From Ideas to Action - Funding for Energy Efficiency Free Guide

From Ideas to Action: Funding for Energy Efficiency [Free Guide]

You and your clients have great ideas for making buildings and companies more efficient. But when it comes to transforming ideas into reality, money can be a frustrating roadblock.

Many ESCOs and utilities claim that there’s a lack of accessible funding for energy efficiency in the market. After a bit of research, we can show you that this assumption is simply untrue. To demonstrate this, we’ve created a free guide to help you get from ideas to action!

How to Secure Funding for Energy Efficiency

The benefits opened up by energy efficiency and innovation in energy technology are endless – improving processes and reducing inefficiencies in businesses, improving services for citizens, cutting carbon emissions and reducing environmental impacts.  

Sounds great, let’s go, what’s the hold up?

Ah…money. That thing.

Working for an ESCO, you may have an energy project that you want to get going, either for your own company or a client, and therefore you’ll be faced with the challenge of funding it. It’s a constant struggle to find funding for energy initiatives, with so many competing projects vying for the same goal.

In fact, 62% of companies cite lack of access to finance & capital as their biggest barrier to implementing energy-saving upgrades.

Luckily, there are solutions out there, with different funding sources available and in this guide we review some of the loans, subsidies and funding opportunities available to ESCOs. Once you’ve found an eligible source of funding, the next step involves creating a winning proposal.
In our latest guide, The Ultimate Playbook for Financing Energy Efficiency, we give you some tips on how to pitch your project and convince the CFO holding the purse strings to invest in you.
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