Dexma becomes Spacewell Energy

Dexma becomes Spacewell Energy and enters a new phase with more than 10,000 Customers in 35 Countries

  • Following its acquisition by the multinational Spacewell in 2020, the Barcelona-based technology company is changing its image to embark on a new strategic phase.
  • Under the name Spacewell Energy, the company aims to consolidate its position as the leading player in efficient energy management in Europe, while seeking to expand its footprint in new international markets.

Barcelona – On 8 June 2023, Dexma, a leading company in intelligent energy management tools for buildings, retail and industry, announced its transformation into Spacewell Energy. From today, this new name will encompass all the company’s projects, both in Spain and internationally. The new name marks the completion of the integration process that began in 2020 when Spacewell, a technology company part of the Nemetschek multinational, acquired Dexma.

This new phase will be led by Xavi Novella, who was appointed Senior Vice President of the company in March 2023. According to Xavi Novella: “The world, technology and the needs of organisations are changing, and at Spacewell Energy we want to respond to these new challenges, respecting the ground we have covered so far, and looking to the future with optimism and a desire to continue growing”. 

The name change symbolises the start of a new phase for the company, which was founded in Barcelona in 2007. This new phase is characterised by a strong ambition for growth, both in terms of customers and new markets. Spacewell Energy currently has over 10,000 customers in 35 countries, mainly in the UK, Spain, France, Benelux and Italy. To strengthen its relationships with international customers and drive growth, the company will remain based in Barcelona but will broaden its international focus. This step will be an opportunity to integrate employees in new locations such as the Benelux countries, the United States, France, Germany, India and the Nordic countries. The company has also seen significant growth in 2022, with a 24% increase in sales of its software licences.

Technology for Energy Efficiency

In this new strategic phase, Spacewell Energy aims to strengthen its integration within Spacewell, a multinational company that employs around 350 professionals and manages a portfolio of more than 80,000 buildings connected to analysis, energy efficiency and monitoring solutions. This integration will enable the company to focus on continued innovation. Currently, over 40% of Spacewell Energy’s employees specialise in the design and development of innovative solutions to meet the energy efficiency demands of their extensive customer portfolio.

“With Spacewell Energy, we are entering a new phase as an international brand, relevant to all the global markets where we operate and where we will operate in the future. The new name is intended to provide fresh impetus to meet new challenges and get closer to our customers, wherever they may be,” explained Xavi Novella, Senior Vice President of Spacewell Energy.

Spacewell Energy’s solutions use data to provide a detailed report on energy consumption in real-time. This enables any anomalies or inefficiencies to be detected, as well as analysing usage patterns. Thanks to this information, energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved.

Against a backdrop of inflation and rising energy prices, Spacewell Energy offers solutions for organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to monitor and manage their energy consumption. These solutions enable businesses to make savings while adopting a more environmentally-friendly approach.

About Spacewell Energy (Dexma)

Spacewell Energy (Dexma) is the Spacewell energy management tool that provides data-driven energy intelligence. Its SaaS solution enables facility and property managers, energy service providers and consultants to report on energy consumption, analyse usage patterns and inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real-time. It helps businesses optimise the energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce carbon emissions.

Automated energy data management solutions are key to minimising the environmental footprint of organisations and building portfolios. Using artificial intelligence, the data generated by these tools can predict building behaviour, helping to reduce energy costs, monitor the use of natural resources and improve overall building performance.

About Spacewell

Spacewell is part of the Nemetschek Group, a pioneer of digital transformation in the AECO industry. As one of the world’s leading groups of companies, Nemetschek covers the entire lifecycle of construction and infrastructure projects with its software solutions and guides its customers into the future of digitalisation. 

Spacewell’s software and technology solutions focus on the use phase (management and operation) of buildings. Our goal is to help building, energy, workplace and facilities managers improve the performance and sustainability of their building portfolios, the productivity and well-being of the people who occupy them, and the quality of the services they provide.

Spacewell is recognised for both the scope and ease of use of its solutions in a property market that is becoming increasingly occupier-focused. Spacewell Energy’s energy management platform leverages artificial intelligence to proactively and continuously optimise energy performance.

About the Nemetschek Group 

The Nemetschek Group is a pioneer of digital transformation in the AECO, media and entertainment industries. With its intelligent software solutions, it covers the entire lifecycle of construction and infrastructure projects and guides its customers into the future of digitalisation. As one of the world’s leading groups of companies, the Nemetschek Group enhances the quality of the construction process and improves the digital workflow of all those involved in the construction process. Thanks to software, buildings can be planned, constructed and operated more efficiently, sustainably and resource-efficiently. 

The Nemetschek Group focuses on the use of open standards (Open BIM). The portfolio also includes digital solutions for visualisation, 3D modelling and animation. Innovative solutions from the ALLPLAN, Bluebeam, Crem Solutions, dRofus, FRILO, Graphisoft, Maxon, Nevaris, RISA, SCIA, Solibri, Spacewell and Vectorworks brands in the four customer-oriented segments are used by around 6.5 million users worldwide. Founded by Professor Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs around 3,400 experts worldwide. 

Listed on the MDAX and TecDAX since 1999, the company generated sales of €801 million and EBITDA of €257 million in 2022.


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