives is to reduce the energy consumption of its building portfolio, as they are responsible for 40%, in addition to 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Here you will find 4 of the most well-known certifications in this context.

10. What are NZEBs and how do they contribute to Sustainable Development (1,160 visits):

And the last article on the list is a continuity of  the previous topic. The European Commission has been creating different Energy Efficiency Directives that require the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, introducing the concept of NZEB or Near Zero Energy Building. Enter and discover what an NZEB is and its importance for sustainable development. 

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[Bonus] The 5 Most downloaded Energy Management Contents in 2020 

Besides, as I told you, we also created a lot of educational and informative materials on energy management and efficiency. You can find all of them in the resources’ library of our web, and they are totally free. Among all the downloadable materials (guides, case studies) and webinars, we have selected as an extra for this article the top 5 most contents downloaded by energy professionals in 2020:

1. [Webinar] The Buildings of the Future: Microgrids and NZEB Buildings
In this webinar, you will learn what Near Zero Energy Buildings are, and how they work, what the European regulation requires in this respect, and how to manage microgrids to be ready for the future NZEB.

2. [Webinar] Automate your Energy Management 24/7 with IA
You will learn about a new tool that will help you to optimise your energy management processes, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence to move towards more intelligent energy management.

3. [Webinar for Utilities] How to accelerate the Segmentation and Personalisation of Energy Services offers for SMEs
Find out how to better adapt your Utility Services to the customer thanks to energy digitalisation. In this webinar, you will learn how to detect savings opportunities, customise offers automatically, perform advanced segmentation, track improvements in real-time, and much more.

4. [Guide for Utilities] How to become the Energy Manager for your End Customer
We created this guide a year ago, especially for the utility sector. In it, you will see the challenges the sector faces and why becoming the energy manager of your end customers is key to addressing the energy transition.

5. [Guide] Energy Efficiency for Real Estate & Facility Management
The savviest have realised that focusing on energy efficiency is essential, as energy demand continues to rise. This guide helps real estate and facility management sectors to manage energy efficiently in their buildings’ portfolios, achieving energy savings against the ever-increasing energy prices.

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