This Thursday, Escape from the Darkness

This Thursday we will be introducing a new tool that will make all of you escape from darkness. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but yes, many of you are living in a deep, deep and obscure situation…

Since DEXMA’s foundation in 2007, we have seen many different things in the energy efficiency world. From fear to energy efficiency plans to denial of the importance of being efficient.

We have seen people working with Excel sheets, tracking electrical costs that changes every minute due to wholesale buying… We have seen people even doing it with paper and pencil!

Start your Energy Grader and discover your savings potential

And it was ok. Technology at that moments could have not been yet as developed as the average user needed to feel comfy with it and to love using it. Most of us also remember old SCADAs systems that were so difficult to use that users “invent” other ways to perform their job…

But not any more. 

Escape from Darkness This Thursday with DEXMA

This Thursday, March 17th we introduced a revolutionary new tool. A free product created by DEXMA in the last months: the Energy Grader

This tool, basically will do the following things for you:

  • Give you an accurate, simple, visual and UNDERSTANDABLE report with your energy savings potential. Explained in a very simple day, and with no “from X% to Y%”.
  • In the very same output, you will discover if you’re paying fair prices in your energy bills. 

Because if you don’t know how good or bad are your prices against your industry or your peers, you’re being less competitive.

And, if you don’t understand how far you can go in the energy efficiency race, how would you know how fast, good or hard you’re training?

This is what we think is living in the darkness. And our new tool will bring you light!

Now you can… 

  1. Start your Energy Grader here
  2. Access to all materials from the webinar session here.


Start your Energy Grader and discover your savings potential