Midnattssol Project Ends, SolarView app comes to life!

Innovation is essential to support competitiveness on energy industry. During the last months, DEXMA and COMSA have leaded an international R&D project, called Midnattssol.  This project turns out on an app that makes easier photovoltaic energy management…. SolarView app comes to life!

Midnattssol: 2 years of hard work to improve solar energy industry

Midnattssol project started back on February 2104 and it represented a huge bond between two companies with important weight on energy management sector.

On one hand, COMSA, specialized on engineering projects, provided the experience needed on production, management and distribution of solar energy.

On the other side, DEXMA, specialized on technological tools (software) specifically designed to reduce energy consumption through energy bills tracking, continuous monitoring, submetering, analysis, alarms, reports and controls.  

Energy Efficiency Funding - Midnattssol Webinar

To this initial union, some other actors decided to join, all of this has come to a successful end of the Midnattssol project, that finished on December of 2015.

Besides its astonishing results (an app that makes easier the everyday work in a photovoltaic solar plant) the whole experience has been an authentic project of european companies with the participation of Arena Smart Grid Service, TopClima, Carrier, Ciatesa, Baxi or Hjellnes Consult.

But, the question is: why do all this companies decided to join for this project?

Nowadays, one of the renewable energies more used is photovoltaic energy. It is a technology with important advantages, like its easy scalability, zero environmental impact and its easy integration. Just having some space where the solar panels can be placed and the access to this endless energy source is guaranteed.

However, the main reason of so much investment on this sector is because, as all renewable energies, solar photovoltaic energy is unlimited.

It is true that integrate it is not so easy, mainly because it is an energy difficult to manage. It is an endless source of energy, but it is not always available. For example, what happens on cloudy days?. Production of solar energy can change in a minute and not because of human – and controllable – factors.

Energy Efficiency Funding - Midnattssol Webinar

Midnattsol challenge has been exactly to create a solution that makes easier generation, creation, distribution and management of a project, according to the energy demand and solar energy production.

Obviously, this solution is totally linked with the correct management of solar production excesses.

During the project, we have found hundred of solar photovoltaic installations wasted or control systems installed but without communication between them and therefore without getting savings, optimization, and profitability.

After almost two years of work, Midnattssol project has come to its end, among all the participants, a positive result has been achieved in the way a solar PV installation is understood, from installation to coordination. A process to maximize PV use while the energy demand is minimised.

SolarView: your PV management solar app

The project will be completely finished in a few weeks, when we publish the SolarView app. It will be available through our DEXCell Energy Manager DEMO account so you can try it free.

SolarView - App de Gestión Fotovoltaica

What is SolarView? It’s just one more piece into our energy management software. It’s an app that will help you to:

  • Integrate, for the first time, PV generation and energy consumption in a single global energy management system for your entire facility.
  • Predict your expected generation from for photovoltaic system in a geolocalized facility, with weather conditions included in the forecast analysis.
  • Predict the energy demand
  • Reduce your emissions. The final users can analyze the relation between their actions and the derived consumes.
  • Watch in real time the weather forecast that will affect to your PV venue.
  • Add, as a source of consume in your buildings, the electrical vehicles charging devices. You will be able to manage and optimize them!
  • Improve the global maintenance in your buildings.


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And, in addition, you can join us in our next webinar, on April 14th, when we will be introducing the SolarView app in a live online session. It’s completely free, but spots are limited!

Energy Efficiency Funding - Midnattssol Webinar